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Spctr Ivory White Tuxedo


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James Bond White Dinner Jacket - Spectre Ivory Tuxedo

Now you can take a page from secret agent lookbook by carrying this sensational piece of clothing. You can undoubtedly thrive your appearance with this extremely pleasant Daniel Craig white dinner jacket created with the combination of the brighter aura of looks and contemporary features just to frame your sense of formal style in an entirely new way. Our expert designers have picked the lightweight and durable material for the long lasting construction of this tuxedo.

The trousers are available in White, Black, and Navy for you to pick the color as per your convenience

Jacket Details: (Included)

  • Wide Silk Peaked Lapels
  • Two Button Front Cover with Silk
  • Jetted Pockets with Silk Trimming
  • Five Functional Buttons on Cuffs
  • Double Side Vents
  • Suppressed Waist
  • Roped Sleeveheads
  • Comfortable Lining Throughout
  • Round Bottom
  • Wool Blend Fabric 

Trouser Details: (optional)

  • Color: Black / Midnight Blue (optional)
  • Slanted side pockets
  • Flat Front with Hook and Button Fastening
  • Extended fastening tab with hook and button closure
  • French fly tab closure for perfect fitting
  • Lined to knee

Tuxedo Shirt: (Optional)

  • 100% Egyptian Cotton
  • Pleated Front
  • Spread Collar
  • Extra durable button strip
  • French cuffs / Folding cuffs
  • Curved bottom for better fitting
  • Easy wash finish on cuffs and collar
  • Machine Washable

Cummerbund and Bowtie Set: (Optional)


  • Pre-tied adjustable Bow Tie
  • It adjusts to fit necks from 14" to 19" (35.5 to 48cm).
  • Black in color 


  • Adjustable Pleated Cummerbund
  • With side adjusters and Elastic waistband for the perfect fit
  • It adjusts to fit waists from 28" (71cm) to 48" (122cm). 
  • Black in color



Based on your body measurement

Processing Time: 12 - 15 business days


If you are in a hurry, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your timeframe.

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Customer Reviews

  1. Wedding Special 007 Tux

    Posted by Donald from Ontario, Canada
    Verified Purchase

    I owned many suits, but never a custom made one, I actually came across this site while searching for tailored Bond tuxedo as I am getting married and we (me and my fiance) decided to make it ideal with 007 theme. This site was looking fab, but both of us were quite skeptical about the quality of the suit after seeing the low price, but we needed to decide quickly due to short of time so I took a chance and end up ordering it. I got it even before the given time courtesy of their fast shipping service, but the special thing about this tuxedo is its classic fit and flawless quality. It is quite impressive, especially for the price I have paid. Both inside and outside texture is lightweight and comfortable. What more you could ask for?

  2. Nice looking, lightweight, and impeccably tailored tux

    Posted by Carwoola from Carwoola, Australia
    Verified Purchase

    I bought this Craig’s Spectre tux from Jbsuits and gotta say that it is well made and excellent value for the value. I am impressed with their quick shipping service, the packaging was great too, but I the only problem I had with the suit is that it arrived extreme creased. I don’t know it might be due to the light material or bad handling, it needs a good steaming otherwise looks good.

    The good construction of this dinner suit combined with the impeccable craftsmanship and customer service made it one of remarkable shopping experiences for me.

  3. Great fitting tux for a great price!

    Posted by Alden from Newark, United Kingdom
    Verified Purchase

    I found this site while searching for James Bond Spectre tuxedo, since I didn’t experience the company before that’s why I began the procedure slowly through starting a conversation with the customer service department via email, they patiently and generously answered my every query. I also got an email from them after ordering the suit several times regarding the confirmation of measurements, but the whole long procedure really worth once I got my tux. I put on both jacket and trousers and it fits me like a glove, however, I am not extremely knowledge when it comes to the suit material, but still it lavishing from outside and soft from inside. I would highly recommend jbsuits and looking forward to do future business together.

  4. Finally got my 007 Tuxedo

    Posted by Daniel Bonilla from Florida, United States
    Verified Purchase

    This site has a great collection of custom made suits, fantastic customer service, and reasonable price. I received my tux yesterday, it surpassed my expectations and definitely changed my opinion for the company. I am planning to watch Spectre with my gf in a 007 style for a long while, that’s why started looking for Bond’s white tuxedo on the internet which ultimately led me to here at this place. I’ve checked few other stores before visiting this site, have to say that the price of custom made suits at other stores was so high in comparison and out of my range.

    Luckily I decided to give jbsuits a try and they didn’t disappoint me indeed, I never had a suit or tuxedo that fits me so well. From the perfect fit, to the quality of this tux itself, and customer service everything is nicely done.