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Three Piece

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Three Piece Suit Are you confused that what type of suit is perfect for you? You re at the right place my friend! Three piece suit is the best choice for you. It gives an elegant look to every kind of person no matter he is taller or shorter. You can wear men’s 3 piece suit in grand parties, festivals, weddings; it will help you to look attractive and charming. This suit is specially designed for winter season, but by removing waistcoat, you can also wear three piece suit in hot weather

Benefits of Three-Piece Suits

Men Waistcoat

No doubt! A three-piece suit is one of the beneficial and useful items even more than a two piece suit. Man always face new kind of people in grand occasions, business meetings, and all time they want a new look that’s why I say that three-piece suit is perfect for men. As the name suggest this piece of clothing also includes waistcoat beside jacket and the trousers. Men’s three piece suit give you many choices, like if you are tired of wearing complete three piece suit in any party, you can put off your coat ,and you can only wear waistcoat with trouser as a two-piece suit that’s why people always try getting three-piece suit than a two piece suit , because they get many kinds of varieties. Many questions will come in your mind that whether an untailored shirt will look good or not? Your length of sleeves is right or not? Is your shirt thrust accurately or not? But don’t worry waist coat releases all your uneasiness .standing out in a crowd and leaving jacket of two piece suit unbuttoned will make you feel weird and uncomfortable but in three piece suit there is no fear that either shirt is buttoned or not, it will look good in both way. If you have much stuff to carry, or you have expensive items to save but no space left in your jacket pockets, don’t worry! You are a 3 piece suit wearer you can keep it in stylish vest coat pockets.


It’s all About Waistcoat

Three Piece suit for Men


Basically! Vest or waistcoat is not designed by our future designers, it was designed 1000 2000 years back. When a messenger ride a horse, and he rode a horse all the day to convey the message, he faces many problems at that time that’s why he want an extra layer to cover his body, and they developed a waist coat. They started to make vest coat with big pieces of cloth it is made to wear under a jacket to add a balminess. It was used in several wars; people start liking it and they think we should add colors in waist coat. waist coat came in markets people start buying it because waist coat was very cheap than a coat , and individuals notice that this formal vest coat also gives the same look like a double-breasted suit, that’s why I prefer you to wear three pieces vested suit if you want a formal business look.


Many times three piece suits make you feel prickly because of the fitted waistcoat. Do you know which kind of waistcoat makes you feel uncomfortable? Well, those waistcoats that are not tailored properly make you feel thorny and distressing, and it kills your confidence among people which make personality unimpressive and people give you respect like an ordinary man. You should wear a properly fitted waistcoat if you will not it will ruin your personality. A loose vest don’t make you feel good while going somewhere , you will feel like you are not wearing anything and all the time you just have to set vest coat in front of people that gives bad impression among individuals and on other side, if you try tight waist coat you won’t be able to respire. Always keep one thing in a mind that if you are wearing men’s suit with waist and if you want to feel flexible and easy in any gatherings than attire a proper tailor-made fit vest coat. Nowadays designers made backless vest coat to make you feel comfortable. You should try a vest coat that completely cover the waist band of pants. Always remember that your vest coat top should be high so your vest coat will be noticeable because if your jacket is buttoned and your vest coat is not high then your vest coat will hide under your coat and it will look like a two piece suit.

Problems Regarding Collar Gap

3 piece suit

Always make sure that either your collar fits against your neck or not. Individuals always find a problem because of collar gap, especially in men’s three piece suit. Your collar should not separate from the neck make sure that your collar should hug the neck. You should wear a tailored fit suit so you will not carry a problem of collar gap have seen many tailors that don’t make collar correctly even you have told them, that’s why you should check after buying, that collar has design accurately or not. Collar gap is a big issue in three piece suit. I am trying to aware you about this problem on my side, but it’s up to you if you want to make your personality majestic and impressive than try to make men’s three-piece suit correctly.

Alternative techniques of wearing three piece suit

mens 3 piece suit

I had a bespoke suit; it gives a look like the 1960s but it look very stylish, and waistcoat have a higher necklace that’s why I don’t have a worry that either my tie is warped or not. Simply men’s three piece suit is very beneficial; you can wear numbers of other pieces of your wardrobe with three piece suit, and you can also attire a waistcoat in many other ways. According to me the best way of wearing a vest coat is wearing blazer and trouser with waistcoat without a tie, it gives you killing looks and makes your personality attractive and impressive. Wearing vest coat with other colors of the jacket does not always give you a stylish look buy many times it makes your appearance classy and striking. Like green colored vest coat looks fascinating with a brown colored suit and navy jacket also looks cool and matched with brown vest coat and you can try many other color combinations but bright colors are not adequate and look matchless. You can carry new style every time with  three piece suit you can also try a vest coat with a sports jacket or other types of coat, or you can only wear a waistcoat with trouser, you had seen waiters wearing waistcoat with trouser they look very simple and stylish. It’s my advice that always your waistcoat should be buttoned because unbuttoned waistcoat gives you worst looks and you look like a doctor. Try to look unique and charming and give a chance to other individuals to admire your sense of clothing.

