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Your looks, appearance, is very crucial for your up liftmen whether it is bold, confident and sharp or cool and relaxed or sloppy and sleek. Sometimes this bold\ and vibrant appearance and your elegant look are reduced due to the fit you wear and to avoid that, it is fundamental to have perfect tailoring of your outfit. Find a tailor having perfection in his hands so that your suits are made perfect and fit according to your cut. Finding a perfect fit for your closet and wear isn’t that difficult you think. All you require is some of your quality time as well as attention for selecting the perfect tailored fit in men’s store or giving your outfit for tailoring. Your appearance must look balanced, whether you are slim or fat or have some other body type. If you think that the suit fitting is not right, and it doesn’t fit you and you have gained weight, or you look unpleasant in your dress due to your slimness so, don’t feel discouraged that’s not your fault. Your suit has not been tailored according to your body type if you had worn your perfect body type suit than you would have looked smart, elegant and decent. For all that, you need to keep some points in your mind while letting your wear be tailored or going to a store to buy. All the measurements of your body should be perfect, so your attire looks sophisticated on you. We are going to discuss some of those points which will help you know how a suit should fit you well.

What a Good Fit Is?

Men Good Fit Suit

Garments that make you look dapper and is stitched perfectly with all your measurements is said to be a good and modern fit suits. Your garment must be stitched close to your body and in a manner, you are comfortable wearing it. Some important points and measurements about how to fit a suit with perfection are.


Men Shoulder Suit

A shoulder that is stitched faultlessly is flat on your shoulders having no wrinkles and ripples on it. The shoulder seam must be at the end of the shoulder where the shoulder bone connects with your arm. If your jacket shoulder seam is hiked up so it will create wrinkles on your sleeve which won’t give you a flattering look. So, your seam must be at the end of your shoulder and if your seam is stitched dangling down your shoulder then it will be counted too big. Your shoulder neither be too big nor too small but stitched at perfect measures and it is assumed to be one of the difficult parts of stitching. So, be careful while buying fitted suits or when giving for tailoring fitted suits give the perfect and new measurements of your body.

Trouser Seat


Your trouser seat must be tailored with a smooth drape over your rear’s shape. It must be as perfect so that you don’t need a belt on your waist. Suit trouser must be worn on your waist not as lower as we often wear jeans. The trouser seat must not be so tight that you can’t even sit, and there are horizontal wrinkles on your thighs or too loose that U-shapes sags appear on your thighs’ back, and you need to wear a belt to manage the fitness of your trouser. Your trouser seat must be flat, and the tailor should stitch it under the limits of stitching the seat, so you are relieved and feel relaxed while wearing it. The tailor must know how to fit a suit with the good pair of trousers and according to your measurements.

Your Trouser Break

Men Trouser Break

Trouser break is a small wrinkle on the top of your shoe when your shoe stops the trouser at its top. This break must be small, single and lie in a manner that your trouser cuffs are on the top of your shoes and the back is flat and straight in contact with your shoe heels. If this break is not caused up on your shoes, then your trousers are short according to your length and if your trouser break is caused too big and more than a single wrinkle is caused than your trouser is too big for your length. The break must lie perfectly on your shoe and cuffs must rest on the top of your shoes.

Jacket Closure

Men Suit Jacket Closure

As you know that while wearing jacket your last button always be unfastened and rest must be fastened when you are standing. If you are wearing one button slim fit suit, then the jacket must be buttoned while standing and unbuttoned while sitting. This rule goes for all. But the jacket closure is crucial. It must be stitched like it gives a flat effect to your torso and is not constricted at your waist. It must be so neat that the lapels must not hang on your body. Otherwise, it would be loose. The jacket closure is essential for giving a dapper look to you along with your fitted suits, so it must lie smooth and flat on your waist and flatten your torso.

Jacket Sleeve

Men Jacket Sleeves

The rule for jacket sleeve followed worldwide is that your jacket sleeve must leave a space of 1 inch for the shirt cuffs to be visible. The cuffs of your shirt must be a little bit visible from your jacket sleeve. The seam of the shirt cuff and sleeve must not be seen from the jacket sleeve and if it happens than your jacket sleeve is short. It is also vital to take care that your fitted suits jacket’s sleeve doesn't hide your shirt’s cuffs if it does, so your sleeves are big enough. This rule is followed by all, and it’s mandatory to take care of it.

