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CR Blue Pinstripe Three Piece Suit


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Casino Royale Suit is famous for its style. Although it has been at the end of the movie, but it captured audience attention to it. This blue pintripe suit includes suit jacket, vest and pants.

It's a must have formal suit which you can wear in wedding parties, meetings, and formal gatherings.  So why not keep your strong feeling of 007 character and dress like James Bond with this so affordable piece of clothing. Below are some more details about this three piece suit.


  • Single Breasted
  • Notched Lapel Collar
  • Three buttons at front closure
  • Bottom is rounded in shape
  • Double vent at the back
  • Two flap pockets at the waist
  • Chest pocket
  • Four buttons on the sleeves


  • Six buttons traditional fastening
  • Pointed bottom
  • Two waist pockets
  • Chest pocket on left side
  • Stylish enough to be worn without coat as well


  • Plain front 
  • Straight cut
  • Cross pockets on sides
  • Two rear pockets with button hole


Receive within 15 business days.


Based on your body measurement

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Customer Reviews

  1. Great SUIT!!

    Posted by Eugenio Cillan from Roslin, United Kingdom
    Verified Purchase

    Really love the suit!! plenty of material to work around if you get your measurements wrong- like a did! Great experience. Thanks a lots.

  2. Above and Beyond

    Posted by Aaron Allen from New York, United States
    Verified Purchase

    JB Suits originally sent me an ill-fitting pair of pants for an actually well-put together suit due to bad measurement data. After a significant delay in responding to my issue, I was ready to write them off as disreputable. Boy was I wrong!

    JB Suits contacted me, and at no extra cost beyond shipping, sent me a re-tailored pair of pants. They actually sent me two pairs, since it was not clear from the photographs what color the pinstripes were. This was actually done after the written deadline as well.

    They truly went above and beyond in their customer service, and the material is truly outstanding material, a fact verified by a local tailoring professional.
    I know where I will look first for my next suit: JB Suits!


  3. Great value

    Posted by Peter McDonald from Victoria, Australia
    Verified Purchase

    I was looking for a suit of this style for a while but was unable to find one at any store. I came across this website and was able to the suit that I was after.
    From details on the website to the actual product are identical so it's great comfort of mind to know what you see is what you get. I recommend this website to any looking for a suit.

  4. Affordable Three Piece Suit with Free Shipping

    Posted by Norbert Bess from Nevada, United States
    Verified Purchase

    JBsuits won me as a customer with this exceptional Daniel Craig suit and their superior customer service. Three piece suits becomes quite common in Winters, that’s why I was also looking to buy a nice three piece suits, I went four other clothing stores along with this site but this company is far better than others due to their affordable price and great offer of free shipping.
    The customer service is also mentionable, from the first time till the delivery of good the customer service representative officer Amanda answered my every question quick and briefly. I am planning for ordering some more suits in near future, thanks for your cooperation!

  5. Great suit in Exceptional Price

    Posted by Matt Blanchard from Texas, United States
    Verified Purchase

    I needed to purchase a formal suit to wear in business gathering, I always prefer shopping online instead of physical store so that’s why I started searching for a quality but more importantly an affordable suit. My range was just under $200-300 bucks that’s why I was looking for cheaper options, and after searching on Google I found this website somehow selling 007 suits in just under my price range, it is exactly what I was looking for. I took my measurement and order this Casino Royale three piece suit. I got my order in two weeks time. This suit is also quite fantastic, I was never expecting this kind of quality in this price it far beyond my expectation. This company has a great art of selling high quality Made to Measure suit!

  6. This Casino Royale Suit Nailed it Completely

    Posted by Alex Morales from Oklahoma, United States
    Verified Purchase

    I have shopped from many online stores and purchased number of MTM suits online but faced disappointment every time. I am currently working in a line of work that requires suit every day I usually buy suits from both physical and online store, this time I landed here and on this site to buy my next suit.
    I received this Casino Royale suit at my doorstep almost after three weeks of ordering it. It was nicely packaged but still having wrinkles due to shipping process I guess. I tried on this suit to make sure it’s fit, and after putting on this suit I was stunned completely and could stop gawking myself in the mirror. The is perfect example of custom made suit, every suit I purchased before have some issues whether big or minor but this is the first suit which has nothing to criticize. I’ll definitely patronize this website again!

  7. 3-piece suit will turn heads !!!

    Posted by Colin James from Ontario, Canada
    Verified Purchase

    Second suit I bought from this site...I forgot my original measurements so I emailed the customer service team on the website and Amanda, CSR rep for the site was 100% on the ball and found my measurements which saved me a trip to get re-measured. Big time help!

    This suit is worth the extra cost...beautifully crafted 6-button vest (expensive to buy a 6-button vest) to create a 3-piece suit that has turned heads when I've worn it. Classic look but modern cut/fit equals a suit you'll own and can wear for as long as you take care of it. 3-piece blue pinstripe...you can't really go wrong.

    Also of note is the design. My first ever suit was a 2-piece blue pinstripe and the stripes were so outrageous...lol...the last thing you want are 'loud' white stripes that are printed too far apart. Makes you look like a fool, as I used to look. This suit has such a modern look, tight stripes that contrast the navy blue jacket, not over taking it.

    Shipping is very reasonable. The suit arrives with a carrying bag for it as well as your custom made suit. Get your measurements right and basic alterations are all you'll need. The tailors who make the suits on this site leave ample fabric for future alterations too, which some tailors do not. The fabric used it of very good quality...when I took this suit in for alterations the lady commented on the quality.

    Grain of salt again, I'm not one to believe in every comment I read on the internet. But this is the 2nd suit I've bought from the site and I'm going to purchase a 3rd shortly. The price point in conjunction with the very good quality, great customer service and timely shipping makes buying 3 suits from this site a no-brainer for me.

    You will never get a better suit for the money.

  8. outstanding product and purchase experience.

    Posted by Josh Burks from Texas, United States
    Verified Purchase

    I would just like to give a big thank you to you and everyone that made my order possible. I purchased the 3 piece, casino royale suit for my birthday. I did not know if it would make it in time but one simple e-mail and the sales team upgraded my order without cost to me so that it would get to me in time for my birthday. When I did get it, the quality was outstanding, it was tailored almost 100% perfectly, and I was able to wear it right out of the package. I received many many compliments about the suit and I highly recommended this site saying that their sales service is outstanding, along with the quality of product they produce. Thoroughly happy with my order, thank you.

    This suit was bought for a formal birthday party I was attending. prior to purchasing the suit, the sales team provided me with all the information I requested about the suit, actual color of the fabric, washing specification, etc. After I purchased the suit, I feared it would not get in in time, the company expedited my order so that it would get to me in time. The suit was made exactly to specifications, fabric was not cheap, lengths were just right, and everything was perfect. I highly recommend this suit for people who want a formal suit that is ideal for any occasion.

  9. Fantastic suit

    Posted by Leon Jeopardy
    Verified Purchase

    You have really made my birthday rocking with this attractive Casino Royale suit. I have got this from my grandfather as a gift on my birthday and I feel very proud that I am wearing a suit which is also worn by Mr. 007 James Bond. Thanks for making a perfect fit suit for me.