Which kind of style will look perfect with waistcoat

Single Breasted Suit - Double Breasted Suit

Double breasted or single breasted suit?


Are you confused? That what type will look perfect? Well !If we talk about the business wearer than the double breasted suit is perfect, we had seen that people also wear a tie with a double-breasted suit, it gives a formal look. It is not very common nowadays individuals don’t like to wear a double breasted suit in parties, festivals.  Double breasted not gives a traditional look, and it’s a casual business wearer. On the other hand, the single-breasted suit is very in, and young generation mainly likes to wear it, and it looks very cool and stylish than double breasted. Before World War 2 double breasted suit was very familiar, people supposed to attire double breasted at that time single was not very common; individuals wear very rarely. But when we talk about nowadays single breasted is the best choice, but no doubt double breasted is a formal wearer, and it is a perfect business attire. Now are you thinking that why the double breasted suit is perfect for a business attire? Well! How can you say that single breasted v-shaped collar suit applies to wear in business casually?  Double breasted is a buttoned up suit and gives you proper and formal looks but don’t worry you can also add a formal look with single breasted by adding a vest coat. Through vest coat, it looks like you are wearing a double-breasted suit and it gives formal looks and you can attire this suit in parties, festivals and anywhere you want to with many others styles. 

Tips for how to wear a three-piece suit well

Here are some three piece suit rules and tips that how you can wear three piece suit well:

waistecoat with single breasted suit

Wear waistcoat with single breasted suit

Imagine you are dressed in a double-breasted suit with a waistcoat. How does it look? A two piece suit because waistcoat will cover under the coat and it will look two pieces than a three piece suit. And you will feel very uncomfortable. That’s why single breasted is the best choice. Button Closure Waist Coat

Four to five button waistcoat is perfect wearer

suit coat button closure

Make sure that your waistcoat has proper 4 or 5 buttons. For shorter, more than 5 or less than four buttons vest coat looks improper, but six button waistcoat is perfect for a taller man. You can talk to your tailor about this issue that what no of buttons will suit your body type. 

Never try to button the bottom most button of suit coat


Never try this! Boys mainly make this mistake that the close the last button of their coat, its looks too weird. For a proper look, you should close the middle one. If you have two button jacket then close the first one, it looks good. But while sitting somewhere open all the buttons if you will not it make the wrong impression among individuals and will ruin your body shape.

Trouser belt line should be covered with waistcoat

line shirt waistecoat


Ask your tailor to make waistcoat long so it will cover the trouser belt,  those vest coat which does not cover the trouser belt looks so weird and improper but ensure that waistcoat should not too much time and too short; waist coat length should be proper 

Wear matching belt and shoes

Attire which compliment your shoes

Validate that your belt and shoes have the same color. Mainly individual’s make this mistake that they wear a dark colored belt and light colored shoes I clearly say to you that it looks so bad, don’t try this ever never! You just think brown belt with white shoes. So improper!! That’s why to try to look perfect don’t make little mistakes in your dressing that make your character unimposing. 

Wear attire that compliments your shoes

belt and shoes

Sometimes we just a mix-up and make the wrong decision about what color of shoes look suitable with your suit. Like brown shoes look so inadequate with a black suit and vice versa. First, think that what color of shoes will look perfect with your outfit then try.

Properly cover your legs with your shoes

Just think! A man made a great effort to look different, elegant and when he suddenly sits and everyone is just looking to his hairy legs eh! He looks so weird! If you want that this situation not happen to you than Always make sure that your socks should adequately cover your feet. 

Your tie should be in contrast to your shirt

contrasted tie with shirt

Always remember that your tie should be darker than your shirt, Light colored tie looks so peculiar. You should always take care of minor things if you want perfect stylish looks. Because individuals mainly notice inappropriate things. So don’t give them a chance to pick a mistake.


However above we have discussed advantages, drawbacks, and some tips how to wear a three-piece suit well. If you want elegant and striking looks than wear three-piece suit than two pieces, because three piece gives you many choices as we discussed above. Always wear a single breasted jacket with vest coat, because vest coat looks so improper with double breasted. You can wear a matching tie for a complete look. If you want to set your rules in the world of fashion, then wear complete three piece suit.