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American British and italian suit

A suit is undoubtedly one of an essential part of Men’s wardrobe that usually attired in the formal parties and gatherings for their striking look. It is also mainly known as the source of men’s fashion trend. Not only you should always wear a suit to an interview or formal gatherings, but you should also keep wearing it for every day of your working life.  According to the recent study, putting on formal clothes makes you feel powerful and changes the basic way you see the World. If you want to make a strong style statement at the very first glance, then the suit is the way to go as it compliments your overall personality. When choosing your next suit, you just don’t have to think regarding, features, or fit, but also the style and look of the outfit. The men's suit cut categorize in different suiting styles out of which we are going to describe and differentiate three most brilliant type of suit for assisting you to buy your next suit with confidence.

American Suit Style



The American suit becomes popular in the early 19th century that is also recognized as sack suit made popular later in the 1920’s by ivy leaguers. “The sack” actually comes from the French “sacque,” which means “a particular construction technique for coats and jackets”. In the 1920s, the target group covered a wide target group made of the dominant and wealthy business class. Companies, like Brooks Brothers, who are considered among the pioneers of the American suit, had to start reinventing the suit to make it suitable for mass production. And we see these elements loud and clear just by having a quick attentive look at the American suit.

Tailoring Style

The sack suit typically has natural shoulders without shoulders pads. Its distinct characteristics are a single vent at the back, higher arm whole which gives the sack suit its boxy appearance, straight lines, flap pockets, no darts and no padded shoulders giving you softer silhouette. Also, these suits were very baggy. The jacket of the suit is usually single breasted with two or three buttons. It also comes with almost no padding with a straight silhouette. The sleeves wear with a loose fit and feature three buttons only, and the canvas features no darts that gives it a baggier look. The pants are a full cut, with no pleats which save a significant amount of fabric in the large scale production. If you want to get the perfect American style, then you should keep in mind that it avoids tight fitting of your body and give preference to the loose fit. In its original form, this suit is the least stylish. With time, American suits became more cut to the shape of the body, included shoulder padding and became more fashionable.

Occasion to Wear

American outfit is mainly known for its formal style, although it will surely make you look classic whenever you attire it any occasion or it any important business activities. It is recommendable for those who wear suits quite rarely. If you're interviewing for a prestigious corporate law firm, or for a position in the financial sector, there's no question that you should dress conservatively i.e. dark suits and tasteful tie and shirt combinations. Over-the-top patterns are frowned upon, but an American suit is both classy and sophisticated. If you have a large build body, then you should go for American suits as they are slack so it will provide you flexibility and comfy feelings while donning it.  Most of the details on American shirts have a functional history: holding things in place, adding durability, or flexibility. If you are searching for any of those functions, then go for American cut pieces rather than any other. Maintain an understated look with American cut styles, particularly in classic colors to contrast with your perfect tailoring in a subtle, but effective way.

Italian suit Style



Italians are innovators. From their cuts to their fabrics they continue to push the envelope and reinvent the wheel. Italy has enjoyed a landslide victory in high consumer places such as the USA.. Just like the rise of the British style, the Italian was also a slow and steady road to worldwide success and appreciation. It was only in 1952 that idea grew vastly after the first fashion show held at Palazzo Pitti in Florence. Many have played a significant role in the design of Italian suit; some remarkable mentions are Ermenegildo Zegna, Nazareno Fonticoli (founder of Brioni) and Armani. The Italian suit evolved in many styles over the years. Nowadays, we identify three major styles in Italy, namely Romano, Napoletano and Milanese.  But going into the details of these three would be too big of a diversion, and the topic is so detailed that would be itself another article. Those details, those features are still you would see now in a modern Italian suit.

Tailoring Style

The modern suit style of Italian is now known for its trendiness. The garment which is utilized for the construction of this suit is very light; it gives you comfortable feelings whenever you wear it. This suit is very cute slim which gives sleek stylish and modern silhouette. The jackets originally did not have any vents but today two vents are common in Italian suits. It is short and fits tight and close to the body, the shoulders are lightly padded, and the overall padding is significantly reduced, while lapel notches and buttons are positioned higher than in British and American jackets. The jacket comes single-breasted, and also features high gorge lines, flapless pockets, and large buttons. The front of the jacket shows a pronounced V-shape, tight at the waist. The V-shape is actually considered very attractive in a man. Pants have tapered waist and hips are snug to the body. It ends with one break, in the most traditional design. Nowadays, no-break type of pants is also common in the Italian style. Today you will rarely see original American style. Baggy look is not stylish while British and Italian style is more common. If you are younger and seek more trendiness from your suits, you should look for Italian cut suits.