Length of the Jacket

Men Jacket Length

The length of the jacket is to be considered more important than people think about it. The jacket must lie just above the curve form by the buttocks. The jacket must lie drape and flat down to the waist and buttocks. Your hands also play a vital role in signifying the length of the jacket. If your jacket hem ends just at the point when your palm meets your finger than your jacket is stitched with perfection. But, if your jacket hem is lying greater than that than it’s big and if less than that, so it’s small. You would think that having a big jacket doesn’t matter, it could be pulled up while sitting but its gives an unpleasant look as the pockets are seen hanging on your body due to the largeness of the jacket and small jackets will also make you look weird somehow as it is not sewn according to the rules.


Men Suit Collar

Your jacket collar must stand at the back of your neck touching the shirt collar. They don’t have significant gaps. The shirt collar and jacket collar have a little space from where the shirt collar is seen, but they don’t contain any gap than it is said to be a flawless stitch. But, if there is a gap between your jacket and shirt collar than it is said collar gap and indicates about the fault that the jacket isn’t stitched well and if there are wrinkles at the end of the collar of your jacket and the shirt collar is not seen that it’s also a wrong stitch and don’t give a flattering back appearance. The right mid to measure for mens suit styles jacket collar is one inch distance between the resting place of shirt and jacket collar without any collar gap and creation of wrinkles at the back of your jacket collar’s end.


Men Armhole

Armholes must be high, but not that much as if they are cutting in your armpit. They must be big but under that limit which provides you the movement of your arm independently not too much stick that you are even unable to have the movement of your arm. Along with that they must not be too large that hang around your armhole and ruin your appearance. They must be perfect down the armhole and easy for moving your arms. But, it’s also a fact that many new suit wearers feel that they can move as freely in their modern fit suits as they move in other dresses and can move their arm completely so that’s tough because fitted suits have some stretching limits and can’t stretch too much like you do in other wears.


Men Legs

The legs should be tailored having a pinch of one-inch fabric around either side of the thighs. It will let you move comfortably. If there is less fabric than 1 inch than your pants are too tight for you and they will create trouble for you to sit as well as walk freely. Also, let your tailor give a slight taper to the legs of your pants towards your ankle. It will make your body size look great.


Waiste Size

The top button of your coat must always be fastened and leaving the last button unfastened. The waist must be cut in a way creating a masculine V shape at the sides. You can easily button up your coat. It must not create stress while buttoning up and don’t give an ugly X-shape. That X-shape indicates that your waist is not properly sewn and is tight for you. The tailor needs to give a slight taper to the waist fitting in your fitted suits but not that much that it becomes tight.

Shoulder Divot


If you see a slight dip in the sleeve of your jacket under the shoulder, then your shoulders are big. If wrinkles appear on the sleeves of your jacket than your suit has been constructed with stiff constriction. In that case, your tailor must need to stitch your suit with ideal measurements or if you are buying a suit then try for another which is flat and smooth to the figure of your hand.

Avoid Waist Showing The Dreaded X-Shape


Whenever you button your suit jacket keep in mind that if it’s smooth and doesn't give any ugly x-shape, then it's tailored right. But, if your jacket gives a dreaded X-shape while buttoning your jacket than the measurements of your jacket are not correct, and the button can also pop up and then you had to feel awkward in front of others. So, buy a jacket that doesn't create any dreaded X-shape and has a correct measurement around your waist.

Rumpling Over The Shoulder


If you notice a bunching effect at the top of your shoulder rather than the upper sleeve, then your jacket is too big from your shoulders. Your jacket is tailored broad from your shoulder side and needs correct measurements from that side. Let your jacket be stitched slim and taper from that side and if you are buying fitted suits then try the shorter measurement. If that brand still doesn't fit you correctly, go for another one.

The Sleeve Pitch


If you find ripples and wrinkles outside your jacket’s sleeve, then your sleeve isn’t attached correctly and is not up to the natural stance of your arm. The sleeves are easily detached and attached again. So, if your sleeves aren’t correctly stitched let your tailor attach it again perfectly so that the angle of your sleeve is right and don’t create ripples and wrinkles over it.


So, we have discussed the vital and crucial points about how should a suit fit, the mid to made measurements of your modern fit suits and many other. Your shoulders must be perfect, sleeves must be correct, armholes, waist, the collar must be stitched correctly. Rest your fitted suits must be stitched according to the suit guide followed worldwide. You must not wear a tight suit with a dreaded X shape either a big one. While buying your fitted suits or giving it for stitching, you must take care about these important points and invest your money at the right place. Hope so you have gained the perfect knowledge about how should a suit fit your body type. You can share your thoughts below in the comment box and feel free to do any correction in it.