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QoS Shawl Collar Tuxedo


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QoS Shawl Collar Tuxedo

This elegant tuxedo is made with classic wool blend fabric in black color and high details have been given to its quality stitching. To make it more 007 Style Tuxedo, shawl lapels are designed with satin silk fabric. Front appearance is more prominent because of jetted pockets with a black satin trimming and with a welt pocket on chest.

This tuxedo suit has double rear vent. It has turn up cuffs with five functional buttons on the sleeves to make you more prominent. It will be a perfect choice for you because of its style, fabric, finishing and comfortable lining. You can wear in any formal or casual gatherings and dinner parties.

Tuxedo Jacket:

  • Single button closure
  • Chest pocket
  • Satin silk shawl collar
  • Double vent at back
  • Four buttons on sleeves
  • Interior has a pocket on each side
  • Comfortable Lining


  • Flat front
  • Straight cut
  • Slim fit pattern
  • Slanted side pockets
  • Side adjusters with buttons



Based on your body measurement

Processing Time: 10 - 12 business days

If you are in a hurry, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your timeframe


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Customer Reviews

  1. Ready for the day.

    Posted by Alex Heath from Alberta, Canada
    Verified Purchase

    My order arrived within 4 weeks of completing the online process.
    The company contacted me to ensure the measurements were correct.
    The product is as it says.
    Easy people to deal with.
    Thanks JB Suits.
    My two friends have also ordered from here.

    Picture submitted: Yes

  2. Bond, pure Bond!

    Posted by George Harvey from New South Wales, Australia
    Verified Purchase

    I can't believe that I have a beautifully tailored suit and it was all done in cyberspace! Perfect fit, beautifully styled and delivered exactly where and when I needed. I particularly appreciated the detail, not only in the tailoring but in making sure it was exactly what I ordered before a stitch was sewn. I will definitely be back. Why look anywhere else?

  3. My Bond Style Wedding Tuxedo

    Posted by Daniel Callender from New Jersey, United States
    Verified Purchase

    My wedding is just coming in few weeks and I desperately want to treat myself in a tuxedo to get the all the attentions of people and particularly my fiancé. So I started searching tuxedo in reasonable price on Google and after leaping here and seeing this Quantum of Solace diner suit, I thought I could not find any better wearer for my wedding in such reasonable price that’s why I started a chat with the customer representative to get more information about this product. The service department given me all the details about shipping process and also assured me that that I’ll get this suit way before my wedding in given time frame.

    After ordering this tux I was hoping to get it delivered before my wedding or either it would ruin the whole even, but thankfully I got my package couple of days before the given time. I don’t have much information about the quality of wool but still it seems nice to me, what I was expecting to wear at my wedding. This company is highly recommended from my side, the whole process was good the company take very good care of your every concern.

  4. Fantastic Experience with My First MTM Suit

    Posted by Jason Penrose from Waterloo, Australia
    Verified Purchase

    First of all I want to mention that I have never bought a Made to Measure suit before, I have only one experience of buying off the rack suit two years ago. This time I needed a tuxedo to wear at my friend’s wedding, so I put my keyboard and start searching for custom made tuxedo because everyone in my friends group suggested so. I stumbled many of shopping websites but this site look good which selling reasonable inspirational Bond suits. After searching for a while I decided to give this Daniel Craig tuxedo a shot.
    But still I was feeling quite nervous in taking my measurement that’s why I asked customer service department officer Amanda to give me some idea on how to take it appropriately, in reply she sent me easy and descriptive body measurement guide. After that I took my measurement according to the guide and completed my order details.
    I have received this dinner suit almost two and a half weeks, I was feeling skeptical about its fitting that’s why I immediately tried on this suit but believe me it fits me like a glove. I’ll definitely buy some more suits here in future.

  5. My 007 Tuxedo, Great for the Price

    Posted by Steve Duax from New York, United States
    Verified Purchase

    I have purchased this Quantum of Solace tuxedo for my wedding and it is absolutely a fantastic experience overall. I am quite impressed with the level service plus quality they provide to their customer in the price. They have to art to give you a million dollar looks in just couple of hundreds. As a huge James Bond fan it is always a pleasure to don his inspirational tuxedo in one of the most important day of your life, I have received yet after another great compliments at my wedding and I have also recommended the company too all my friends. Since this is my first tuxedo that’s why I was bit confused that which kind of style and color I should go with but then I got all answers after visiting of this website. This James Bond tuxedo looks pretty much similar as I have seen in the movie, the fitting of was also good but I would be lot better if the suit was properly packed so it avoids wrinkles. Well other than that these guys really nailed it!

  6. Beautiful Tuxedo, Can’t Wait to Wear it

    Posted by Jake Cullen from Vineyard, Australia
    Verified Purchase

    I was looking for my wedding tuxedo. After having some really bad experience with off the rack suits, I decided to go with custom made option because I don’t want to take any risk in one of the most important occasion of my life. So I started my research for online wedding suit, after searching for few days I finally stumbled here on this website. I have read many positive feedbacks regarding this and all other products of this site and was quite impressed this company. I decided to take a shot and decided order my wedding tuxedo from here straightaway, but before completing the ordering details I went to chat with customer service representative and ask details regarding the shipping and instruction on talking the perfect body measurement. The customer service representative with the name Amanda gives me all useful instruction and also told me about their latest offer of bow tie and cummerbund set. It was a good package overall so I did think twice and ordered this QoS tuxedo and the tie set.