Occasion to Wear

You can wear Italian cut suit when you go out to a classy place and want to get laid. You can also attire it on any casual events Casual actually describes the state of dress that comes when a man is dressed up, but not formally. For example, at a casual event, you could wear an Italian suit with an open-collared shirt. That suit can even be of a light color. You can wear shoes that are not black, as long as they're not sneakers, and as long as they match your attire and are the same color as of your belt. If you have a slender or thin body, you should consider Italian suits made with Europeans in mind. If you’re a stickler for simplicity, the European suit you better.  It will suits you more and thus give you slim fitted appearances whenever you wear it either at gatherings or special occasions

British Suit Style



The British are masters of tailoring tradition. Their philosophy revolves around function and longevity. They select robust fabrics that not only wear well during gloomy London days but also hold up to decades of use. This type of suit is also called British traditional. Between the luxurious goods of the mid-19th century, we find the best men’s garments provided by the greatest bespoke tailors. In the second half of the 1800s Sir Poole, under the commission of the Prince of Wales, created a tailless smoking jacket constructed out of the same fabric of a tailcoat. The garment is also referred to like the dinner jacket. The vision of the Prince of Wales together with the creative mind of a skilled tailor slowly changed and was considered formal wear amongst an extremely traditional high class. They created the dinner jacket and the whole new suit style, comprising of unique characteristics that continue through time and were passed from generation to generation arriving in our wardrobes under the label “British style”. This is one the greatest examples of the timeless grace.

Tailoring Style

I’ll be sharing with you some of the vital details that will allow you to recognize a British cut suit. The garment comes in thick cloth, which makes the jacket very functional in the terrific Royal weather. You can also see it as single, or double breasted, with usually two vents. British style suits are cut closer to the body with tight fitting sleeves ending with cuffs and a high arm hole. They have slightly narrower and defined shoulders which also featured thick shoulder pads. The canvas is stiff which is giving more controlled looked to the jacket. British cut jackets tend to use lower gorge lines which are the seam joining the collar and the lapel. Despite all the innovative elements of the coat e.g. no tail, single-breasted etc., Sir Poole kept one traditional element to its design and created a balanced combination of old (and established) and new (and revolutionary). British cut trousers have more shape than American cut trousers. Trousers are cut generously with a high waist and two or three pleats. British suits will give you more fashionable, and stylish appearance and you will look more fitted. British suit is ideal for average built men as they are not too boxy nor too slim. Savile Row is the home, located in London’s Mayfair where British traditional suits create. Savile Row is the home of custom suit makers and is the place to go when searching for highest tailoring excellence.

An occasion to Wear

British suits are still the most formal wear, and can be highly tailored to any body type. This modern style suit can work best in any formal parties, gatherings, business meetings or at any occasion to offer you more formal look and dashing appearance in the center of all attention. The patterned British suits will add depth to your aesthetic, offering timelessness with a twist. British cut piece traditionally works best for the more formal occasion. This cut suit is always great and adds a point of difference to the common formal evening wear attire.  Be mindful that a blue suit can set you apart from the crowd, but styling and modernized fit are essential to perfect memorable formal looks.



Hopefully, by now you have learned what made the history of men’s wear across the world. When choosing the right suit for you, always keep in mind those differences and pick what suits you best. Today you will rarely see original American style. Baggy look is not stylish while British and Italian style is more common. On average, Italian suits work best with a slim and athletic person. American suits are for a more tough built, and can look great with very little extra work if you want to have it custom fitted. British suits are still the most formal wear, and can be highly tailored to any body type .today these differences have nothing to do with geographical origins but they are more a style and preference choice. You don’t have to bother that much about which style of suit to wear as long as the suit is cut well, it suits you well, and you feel comfortable in it. you should always try on the different styles to see which one fits you the best based on your personality and body type and if you feel none of those styles fits you, your idea of style and your personality, then combine them, revolutionize them, turn them inside out, just like those inspiring artist did before you. And maybe sometime in the future, there will be someone like me writing about your style. We are waiting for your comments thank you so much.