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Dr. Who Brown Pinstripe Suit


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Dr Who Brown Suit - Doctor Who David Tennant Suit

Here comes the trend-setting 10th Doctor suit, which is already renowned for its unique and exclusive style. It doesn’t matter whether you are a comic-con cosplayer or sharp office guy or creative dresser or a halloween star, this brown Doctor Who suit with 10th Doctor coat will definitely bring the confidence and poise to your personality.

It is no stranger that brown-blue pinstripe suit has been inspired from the longest running TV series till today “Dr Who” where Scottish actor David Tennant played the leading role of tenth doctor and wore out this flattering outfit. Apart from its dashing look we have constructed this suit with super fine wool blend fabric to retain it in your wardrobe for many future years.

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Suit Jacket:

  • Brown fabric with Blue pinstripes
  • Notch lapel collar
  • Four button front closure
  • Box pleated patch pocket on chest with inverted-curved flap
  • Two faux flap pockets outside and Two inside pockets; one on each side
  • One additional inside pocket for holding Sonic Screwdriver
  • Working Cuffs with 3 functional buttons on sleeves
  • Half belt on the back
  • Single rear vent
  • Fully lined


  • Flat front
  • Extended fastening tab with hook and button closure
  • French fly tab closure for perfect fitting
  • Belt Loops & side adjusters
  • Slanted side pockets
  • Two rear pockets
  • Lined to knee
  • Flat bottom



Based on your body measurement

Processing Time: 10 - 12 business days



If you are in a hurry, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your timeframe.




 Doctor Who Blue Suit 
David Tennant Coat
    Twelfth Doctor Who Coat       

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Customer Reviews

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  1. Great Suit but the Trousers are a tiny bit too long.

    Posted by James Hodge from Glasgow, Scotland
    Verified Purchase

    This is a really a good and well made suit! However the trousers are a bit too long, this means I am gonna have to take it to my local tailors. Aside from that, it's great!

    Granted it's not as 100% Screen Accurate as the God of all Tennant Suits, Magnoli but it is a great cheaper alternative.

    I requested for blue lining for the Jacket (because blue is my favourite colour) and I was really happy that it was included in my suit! :) It gives it a personal touch. :D

    Great suit but with some minor alterations, it will be even better!

    ~ James H

  2. Absolutely Awesome!

    Posted by John Knott from Colorado, United States
    Verified Purchase

    Even with all the 5 star ratings here the suit still surpassed my expectations. A department store suit of this quality would have cost twice as much without the custom fit and would have been much more boring. The materials, workmanship, and fit are all excellent. I expected to wait a long time but my suit arrived in only 29 days (9 of which was a delay on my part responding to a request for additional measurements). The measurement check, included suit bag, and 3-day international shipping were all very nice touches.

    Now I'm looking for an excuse to buy a James Bond suit!

  3. Beautiful, but sizing is far off

    Posted by Steve Wisconsin, United States
    Verified Purchase

    Though the trousers fit perfectly, the suit coat was far, far too small. For the price paid, I expected much better quality and faster service than 6+ weeks.

    Even though I sent my measurements (twice), along with photos of the tape as I was being measured (as requested), I can barely fit into the coat. If I raise one arm, say, to pat myself on top of the head, it's too tight to lift the other arm without tearing something.

    I still intend to wear this suit, but only the one time. I had hoped that this would be a decent suit to wear for other, more formal occasions, but I'd be in constant fear of tearing open a seam.

  4. This suit is so great !

    Posted by Audrey from Isère, France
    Verified Purchase

    The customer service is excellent. Thanks for everything, your answers and your effort. I really did appreciate it.

    And the suit looks so amazing ! I was so excited to wear it. It suits very very well !

    I certainly will come back !

  5. Very faithful recreation of David Tennant's suit

    Posted by Rob Wallis from Texas, United States
    Verified Purchase

    My 10th Doctor's suit arrived much faster than JBSuits said it would, less than 2 weeks until it was at my door. It fits well and is a very faithful recreation of the 10th Doctor's suit. 5 stars, would do business with JBSuits again!

  6. Lovely brown blue pinstripe suit!

    Posted by Jennifer Baglien from Montana, United States
    Verified Purchase

    My fiance looks smashing in the suit! We love it!

  7. Incredible suit for a doctor who theme wedding

    Posted by Steve Hall from Nebraska, United States
    Verified Purchase

    So I saw this option for a suit and was a little wary because it was a suit purchase online for such a low price. I figured I still had three months before my wedding if it ended up being a costume piece. When the suit showed up I was floored. It was incredible. No other words to describe how pleasantly surprised I was when my suit came in the mail. The fabric and fitting of the suit was perfect. To get this suit in a store would have cost 500 or more and I don't think it would have been near as perfect as what I ordered. It was a perfect replica of the tenth doctors suit and it fit me exactly. I wore it on my wedding day and I plan to wear it any time I need to wear a suit. I'll also more than likely wear it for Halloween as well because well I love dr who. Anyone who comes across this website know that when you order a suit it will be a perfect fit. I suggest going to you're local suit store to get your measurements and then plug them in exactly into the fields provided. If the measurements don't look right you will get emails from the company to re measure to make sure. The people are extremely helpful and will make sure your suit is exactly what you order. Two thumbs up!!!! I will definitely be ordering more suits from jbsuits!!!

    Picture submitted: Yes

  8. Perfection!!

    Posted by Andrew from New South Wales, Australia
    Verified Purchase

    I ordered this suit being rather skeptical based on the price, however since receiving it I am dumbfounded to the superb quality. I ordered, sent my sizing as requested and it arrived in less then a month. The suit is high quality, easily comparable to any suit retailer and the sizing is perfect. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a great tailored suit at a affordable price to definitely try out JBsuits.

