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Skyfall Midnight Blue Tuxedo Suit

$199 (You save $96)

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James Bond Skyfall Tuxedo Dinner Suit - MADE TO MEASURE

Are you looking for a unique dinner jacket that makes your evening tremendous? Then this bond tuxedo made with light weight blended wool fabric fits to appeal your aspiration. This unique James Bond tuxedo was worn by Daniel Craig reprising the renowned spy character of Bond 007 in the movie Skyfall.

It is not like any other ordinary tuxedos with an ordinary fabric. Midnight blue color tuxedo is hard to find, because of the rarity of its color. The unique feature of this color is that it looks black in low light, but the same fabric turns to the shade of navy blue when it is seen in bright sunlight. You won't regret with this purchase, especially when this tuxedo is made as per your body measurements.


  • Shawl lapel with black satin silk
  • Single button closure
  • Double rear vents
  • Chest welt pocket on left
  • Jetted pockets
  • Two side pockets and one mobile pocket inside
  • Working cuffs with three functional buttons
  • Rounded bottom
  • Fully lined

Trousers: (Included)

  • Flat front trousers without pleats
  • Extended fastening tab with hook and button closure
  • French fly tab closure for perfect fitting
  • Slanted side pockets
  • Plain waistband with side tab adjusters
  • Lined to knee
  • Straight cut
  • Flat bottom

Tuxedo Shirt: (Optional)

  • 100% Egyptian Cotton
  • Spread Collar
  • Black Stud Buttons on front 
  • Extra durable button strip
  • French cuffs / Folding cuffs
  • Curved hem
  • Easy wash finish on cuffs and collar
  • Machine Wash

Cummerbund and Bowtie Set: (Optional)


  • Pre-tied adjustable Bow Tie
  • It adjusts to fit necks from 14" to 19" (35.5 to 48cm).
  • Black in color 


  • Adjustable Pleated Cummerbund
  • With side adjusters and Elastic waistband for the perfect fit
  • It adjusts to fit waists from 28" (71cm) to 48" (122cm). 
  • Black in color



Based on your body measurement

Processing Time: 10 - 12 business days


If you are in a hurry, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your timeframe.

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Customer Reviews

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  1. Brilliant Work

    Posted by Alphanso Murray from Jamaica
    Rating: 5 of 5   |   Verified Purchase

    (Jamaica version)

    Me get dah suit yah fi me wedding and Jbsuits me ago tell yuh straight... yuh a di BOSS!!!. A di hardest suit me eva beat. Everybody think me a wan movie star. Me seh me get compliments till me weak...me did sharp like a razor!! Respek and keep up the gud work..

    (English version)
    The suit was lovely. Everyone said I looked like a movie star. The customer service was excellent as the person I interacted with (Amanda) ensured that the measurements were correct. Their service was simple exceptional. I am very impressed and I will encourage any one to try them.

    Great customer service, and an excellent suit.
    Thanks much jbsuits and respek again

  2. My son looked and felt like a star for his high school prom in Bermuda

    Posted by Libby Toppan from Paget, Bermuda
    Rating: 5 of 5   |   Verified Purchase

    Thank you...the suit is absolutely beautifully made and fit my son like a glove. He adored it and said he felt like a movie star! As a special surprise we had booked a vintage car, which really added to the evening...here's a few photos from the evening. Thank you again.

    Pictures submitted: Yes

  3. Happy Customer

    Posted by Kevin Interiano from Utah, United States
    Rating: 5 of 5   |   Verified Purchase

    My suit is awesome. When I ordered it online I was hoping for the best and was unsure of buying a suit from an online suit store. I am happy I went with my gut feeling and bought it! When it arrived I was way impressed. I didn't think it was gonna turn out as nice as it did. Everyone from JBsutis was super helpful. They made sure they received all my measurements and everything was accurate. After they verified all the information, the suit was made super quick and delivered ridiculously fast! I was definitely impressed in every step of the way and I look forward to telling others about this site and I am happy I was able to get this suit for my wedding.

  4. Great Fit! Fast Shipping!

    Posted by Brenton Weist from California, United States
    Rating: 5 of 5   |   Verified Purchase

    The suit is great quality and fits perfect! Item was shipped quickly and arrived just in time for an event I was attending! Great customer service and wonderful product. Thank you.