    My tuxedo came in three weeks I was very much happy when i received it. I tried it immediately and it looks perfect on me. The tuxedo shirt and bow-tie set I ordered also turned quite well. All in all this is one of the best online purchases I ever made can’t wait to wear it in my wedding!

    TIP: Order this tuxedo with a pleated shirt they offer and cummerbund bowtie set. Like tuxedo itself, these are also just amazing.


  7. Great Suit!! Excellent Customer Service!

    Posted by Nick from Missouri, United States
    Verified Purchase

    I ordered this James Bond QOS dinner suit from here and it is instantly become the best suit in my closet. The whole process of buying of it is absolutely fantastic with the great touch of customer service, since it is was my first tuxedo that’s why I needed to ask number of questions. I contacted with CRR Amanda to share number of concerns and get some guidance, I got the reply of my each question with detailed answer which is quite impressive. Well after seeing such a great response and reviews on this dinner suit I decided to take a shot.

    I received my tuxedo in three weeks, it was far better than I thought it would be. The quality of the fabric, stitching, customer service everything was absolutely spot on. I am already planning to get some more suits from this site!

  8. My James Bond Wedding Suit

    Posted by Michael Dorothy from New Jersey, United States
    Verified Purchase

    After many years without any suit in my closet I finally decided to purchase this Quantum of Solace dinner suits for my wedding. Before saying anything about my tuxedo I first want to mention about the their great customer service, really love the overall experience to deal with them.

    I went on their website searching for Bond style tuxedo, the price of this dinner suit is exactly under the range what I was looking for. I read all reviews from their customers but still I was in doubt. After thinking for a while I started a live chat with their representative and told her why this dinner is so important for me, she guaranteed me the delivery of my order a week before my wedding. Finally I decided to trust them and build the most important attire of my life.

    I received my order just in time, It was wrapped up nicely. I opened the packaging right away to determine the quality of the fabric and was quite happy with my decision after seeing the amazing quality, it is far ahead of my expectation and worth every penny. The fit is amazing as well.

    Thanks for giving me the perfect wedding suit, I received number of compliments on this tuxedo already. Thank you Jamesbondsuits.com again.


  9. Just Like 007

    Posted by Chris Boyle from California, United States
    Verified Purchase

    I was looking to get my wedding attire coming in the following month that’s why I started my online research to get the right wedding suit more importantly in reasonable price. I got this website after searching about an hour, this Quantum of Solace tuxedo is one of my all time favorite in Bond series; the price listed was also in my range, reviews of the products were also positive. So i got my chance and ordered it with my correct measurements.

    Once the tuxedo arrived, i noticed that the quality is much better than its price, it is worth buying. All in all they have done a fantastic job in giving me my most important suit I’ll ever wear.


  10. Will definitely order from jamesbondsuits again

    Posted by Greg Levatte from South Carolina, United States
    Verified Purchase

    I needed a tuxedo for my wedding, I never tried a made to measure suit before but after experiencing a couple of disappointing off the rack suits I decided to build a perfect MTM suit for my wedding. I am quite happy to admire that the whole process of buying a tuxedo from Jamesbondsuits is just fantastic, the customer service was truly amazing.

    It is always skeptical to buy MTM suit particularly when you are dealing with a new seller but after reading the some good product reviews of this and other suits and tux on this website I finally got some confidence to order my wedding tuxedo along with white shirt from this website.

    I received my order within 20 days weeks, it desperately needed a good steaming before trying it. After eliminating few wrinkles I put on this tux with shirt and was extremely pleased after seeing that both were perfectly made according my body measurements. I also like to mention here about the quality of material, it is far beyond my expectation. I am sure to be back and definitely be ordering some more suits from this website.

  11. Best Service with Perfect fit and hight quality fabric.

    Posted by Sven Oertig from Bern, Switzerland
    Verified Purchase

    My suit was shipped only a short time after ordering but unfortunately there was a bit of a mix up with the delivery service. But the suit made it in time for the special occasion a did fit like a glove.

    The fabric feels nice and the craftsmanship is impeccable. In short: smiles all around :)

    Have a good day and keep up the good work


    -Sven Oertig

  12. Bond Style Tuxedo on a Budget

    Posted by Wayne Vaughan from Texas, United States
    Verified Purchase

    Honestly, I was in doubt for a bit after seeing this Bond style tuxedo in this cheap price, but after reading positive reviews, I decided to take a shot. And guess what, it was beyond my expectation. The quality, fit, and look; everything seems perfect. I particularly ordered this tux for wearing in cruise, but I wore it in a couple of other occasions too and received many compliments.

    It was reached promptly and well packaged also, the only displeasure was some threads inside the pants, which I had to trim. Other than that, I am happy with my purchase.

  13. James Bond black tuxedo for my wedding

    Posted by Jason Googe from Pennsylvania, United States
    Verified Purchase

    This tuxedo really stunned me, at that price I was not sure about its quality, but it is quite good and better than my expectation. Ordered this tux for my wedding, I was pleased after opening the package it was nicely wrapped up, tried this immediately and I was glad that it has been just as per my size which I ordered. Trouser length is perfect too. More importantly, it doesn't look cheap.

    Good package at a good price.