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QoS Charcoal Gray Suit


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If you are looking for a solid grey suit for your business meeting or for an interview, then do not miss this 3-roll-2 button charcoal grey suit. It is also featuring notched lapels, two flap pockets and a ticket pocket at waist, a welt pocket on chest, and inside pockets to provide you extra space to keep your things. Double vents of the suit makes it more comfortable and perfect fit. The trousers are narrow style flat front with low rise and with a flat bottom. This suit looks more beautiful with a white poplin shirt and a grey tie. If you want to have a handsome look so this suit is a perfect choice for you.

Product Details

  • High quality blended wool fabric
  • Excellent stitching
  • Comfortable lining
  • Made to Measure to fit you perfectly


  • 3-roll-2 button stylish closure
  • Notched lapel collar
  • Chest welt pocket
  • Ticket pocket
  • Two flap pockets
  • 5 sleeve buttons
  • Double vent back
  • Lapel hole on the left


  • Plain front
  • Zip fly with extended tab and hook closure
  • Slanted pockets
  • 2 back pockets with button fastening


Processing Time: 10 - 12 business days


Based on your body measurement

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Customer Reviews

  1. Quantum of Solace Charcoal

    Posted by Michael M. from New York, United States
    Verified Purchase

    Understandably, I was rather apprehensive about ordering a tailored suit via the Internet at first given my broad frame and having never purchased a bespoke suit before. After many entries and deletions of my measurements in the appropriate fields, I finally decided to go ahead and give it a shot.

    I would like to take this time to mention the superb customer service. I was contacted by Amanda via email shortly after placing the order to re-check that all of my submitted measurements were accurate. I appreciated this attention to detail so that I would receive the best possible suit, and that I did.

    The suit is very lightweight and comfortable and well made. To think that it would cost you more to go to a department store and buy a generic sized suit that isn't even tailored to you the way this suit is makes it SILLY NOT TO ORDER from here. This suit is sure to impress and I could not have asked for a better product and will be ordering another in the very near future.

  2. The best choice i ever made

    Posted by Mrs F. Salym from Ontario, Canada
    Verified Purchase

    I wanted a suit for my son for his one big gathering.. I found this site who made made to measure suits. so I ordered. Suit arrived in said time and turn out to be the best suit he ever worn. Despite of having all branded suits in his wardrobe, fitting of this suit turned out to be the bestest. we will surely continue to order from this website as the proven to be not only best merchandise maker but the best customer service provider. The prompt responses on email and calls were really appreciated.

    I also ordered Daniel Craig Skyfall Grey Suit for my husband and it also turned out perfect.

    highly recommended supplier..

  3. Made-to-fit Charcoal Gray Suit - It's Amazing!

    Posted by Dennis Fowler from California, United States
    Verified Purchase

    At a party, a friend was wearing what looked to be a made-to-fit tuxedo. I admired it and asked who his tailor was. He said he bought it online through James Bond Suits. When he told me the price I was shocked. I checked out the site and ordered the Quantum Of Solace charcoal grey suit. I was a bit skeptical that I would be happy with the product. But, for the price, I was willing to risk it.

    The suit arrived two days ago, and... it is perfect. I am not exaggerating when I say the jacket and pants fit me better than any suit I have ever worn. The fabric is really nice, and the detail stitching is top quality.

    I cannot recommend this company higher. I am reordering tomorrow.

    Dennis F.
    West Hollywood, CA

  4. 007 Awesome!

    Posted by Patrick P. from Texas, United States
    Verified Purchase

    I ordered this suit with the Skyfall Charcoal Suit and the Skyfall Midnight Blue Tuxedo Suit. The only item my wife would have changed in this suit, my other suit and the tuxedo are the color of the inside stitch which was white instead of a darker shade of gray or black. I Googled this and most websites by tailors spoke of this in terms of hand made tailoring which was stronger and more flexible than machine made suits or tuxedos.

    I thought this suit and my other two orders were awesome! in terms of time to receive the suits once ordered it took as little as two weeks and at most a little over three weeks. I would factor a month to receive it so you don't have to rush for an event. My tuxedo came first to make sure the measurements were correct. My wife and I used centimeters in the measurements as it seems to be more exact. I adjusted the jacket sleeve length and the pants length slightly and this suit and my other suit were a true custom fit from head to toe! I'm ready to chase bad guys on trains any day now.

    Finally, in terms of customer service, Amanda and Michael were very good about returning emails and actually calling on the phone to see I received the suits and everything fit great. Their production team and lead tailor get an outstanding score from me. I love this suit, the color, the fit, everything was 007 Awesome!

  5. Very stunning and classy suit

    Posted by Jason Serbu from Colorado, United States
    Verified Purchase

    I admit, I was nervous ordering a made to measure suit online. I'd only ever bought expensive off the rack suits, such as Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, but I always wanted a suit that was tailored. This suit surpassed my expectations. It is SO COMFORTABLE to wear. I had no idea a suit could feel this great. I even wear this when I could be wearing jeans and a t-shirt, that's how much I love it.

    I will definitely be ordering another. jamesbondsuits.com were very communicative and helpful. I highly recommend buying a made to measure suit from them.

  6. Great Suit

    Posted by Selena Saul
    Verified Purchase

    I have gifted it to my father he really likes the suit and asking me so many times where do you buy this and also he was looking so much handsome on his birthday when he wore this suit.

  7. Lovely suits of James Bond

    Posted by Sam Amendes
    Verified Purchase

    I have ordered a Charcoal James bond suit from your online shop and whenever I do online shopping I got myself in trouble, but it truly shocks me that yours jamesbond product is incredible, actually I was thinking that when I received the suit it will be not of my size and also some quality problems but your online shop changes my taught, I honestly love your James bond suit . Also, I like its designing and the buttons well I like the whole suit. Thanks Jamesbondsuits for making me Handsome and giving a new latest Fashionable look.