    Picture submitted: Yes

  5. Essential Midnight Blue Tuxedo

    Posted by Jawaad Rattansi from Ohio, United States
    Rating: 5 of 5   |   Verified Purchase

    Brilliantly crafted Tuxedo. It was soo good I ordered a second one for another family member. It looks absolutely amazing tailored to perfection.
    It does take up to 3 weeks for the Tux to arrive but the online support was super helpfull. Always responded withing a day or two.


  6. The midnight blue Skyfall tux was a tremendous hit.

    Posted by Jon Harris from Texas, United States
    Rating: 5 of 5   |   Verified Purchase

    I ordered the tux with about three weeks before I needed it. The original measurements I sent in were off and customer service contacted me for a remeasure. I sent in pictures of me and the measuring tape and they went from there. This is the best fitting suit I have ever had bar none. On the night I wore it, it was a surprise to everyone including my wife. She had no idea I had it or was going to surprise here at dinner in the Caribbean. I was meet with " Good evening Mr. Bond" when I walked in and waited at a special table for here to arrive. When she did the whole restaurant broke into applause. They did not know what for but it was cool.

    I'll be ordering my next suit soon, the three piece grey. I see no reason to ever buy off the shelf again. Even the price is better than the big mall stores. Great job making a very special night perfect. Thanks!

    Picture submitted: Yes

  7. Bullet Proof 007 Tux!

    Posted by David Brierley from Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
    Rating: 5 of 5   |   Verified Purchase

    The fit is brilliant, as is the cost and the materials used. Speedy delivery in about a week - amazing.

    I am very impressed with the abuse the suit can take. Put it in a suitcase, hang it up the creases drop out. Even when tightly folded for delivery, the creases quickly dropped out. Get a £5k designer suit look for a fraction of the price.

    I enjoyed a vesper cocktail at the Rivoli Bar whilst staying at the Ritz, priceless. Would thoroughly recommend.

  8. its very good actually

    Posted by Radames Revilla from Carolina, Puerto Rico
    Rating: 4 of 5   |   Verified Purchase

    the suit its actually well constructed and very exact to the measurements, it turns out being very elegant and beautiful. really like it.

  9. The fit was perfect, everything was the best, right down to the last detail, he looked like a million dollars.

    Posted by Tony Basile from California, United States
    Rating: 5 of 5   |   Verified Purchase

    The Tux you company sent was fabulous. The pants, jacket and shirt were an excellent fit. The best part, with all the accessories, it was a real simple procedure for him to go to his Junior Prom. There was nothing to do but get dressed. Everyone commented, that he was best dressed. Here are some photos of him with his sister and his date.
    Thank your entire team at JB Suits and I am sure you will hear from us in the future.

    Pictures submitted: Yes

  10. Pu...err, Conpliments Galore!!!

    Posted by KO from Georgia, United States
    Rating: 5 of 5   |   Verified Purchase

    Suit coat fit wonderfully, and the quality is impressive, especially in consideration of the price. Great communication between JB suits also made the process smooth. While the pants fit great ( and were tailored exactly to the specifications that I submitted), they are skinny/slim fit, which has never really been my favorite look (really it just doesn't favor my larger frame). This was clearly stated in the product description however, so I in no way hold them responsible. For future orders, i may Inquire about the possibility of making more traditional fit pants instead. I wore the jacket with some dark denim jeans for the after party at my wedding, and everyone loved it. Thanks JB suits, very impressed with your services.


  11. Very Pleased

    Posted by M Williams from Colorado, United States
    Rating: 5 of 5   |   Verified Purchase

    My son needed a tux for prom. JB Suits got it here fast and it fit him like a glove. They even double checked our measurements to be sure they were right. He looked great!

