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Guide to Classic Tuxedo & Formal Attire for Men

men tuxedo types style

Have you been to any Oscar show or watched it live? Then, you would have seen celebrities and other guests in different types of dresses. Women in fancy dresses and men traditionally in different types of tuxedos. Tuxedo is worn at any formal or Black tie event. Classic Tuxedo is considered to be Black tie event tuxedo, but that’s not a uniform but an art piece which is created by modifying and dignifying the looks of a man. They assure the stylish and cool looks of a man. But, there is a variation in tuxedo styles like lapels, buttons, type, and fit. All these elements differentiate one tux from other and gives a unique look from the other. We will talk about these variations in the following verses.

Jacket Lapels

Tuxedo Lapels 

Lapels are the vital element of men’s attire and need attention, but yet many men fail to figure out what type of lapel will suit them the best and which type compliment them the best. If you don’t know what type of lapel will suit your appearance and taste as well so, keep reading the following guide as we are going to discuss about these in the following paragraphs of the guide. There are three types of lapels of tuxedos for men that are Shawl, Peak, and Notch lapels. Three of them offers a different appearance to each man wearing it.

Shawl Lapel Collar


Shawl lapel Suit tuxedo refers to the style same as a dinner or roll collar. It is considered to be the more formal type for collars than the other two lapel Tuxedo collar types. The introduction of shawl lapel originates from the Victoria’s Smoking Jacket. The shawl lapel’s shape is free from notches or any points and is completely round smoothly covering from top till the end of the stylish jacket giving a classic V-shape.

Best Occasion to Wear It

Shawl lapel tuxedo Jacket in mostly recommended to be worn on formal occasions or you can say that they are mostly worn in these type of events including Black tuxedo Tie, cruise, and prom, etc. They are also considered as wedding tuxedos Style. It provides a dapper suit appearance to an average looking guy and adds more glamor to their personality and appearance. Most commonly dinner suit comprises of shawl lapel collar. If you think about wearing a formal suit, not a tuxedo then going for shawl lapel collar isn’t that great. Don’t get confused while selecting lapels, if you are trying for well fitted suits than notch and peak lapels are highly recommended that lapel shawl collar. But, if you want any traditional look in your persona then go for shawl lapel collar tuxedos as they are an excellent choice.

What Type of Body a Shawl Lapel Tuxedo Suits

If you are a man have a rounded body and face and your waist size is over 38 inches and intending to wear a shawl lapel collar isn’t a good choice. Mens fitted suit in Shawl lapel collar is not recommended for the man having a round body. But if you are slim and a bit longer in height than an average so, no doubt shawl lapel collar tuxedo is an excellent choice and will compliment your appearance well. Along with that will also provide you dignified and classical looks.

Peak Lapel Collar

Peak Lapel Collar Suittu 

Peak lapel collar is the most common type in latest tuxedos styles as well as suits. Peak lapel collar is designed in a manner that it gives a shape of bird’s peak from the top and goes flat till the bottom. That’s why the name recommended to this lapel is the peak, as the name itself define its qualities. Resembling the shawl lapel tuxedo, peak lapel tuxedos arte also worn at formal events and parties like Black Tie. A peak collar tuxedo is considered to be the first formal piece originating in the invention of tuxedos. If you are one of them, who get confused while selecting a peak or notch lapel for your tux or dinner suits. Then, keep on reading a few tips. The notch lapel is best for all body types and complement each body type whether slim or fat, tall or short. But if you are a short heighted guy than peak lapel is best for your type. Keeping tuxedos on a side, peak lapels are most commonly used in single as well double breasted suits and tailcoats as well since it originates back from the early 1920s. But along with that, it’s also a fact that peak lapel tuxedos and suits are a bit expensive than the others as a variety of skills is required in the constructed of this type of suits and tuxedos.

Best Occasion To Wear It

Peak lapel collars are best to be worn on special occasions and formal events or parties like Prom, Business parties or Black tie. Groom tuxedo mostly contain this style. If you are a person who likes experimenting and trying new trends of the fashion world, then peak lapel collar for your attire isn’t a bad choice. But, if you are still unsure and confused between peak and shawl lapel then select the one which recommends you well.

Recommendable For

Peak lapel collar is recommended for a short and skinny man especially as peal lapel points upward and near to the shoulder which makes the eye move towards up gives an elongating effect to the shorter men and creates an illusion of widening the torso of short guys.

Notch Lapel Collar

Notch lapel Collar Suit

The less formal type of lapel than the shawl and peak is Notch lapel, as we discussed above. The notch lapel is commonly used in the modern trend tuxedos but is not supposed to be traditional. But, it is also a fact that notch lapel collars are very common in suits especially for those guys who wear a tuxedo suits regularly in their offices or anywhere else. Notch lapel was also introduced late than peaked and shawl lapel probably in 1980’s.