  9. Wonderful 10th Doctor Cosplay Suit

    Posted by Georgene Jackson from Kentucky, United States
    Verified Purchase

    This company took great care to ensure that our suit was perfect. The longest part of this transaction was when we were working with them to get the measurements correct and exact. After they were satisfied, the suit was here before we knew it. It made it to our door incredibly quickly, I have never had something delivered so quickly.

    lol They beat Jimmy Johns.

    The suit fit my prom date perfectly, he had full range of motion and he was very comfortable in it all night, it is beautifully made, it looks EXACTLY like the suit in the show and it fits him after the style that it is supposed to (though is body type isn't the same as David's). The company was wonderful and pleasant to work with. I am very pleased with the transaction and I will definitely be seeking their services again should the occasion arise.

    Picture submitted: Yes

  10. I'm Still Impressed!

    Posted by Wolfgang Preußig from Cologne, Germany
    Verified Purchase

    I'm still very happy and satisfied with my great quality Dr. Who suit, as i already wrote in my feedback (to read under 'just excited about my Doctor Who costume suit' posted by Wolfgang from Cologne). Thanks again for everything, your effort, the service, the right on time delivery.

    I assume this wont be my last piece of clothes from you guys. All the best from cathedral town cologne.

    (review posted after being married)

  11. Fantastic Quality For a Low Price

    Posted by Gavin Schook from Oregon, United States
    Verified Purchase

    I really love this suit, it's fantastic. I've worn it quite a lot and have received quite a few compliments on it. I believe it was Amanda that I worked with during the process of ordering, and I had a great experience. When the measurements that I gave at first didn't sound quite right, I received an email asking me to double check them, and sure enough, they were off by a little bit. It wouldn't have fit if I hadn't changed it. Overall, great customer service, and great quality for the price. It took a little bit longer to arrive than I had expected, but it was well worth the wait. I don't have any good pictures of it at the moment, just my Facebook profile pic, but you can sort of see the top of the suit. Anyway, thanks, I'll be back in August for more.

    Pictures Submitted: Yes

  12. Exactly what I wanted

    Posted by Pasquale Piro from California, United States
    Verified Purchase

    It's not just a great costume, it's a great suit. The colors and the fit... this is exactly what I was looking for. I might come back for the blue one!

  13. Brilliant! The Doctor would be very pleased!

    Posted by Divon Wright from Ohio, United States
    Verified Purchase

    The Doctor's suit was well tailored and the individuals at JBSuit were easy to work with. When there were questions about the sizes, they contacted me. I highly recommend them to whoever needs or wants a suit! Thanks :)

    Pictures submitted: Yes

  14. Totally exceeded all expectations about this Dr Who 10th doctor costume!

    Posted by Drew G from Washington, United States
    Verified Purchase

    I was truly happy with the suit. Friends complimented me all night on the authenticity of the look of the suit. Anyone who recognized the character flipped out and jumped all over me. Overall, a great purchase. Worth the splurge.

    Advice note: i has to spend $90 getting the suit custom tailored because i didn't get my measurements exact. GO GET PROPERLY MEASURED ACCORDING TO THE WEBSITES ONLINE DIRECTIONS! You can take it to a place that does alterations professionally and show them the guide. They'll happily help. Enjoy!


    Pictures submitted: Yes

  15. I like the suit very much.

    Posted by Remko Verhelst from Oost-Vlaanderen , Belgium
    Verified Purchase

    I think there are no comments to give bevause I am very thankfull for the good service. The only thing I want to say is that I think it is regrettable that you don't have the purple coat of the 11th doctor.

  16. Wonderfully made suit!

    Posted by Josh C. from Alabama, United States
    Verified Purchase

    I bought this for my doctor who themed wedding, and I have to say this was better than expected! It's wonderfully made, looks just like the bbc version, and for the price you really can't beat it. If you'r on the fence I suggest you do it.

  17. Tailor fit for a great price.

    Posted by WIlliam from California, United States
    Verified Purchase

    You probably won't get this good of a fit from an altered pre-made suit in a store. Got raves from a very discriminating crowd first time out.

  18. One sharp looking tenth doctor costume. nice quality.

    Posted by Samuel Ralph from Newfoundland, Canada
    Verified Purchase

    So, I ordered this suit for Comiccon in Montreal 2015. To be in costume as the Tenth Doctor. What I received was no mere costume piece. I received a nicely tailored and well fitting suit. The staff were committed to delivering a nice product and there was great communication to and fro.

    Great quality fabric and tailoring. First rate all the way. Would definitely buy from them again.


  19. Just Excited about my Doctor Who Costume Suit :)

    Posted by Wolfgang from Cologne, Germany
    Verified Purchase

    Just got the suit today, right on time (by FedEx, not by TARDIS ;-) before my wedding on friday, and I can only say, that I'm just excited. It fits perfect, it's a great quality and it was really a pleasure to have business with JB Suits!!!! Thank you very much for your effort and the great service. A 100% of a recommendation for JB!!!

  20. Great suit — great fit

    Posted by James from Chiba, Japan
    Verified Purchase

    I got my suit last night and tried it on right away. It fits like a charm (or would had I been properly measured.) I saw some other folks said the same thing, that it was limiting in movement. I would suggest everyone go to your local suit shop and get measured there by a pro (should do it for free) and then offer those measurements when ordering.

    The suit quality is very nice — far above what I would expect from a suit of that price. Very pleased and will be ordering more from JBSuits!

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