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Which Suit Fabric Should Your Choose When Buying a Suit

suit material

Nowadays, there are a lot of places, ways to choose a right suit .what are you looking for a perfect fitted suit which suits your body type? you don’t know the key factors that what creates a suit prodigious or what type of fabric you have to pick for a stylish, flexible suit? Don’t worry my friend! You are at the right place. I know you have jumbles of questions in your head, but I am assured that your all questions will end here. You know that your dressing speaks your personality, and as you know that individuals always respect a virtuous suit wearer. When you are going to buy a suit, firstly see the material either it’s made from a quality fabric or not .suit design and its color matters but comfortability comes first. Firstly think that either it will make you feel durable or not. After this, you can think about the color, design, and anything else for a perfect suit.

Go Through The Fabric Weight

pick your favorite suit

Here I have mentioned some fabric weights and a right time where you can wear it

7 To 9 Ounces

We can call that it carry the lightest fabric weight and perfect to wear it in hot weather

9.5 To 11 Ounces

We can surely say that this have second lightest fabric weight, and you can attire this in traditional seasons, it’s not very cold and not too hot. You can wear it in the ending of the summer season and be starting off the spring season.

11 To 12 Ounces

If you are seeking for a perfect formal fabric cloth than this suit is perfect for you. You can surely wear this weight of suit in the majority of months, and it carries middleweight.

12 To 13 Ounces

It’s a second weightiest fabric. And you can probably wear it in any season but in summer you can’t even think to wear it.

14 To 19 Ounces

If we talk about the heaviest fabric than we can say that this weight is it the weightiest fabric till now. It is not most popular but the perfect choice to wear it in chilly weather and it’s very tranquil to make this suit tailored fit. Hope that now you had understood all about the size now we will discuss the best material suit and where you can wear it.

Different Kinds of Fabric


wool suit

If you are an ideal suit, then I prefer you to choose a wool suit. Do you think that how you can say the wool suit is the best choice! Well, Mr.! Wool has jumbles of benefits .wool is the one that you can wear in both hot and cold weather, and it breathes well. It is very soft, and you will feel very relaxed and comfortable after donning this suit.

Forms of Wool

Many of individuals think that types of fabric are not serene of wool fiber. But I want to tell those people that it is. I want to remind you that flannel is not material, but it’s a form of wool. Here are some forms of wool, you will be definitely when you go to buy a suit.


flannel suit

Flannel, is almost heaviest wool and if you are going to select an outfit for winter season then try to buy flannel suits. You will not find a perfect suit than flannel for the winter season.


tropical material

It breathes very well, and tropical carry a light weight, as a comparison will traditional wool suits. It has some drawbacks like linen. When you wash the tropical suit, it will rumple very fastly as contrary to other forms of suits. But when we say about its benefits than it’s an ideal choice for warm weather.


worsted material

However, the worsted suit is very flexible and durable to wear. You can surely wear it in both hot and chilly seasons.



We cannot only consider it as a superfluity item but sometimes it impart a surplus shine to a suit. If you are going to shop a cashmere suit for a grand occasion, it’s the best choice. But if you are thinking to wear this in the office or casually than it gazes like little lavishly. Cashmere textures very soft and smooth, but not very comfortable as other fabrics

Cashmere Blended Suit

Cashmere Blended Suit

Mainly blend with wool and it’s heavily weighted and contain greater quality. But the blended suit does not crease very well. Tips You can proudly wear this in every month of a year. It’s a perfect choice for those individuals who are pursuing a luxuries look and a business wearer, and you can also attire it in ceremonial gatherings and occasions.

Super Wool 

super wool

Suit fabric is often categorized as super 100s, 140, 160s and so on. It refers to the number of time when the worsted wool was being preserved and then made. As a universal rule, the greater the number the lighter and finer the cloth will be. Super wool is beneficial for wearing in hotter months. As you know, everything carries some benefits as well as some drawbacks as like super wool has only one downside that it oblige for extra care and didn’t shape well. I recommend you to use super wool clothes occasionally not try to wear it casually.



D’Marge said that cotton is consider as a second popular suit fabric. It creases very easily. It is consider as a cheaper option, and it blows very well. You can assuredly wear it in warmer months, and it works very well on all body types. Usually, try to wear it in semi-formal events rather choosing to wear it casually. Tips Select cotton to attire it in autumn summer and spring seasons. And best to wear it in semi-formal events.