Best Occasion to Wear it 

Notch lapel collars are the common and modern trend used in tuxedos and suits so; they are perfect for dinner jackets, but as they are not traditional like shawl and peak lapel, so Notch collar tuxedo aren’t recommended for Black Tie as it offers you casual looks too. But rather than that a notch lapel collar can be a feature for your wedding tuxedo

Recommendable For

As we discussed above, that notch lapel suits all body types. If you are a slim guy, so you can let your tailor stitch your tux with a thin lapel notch collar and if a guy is having a bulky body so you can go a collar that is wide to balance your appearance. 

Different Style Types

Similar to suits tuxedo styles also have variations like they can be single breasted or double breasted tuxedo. But the way of wearing both the tuxedo outfits styles are different and vary from each other

Single Breasted Tuxedo

Mens Single breasted tuxedo Suit 

A single-breasted tuxedo is similar are in style like the single breasted suit having a single line of the button array in front of the tuxedo jacket. They are the cheap tuxedos worn by many men. Most commonly traditional tuxedo is keeping the jacket button unbuttoned of the single-breasted tuxedos, so if you are not fastening your button then wear a cummerbund or waistcoat. But the best part about single breasted tuxedos jacket is that they don’t have any hard and fast rules of fastening the buttons so you can button up when you are sitting. The number of buttons for single-breasted depends upon you that according to your taste how many buttons you would like to insert in your single-breasted tux.

Double Breasted Tuxedo

Mens Double Breasted Suit for Men

Double breasted tuxedos Jacket comprise of two rows of buttons on the front side of the tuxedo jacket. Double-breasted jacket overlaps from the front and gives a wider appearance than the single breasted. The Mens double breasted tuxedo must always be buttoned up especially the anchor button which is placed inside so that it can give a sleek and smooth shape to your body. There is three type of button cases of tuxedos for sale that are 2 by 4, 3 by 6 and 4 by 8. In these, only two buttons are closed rest are for giving a sophisticated look to the jacket.

Tail-Coat Tuxedos

mens tailcoat

Full dress tuxedos, commonly known as tailcoat tuxedos Jacket; also a part of tuxedo styles have a jacket till the waist length in the front and comprises of a tail at the back to give a complete and perfect look to the jacket. Mens Tailcoat tuxedo are also a form of single breasted clothing but comprise of buttons having no functions. Tuxedo tailcoat depends on the type of lapel of the tailcoat that how many numbers of buttons are inserted in a tail coat from two to eight but all are non-functional. Along with that specific accessories are also required for tailcoat. Like a cummerbund or waistcoat, tie or a bow tie. Top hats are also optional.

According to Fit

Mens Tuxedo Fits

Every man has different body type and according to their type they have to wear the fit that suits them. All fits don’t suit all men, so there is a difference in fits in different types of tuxedos according to the body shape of the men, and they must wear the one that complements them well.

Classic Fit

Mens Classic Fit Tuxedo

The most traditional form of properly fitted suit. Similarly to suits classic fit also provides space in tuxedos. The Custom fitted suit which is designed in a manner that it provides a huge room for air and to breath. It is not perfectly fit from the torso like the slim fit Suit but is big enough for the body type. This fit is traditional and worn by men who don’t wear Regular fitted suits or tuxedos most commonly and prefer it ion wearing at special occasions, parties, weddings, etc.

Modern Fit

Modern Fit Mens Tuxedo

Modern fit tuxedo are designed according to the modern trend. These well fitted tuxedos are stitched and made up to the modern cut. They bestow you a modern look and appearance. Modern fit is neither too fit nor giving enough space like the classic fit tuxedo. They are stitched in a manner of giving space to breathe but more closer from the ribs or silhouette giving it a modern design. Modern fitted tuxedos suits can be worn by men of all types as they provide room for air. The armholes of the jacket are pulled higher for improving the range of comfort and motion. Modern Fitted Prom Tuxedo gives a striking and sharp look to the guys who desire to look sharp and elegant. It provides a good balance to most of the guys wearing it.

Slim Fit


The name itself describes its features. Slim fit tuxedo suit is a fit that doesn’t provide space for air like the classic and modern fit. They are constructed offering a slim look to the body. They are trimmer than the Custom Fit Suit. They are pulled more close to the rib cage and fit much more close around the body. Mens slim fit suits are neither too fit that it looks like you have worn an attire that is small and tight according to your cut. Slim fit suit is recommended for a thin man who doesn't want a bulky look so; a mens slim fit tuxedo Jacket is a perfect choice for those guys.


Black Tuxedos are a formal attire for men and worn on many formal events especially the Black Tie event. Black tie event is one of the high profiled events and for that, your standards must be so high, and your dressing must be a Formal tuxedo that looks elegant and sophisticated on you. In the above guide, we discussed types of tuxedos depending on different features. First was the type on the basis of lapel in which we discussed different lapels and which one is perfect for your body type. Second was typed whether single-breasted, double-breasted or tailcoat tuxedo. The one which matches your taste and is perfect for you. Last but not the least about the fits that are classic fit, modern fit and slim fit tuxedo, which one suits your body type and which will make you look elegant and sophisticated. All in all we talked upon these points and hoped so they were informative for you and you gained knowledge about the type of tuxedo that is perfect for you. So, next time you would select the perfect piece for you and invest your money in the right place.