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mens # button or 2 Button suit

 really hard to find a three button suit out there in the store “Antonia, do you think that three-button suits are still in style? Well, I think three-button suits are better than two button suits. I don’t even have two-button suits in my wardrobe. So, now I am in the market for some new suits, will I buy all three-button suits or give a chance to two-button suits to be a part of my wardrobe? What would be the reason to buy a two-button suit for my wardrobe?” He’s bending towards three-button suit, but I prefer both ‘the two-button’ and ‘the three-button’ and both of them can give a broad range to the men’s suit styles. Men’s suits have a vast variety of styles which help them look stylish and graceful in their everyday life. When we talk about suits, it’s essential that how many numbers of buttons we choose for your outfit which can make a world of difference. What do you think how much difference? The difference of being a head-turning, or being the most attractive one. But before all that, the questions arise in our mind are: whether a two-button suit or a three-button suit? Will it look great on me if I am a shorter guy or whether a taller one? And what about leaving the last button unbuttoned? We will give all the answers, but before that let’s begin with some basics about wearing a suit

Keep The Last Button Always Unbuttoned

men unbuttoned suit

Always leave the last button of your suit jacket unbuttoned-If you think about any hard and fast rule of buttoning your suits then this is one to be followed strictly. In fact, if you button your last button then you will know that it doesn’t give a right image to your appearance and suit patterns nowadays are made on account of keeping the last button unbuttoned. So from whom this trend of keeping the last button unbuttoned came? 


According to the menswear folklore, this tradition was started by the King Edward VII, who had a bulky body and was unable to fasten his last button of the Royal Jacket, which disappointed him a lot, so all his subjects and citizens followed him by keeping the last button of the jacket unbuttoned. The UK at that time was quite an influential empire, so this trend spread all over and is still alive.

Button Up Your Suit Jacket While Standing

mens button up suit

For giving you best, fit and drape look suit jackets are designed in a way to be buttoned up while standing. A buttoned up jacket looks better and forms a nice silhouette, as well as give you the sharpest looks. So button up your suit jacket unless you are sitting.

Unfasten Your Suit Jacket’s Button When Sitting

Open Button Suit

Remember to unfasten your button while sitting. It doesn’t need to be explained, but yet it happens. When you don’t unbutton while sitting, it not only gives you an awkward and oddly shapes but you also feel uncomfortable in it. Don’t hesitate while showing your personal style to your jackets, feel free and unfasten the button when sitting for your comfort.

The Two-Button Suit

Mens Two Button Suit

The classic two-button suit is commonly a part of every man’s closet. The classic, elegant and suitable outfit for men whether worn at parties, business meetings, weddings, etc. is the two-button suit. It is meant to be a fail proof. Due to its design which generates a deep ‘V’ shape which gives a flattering visual effect and therefore elongates the torso, and especially giving a great look to the men having a short height. It leaves ample space for showing off your shirt and tie. As the button closure is at the proper shirtwaist, so it’s creating a place for slimmer and nice silhouette. A two-button suit is an excellent choice for any man; short or tall. If you are confused about which set up is best for you, then a two-button suit is the most acceptable and better choice.

The Three-Button Suit

Mens Three Button Suit

The three-button suit is, however, a rear breed found in men’s closet, yet some men wear it. Why? The reason behind it is that they might be of taller height, maybe 6 foot or more than that. Three-button suit gives a splendid look to the taller guy. A three-button suit creates a shallow ‘V’ and has a high stance which lacks the elongating effect of a two-button suit and thus gives a brilliant appearance to the tall heighted guy. So, men having tall height wear this suit to avoid the elongating effect of other suits and feel great while wearing it as they are comfortable in it.


mens three button vs two button suit

Now, it’s up to you that which type of suit you would like to wear; the two-button or three-button. According to your height and weight, you can just figure out that which kind of outfit will match perfectly with your looks and give you an elegant and sophisticated appearance. Remember suits give a solidifying effect to a man’s personality but which type of suit you wear depends on you, so wear that type of suit which is a perfect match to your appearance. After reading about a thousand words what do you think that which type of suit is made for u? The two-button or the three-button?