  12. Excellent Suit

    Posted by Holly Wallace from Michigan, United States
    Rating: 5 of 5   |   Verified Purchase

    We ordered the James Bond Tux for our son's prom this year. He wanted a midnight blue tux and we priced renting them and it was upwards of 165.00. Searching online we found JBSuits, he could own his own tux for a small amount more. The shippment was timely and the tux fit excellent. We are very pleased with the service and the quality of the tux. Thank you

    Picture submitted: Yes

  13. Awesome tuxedo suit for my son..

    Posted by Rhonda Hicks from NewfoundLand, Canada
    Rating: 5 of 5   |   Verified Purchase

    Very pleased! Good quality, fast delivery!! Thanks for making my sons look so handsome at his graduation.


  14. Good for $200...

    Posted by Svein A from California, United States
    Rating: 3 of 5   |   Verified Purchase

    I ordered around 20 of these suits for my best men and we were all very excited about the product.

    Most of them had a good fit but we did have to fix and tailor around 25% of them. Not sure if it was our measuring mistake or the tailor's...

    The suits are nice and quality is what we expected for 200 bucks, most of them lost at least one button and come where still wrapped in tin foil for some reason...

    Overall the suits looked good and we decided not to care too much about the missing buttons...

  15. when they say 100% fit guarantee they mean it!!

    Posted by Jawaad Rattansi from Ohio, United States
    Rating: 5 of 5   |   Verified Purchase

    At first I was skeptical about buying a suit online but I really wanted this particular Skyfall tux. So i went ahead an ordered it online.

    They have an amazing online support. Always responded to all my questions and concerns within 2 business days. At first they had reached out to me because one of the measurements didn't seem right to them. I retook the measurements and emailed it in.

    when they say 100% fit guarantee they mean it. The tux fit perfectly and i am very happy with it.


  16. Great tux - Great Fit

    Posted by Noel Thomas from New Jersey, United States
    Rating: 5 of 5   |   Verified Purchase

    The suit took about 3 weeks or so to be made. I was a little skeptical at first when looking at the website, but when my product arrived, it was a perfect fit and all my worries went away. The tux needed no tailoring or alternations and fit me well. I am definitely looking forward to wear my tuxedo again! Amanda was very helpful throughout the process by answering all my questions and getting my order to me right on time. Although I probably won't need another tuxedo for a while, I definitely recommend this website for anyone that wants a tux that is 100 times better than any off-the-rack tuxedo in terms of fit, quality and price.

  17. amazing color!!!

    Posted by Dorian Childs from Ohio, United States
    Rating: 5 of 5   |   Verified Purchase

    Here's the thing, its always sketchy to buy suits online because you don't know if it will fit or how it will look. The skyfall mid night blue tux color was absolutely amazing I got great compliments and it shine in the light in a beautiful way! Not the way a shark skin suit (because I don't like shark skin suits) but it is truly beautiful. I am happy with it.

  18. Absolutly blown away with my Bond style tuxedo

    Posted by Tom Gillis from Quintana Roo, Mexico
    Rating: 5 of 5   |   Verified Purchase

    Ever since I saw the movie Skyfall I knew some day I wanted to have the exact same tuxedo as Bond wears in the movie.
    Last Christmas the company I work for decided to theme the party around James Bond.
    So casually I looked online to see what options I had to maybe rent a similar tux as the one Bond wears.
    The first site that came up on google was jbsuits.
    I looked at their offer and was sold immediately. The only problem I had, was that the party was going to be within 17 days. Jbsuits managed to have it at my doorstep within about 12 days of my order. Amazing service, and better yet, the tux was exactly what I wanted. Great Job!

  19. Midnight Blue Tux, was a perfect Fit

    Posted by Zac Dodds from Victoria, Australia
    Rating: 5 of 5   |   Verified Purchase

    I ordered the Skyfall Midnight Blue Tux, for an event I had, the event was only a month away, but when I emailed JBSuit's they made sure when I ordered it would arrive on time. And it did, a little earlier than expected and it is a perfect fit. And looks incredible. I am now looking at purchasing a few more suits to add to my collection for my everyday suit wear wardrobe.

  20. wow... perfect color and fits great...

    Posted by Daniel from Washington, United States
    Rating: 5 of 5   |   Verified Purchase

    The colors look awesome as heck. Fits great, looks great, and on top of that it came in 2 weeks earlier than expected. Huge shout out to jbsuits for making me look the part for Prom. I'd definitely order from here again.

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