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11 Patterns Every Man Should Know


As per time, every man should be aware the patterns and designs running currently in the fashion world. But it is said that when men are informed about patterns and designs they run for the hills. Are you one of them? If yes! So let us tell you that it’s not that difficult. It’s vital for you to know about to recent updates and know about the patterns and designs used in the market so that you can keep yourself up to date and by all that you will have benefit of finding out the correct pattern and cloth for your dresses and don’t have any insipid dresses in your wardrobe. You can visit plenty of both patterned and solid suits here at James Bond Suits. We will discuss some of these modalities in the following abstract.


houndstooth suit

Houndstooth is textile pattern also known as dog’s tooth; it doesn’t mean about your dog’s tooth, but the name itself describe its design. It is a textile pattern which is characterized by checks or the abstract four-pointed shape similar to the dog’s incisor, usually in black or white although other colors are not restricted. It is made up of four dark and four light threads altered or woven in a simple twill. It is the best fabric for jackets and outwears.


windowpane suit

Windowpane; the name itself describes its characteristics and elegance. The textile pattern which resembles the pane of the window. This design consists of a combination of small and large squares woven together. It is usually used in office suites, for moonlight wear and party wears. It is a sophisticated fabric with equal measures and gives a benefit to beef up the slimmer men.

Bird’s Eye

Bird's Eye Suit

When we hear the word bird’s eye, our mind clicks the view from the top of the sky as if seen by a bird’s eye. Similarly like other patterns bird’s eye is also representing its features just by listening to its name. A traditionally designed cotton fabric giving the view of micro patterns comprising of circles or diamond shaped design. This light weighted, soft and absorbent material attracts women a lot. It is most probably used in dresses of cocktail parties and special events.

Chalk Stripe Flannel

Chalk Stripe Flannel Suit

A piece of fabric which gives a new texture to the sartorial vernacular in your wardrobe. The design which resembles the pattern as if your kid have marked up lines with chalk on your suit. A framework of thick lines running parallel to a dark surface. It is commonly used for business suits in the winter season.

Pinstripe Worsted

Pinstripe Worsted Suit

Pinstripe worsted fabric pattern is quite similar to the chalk stripped, lines running parallel to a surface of any color but the main difference between pinstripe and chalk stripe is that pinstripe comprises of narrow strips on the cloth whereas chalk stripe comprises thick lines on the fabric. It is most commonly used in men’s dress and especially as a uniform of many baseball teams worldwide. The suits made from this pattern are associated with business attire.


Herringbone Suit

The smartly designed fabric of distinctive chevron pattern mostly woven by wool on the clothes. It gives a design of broken zigzag or v-shaped on a cloth. At regular intervals, the diagonal direction of the twill is reversed. The herringbone pattern is most commonly used in blazers, shirts, coats, and night wears.

Glen plaid

Glen plaid Suit

A woolen fabric designed in a manner of woven twill design of large and small checks. The colors used in this fabric are black, gray, and white but muted colors are also considered. It is mainly designed with two light, and two dark stripes alternate with four light and four dark stripes creating a crossed pattern of irregular checks. This fabric is best for classic suits and checks shirts.

Madras plaid

Madras plaid suit

Madras fabric is a traditional quintessential spring fabric made from light weighted cotton. The typically patterned texture which favors border colors and uneven checks. This fabric consists of a variety of colors especially shocking colors used in different checks of the fabric. It is used in hot weather blazer paired with jeans and especially shorts for men.


Seersucker Suit

The most common and light weighted fabric is seersucker. Probably best for summer and spring seasons. A fabric chequered or striped. It is most frequently woven in a style that the threads bunch together, giving a wrinkled appearance to the fabric at different places. It is used in shirts, shorts and pants worn in hot weather.

Polka dot

Polka dot Suit

Polka dots fabric have a design comprising of dots or an array of large and filled circles. The quality of polka dots from other fabrics of the same type is that the dots are equal in diameter as well as the distance between each dot is equal from each angle. This fabric is frequently used for collars trim.


Gingham Suit

The most successful, conventional, medium weighted fabric designed especially for summers and spring. It has an endured association with the school uniforms. The plain woven fabric designed with alternate checks dyed in yarn. It is used in making table cloths, shirts, etc.