Polyester fabric

It is constructed using synthetic material which is of lower quality. Polyester always blended with alternative fiber like wool, and it will give you in cheaper cost. Polyester does not crease, but it doesn’t breathe well. If we talk about downside than it sheen little more and sometimes it looks so cheap. Tips You can only wear it in autumn and spring. It gives great looks to most of the body type choosing to wear it casually or as a business attire


linen suit

Are you looking for a super lightest weighted suit? Then linen is the best choice. I advise you to dry clean your linen suit as it wrinkles easily and loses it shapes fastly. These suits can be worn in hot seasons and the perfect choice as a casual wearer. But validate that you are choosing the right color and style as I say that design and color matters. If you are working in a formal office, then drop linen suits. Tips Linen is a perfect choice to wear it casually as a comparison with wool and cotton. Sometimes you can carry it in semi-formal events, but it’s not an ideal choice. Never try to wear linen suits in office if you will then you will look so unmatched.


silk suit

Derivate from insects; chiefly it is an animal protein utilized by moths to make shells. Silk is more expensive than polyester but full of benefits. Silk seems very comfortable and flexible to wear and exhale well. You can wear it utmost in every season. Tips Silk is the best choice to attire it in luxuries events and as I have mentioned above, that you can be donned it in all summer, winter, autumn and spring season


velvet fabric

It is a meticulously laced fabric of nylon, silk, and cotton. Mostly designed in smoking jackets, very breathable and deluxe to touch. It is not as much of Sparky as silk because it blends with nylon. Tips If you are looking for a suit for office wearer than keep away from velvet suit shops. We call velvet jacket as a dinner festivity jacket.

Summer OR Spring Choices

I have described two types of cloth which are perfect to wear it in spring and summer seasons: Linen yells hotter weather and very breathable and it pleats very well. It is very light weighed, and you know that light weighed clothes steadily drop their shapes. As temperature rises, it will make you feel cool. Seersucker is one more desired for hotter weather. People have worn in such a manner that the clustering of clothes provides it a crumbled and furrowed look. It adds air transmission and makes a person feel cooler in warmer months.

Ordering Tailored Fit And Made To Measure Suit

tailor made suit

When buying a suit, it might be challenging for you that what type of suit is made for you or will make your looks classier. I have found a trick for you that when buying a suit first put as a sample at your wrist then you will understand little bit or imagine in your mind that you are wearing this suit than how you will look or its suiting with your complex or not. Don’t choose a suit with lighter weight always pic a heavy weighted suit. Before going to your tailor first think about design, color, size and also think that when and where you want to wear it then clearly explain your tailor.

Difference between Wool and Cotton Suits

cotton and wool suit

Battle start when both suits have the best fabric. These two cotton and wool both are very comfortable to wear but not carry same features like cotton suit carry lighter weight than wool suits, and wool suits are not so durable you will feel itchy while donning it.

Wool vs. Linen Suits

Both have different benefits and drawbacks. Like when we talk about linen, it create crease easily, and you can’t be donned this for many hours, you will feel very uncomfortable after few hours, whereas you will feel very durable and flexible in wool because of its thickness. For warm weather, linen is the best choice, while wool is very thick and not suitable for the hotter weather.

How to Buy it Yourself

own fabric

Above we have discussed all forms of fabrics and super 100s .now a day's men’s are very curious about their cloth they look for a perfect stitched cloth made from quality material. Now they don’t go to a tailor and directly pick a suit rather they choose their own fabric then they design then they ask their tailor to craft this suit. Do you also want to buy your fabric then must do these researchers:

From Whom Are You Buying?

When going to purchase a fabric make sure that either you are visiting the right shop or not. Without any worry ask all possible questions you have in your head. Ask salesperson that how many times they have sold this fabric, collect all information as much as you can.

How Much Your Are Buying?

Secondly, you have to validate that how much fabric you are buying. Mainly guys buy 3.5m of fabric, but I suggest you to buy little more than your requirement. And the most important thing is that if you want a patterned fabric than check it that it is patterned or you have any knowledge about patterns? Fine! The pattern is about the design of the cloth, like pinstripe or herringbone.

Final Words

Make your wardrobe fascinating with colorful and durable suits. As we have discussed above about the forms of fabrics, or how to choose a right fabric and from where you can buy a perfect fabric? Or which type of fabric is suitable for which month and for which event? Hope so that you’re all questions has ended up here. It’s my advice that first check the material of fabric than buy it because as I say that design and color matters but firstly prefer the material. Just think you are wearing an elegant suit in a gathering of thousands of individuals and you are feeling very uncomfortable, then how you will enjoy the gathering, that’s why always make sure about the quality and validate that you are wearing a tailored fit suit.