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When we talk about suits, nothing can blow an affix. We mean by affixes is black, gray, and navy. As we know that black and navy is popular because of its flexibility .when we dialogue about gray suits then we came to know that gray is a routine color, we don’t need a place or a venue to wear a gray suit, you can wear it anywhere at any time. Indeed, gray suits have turned into more prevailing in street style, their adaptability especially glamorous to the youth.

Different Shades of Gray Which One Is Made For You?

Grey color is distinguish into many kinds of shades, choose that shade of gray which suits your body type. While choosing a shade of gray think first about your coloring and features and your choice of shirt. Well! Lighter gray works with a person who has fairer crust tones and blondes. While darker gray accolades to those who have tanner skin texture and obscure features.

What Type Of Footwear You Can Grab With Gray Outfit?

shoes with grey suitShoes totally depend on shades of gray you are donning, and it also depends on the location you are visiting. If you are thinking to wear a gray suit casually than sneakers or trainers is the best choice, but for a formal wearer you should go lace up shoes, or you can also match it with loafers or slippers. I prefer you rather than black and brown choose to wear burgundy because it looks perfect with gray. Do you think about the category of gray? Don’t worry! Bellow we will discuss all the categories of gray.

Light Gray Apparel

light grey suit

 Make your looks classic and appealing, No matter where you want to attire gray suit, either formally or casually, you can proudly wear a gray suit. As you know, that tailoring is a  very chief aspect, especially for light-colored suits. Validate that there should you be no dirt mark on your light gray suit because unappropriated things always attract individuals and blow damage your all looks and impression among people. When finding a gray suit make sure that it correctly fit your body, head to toe everything should be perfect, and ensure that it will not overwhelm your physique. Lighter varieties of gray are one of the most elegant choices for blistering months.


shirt for men

You know that if you attire gray suit with gray shirt, it will look so weird, and it will badly clash. White shirt is best for you. Just think you are wearing a classic light gray suit with pure white shirt, how much delightful man! You are not a fan of shirts which carry white color? You can also go with light blue. For more formal gatherings and occasions than prefer black shirt.

Light Gray Outfit As a Casual Wearer:

light grey casual outfit

  Impressively for a casual wearer, the softer gray suit is the superlative choice. Nimble weight or light colored suits are made for a casual wearer is outstandingly well for casual attire. Key to look appalling and perfect casually then always go with suits that are crafted using fabric or light materials. Cotton gray suits are very flexible and comfortable to wear. If you want to be a trendsetter, then try white trainers with light gray suits. Leather trainers is also a good choice, but white trainers are specially designed for gray suits. Are you tired of wearing white color trainers? Well! No worry you can also go with burgundy or navy colors, it will also give you fascinating looks. For chilly weather, you can try turtlenecks with a gray suit. Chiefly gray suits are very flexible you can be donned anything with gray suits.

Light Gray Suit As A Formal Wearer:

formal grey suit

To flair light, gray suit formally then bear in mind that it’s entirely about contrast. With you, ceremonial shirts a crusty white is a perfect pair with black tie, but you can also try out with other contrast. Powder muted blue also works well with gray suits. You are free to wear any color of ties with the light gray suit. It’s not compulsory to only wear black or blue ties you can also wear brighter colored ties. I advise you always to try something new don’t stick to something like if you are wearing a light gray suit then you can go with appealing accessories like the pocket square, ties bar, cufflinks, silver watches and anything you want to.

Charcoal Gray Color Suit:

Gray Colored Suit

Don’t think that only light gray suits give you many options, the charcoal gray suit is also versatile and has jumbles of options. Many individuals consider charcoal gray as a corporative pleasant gray suit. You can go with a burgundy shoe. It gives more professional looks than navy and black.



When you are going to formal gatherings and occasions, you want unique and perfect looks that's why I prefer you to avoid brighter colored shirts mainly try off white or white formal shirts. When you are going some informal occasions, then you can try any colored shirts.

Charcoal Gray Apparel as a Casual Wearer

Charcoal Gray Casual Suit

If you want to go somewhere from day to night, then I recommend you to attire charcoal gray suit. You can wear navy, emerald or burgundy colored sweaters beneath the charcoal suit. You can carry many alternative accessories with a charcoal gray suits like a brown belt, loafers or many other things which can make your looks classy.

Charcoal Gray Suit As Formal Wearer

Charcoal grey formal suit


The charcoal gray suit is primarily crafted for an office wearer, and you can wear it in formal events.As we say that light gray suit is perfect for a casual wearer, as we can also say that for a formal wearer, the charcoal gray suit is a perfect choice. Are you confused that what color of tie and shirt you can wear with a charcoal gray suit? Fine! White shirt gives you an elegant and charming looks with a grey suit; you can attire navy silk and knitted ties but for more elegant and striking looks try silver tie.

Dark Gray Suit:

men dark grey suit

Light colors don’t always look elegant and charming on someone; that’s why I advise you to wear darker shaded colors like dark gray, charcoal gray. You know that darker colors always make a good combination with light colors that why I advise you to wear light or white colored shirts with gray suits. If you want something different and striking than you can go with salmon pink shirts. Light colors always add some appealing looks to suit and mainly white colors. If white or light colored shirt is not matching with your personality then just take out a black colored shirt from your closet and wear with your striking dark gray suit. For an easy and perfect charming looks wear loafers or black brogues. You can also wear some additional accessories like cufflinks, lapel pins if you want to set your rules in the world of fashion.


white dress shirt for men

White is an only color which you can wear with any colored suit. You can also be donned a white colored shirt with a dark gray suit. For a unique and striking looks then you can also wear the pink colored shirt. Just think you are wearing an elegant dark gray colored suit with a pink shirt. Wow! You are looking so fascinating. For more appealing looks try black colored tie.

Some Interesting Tips You Should Follow While Wearing Gray Suit:

Grey Suit

 ► The White stark shirt is a perfect choice with a gray suit; it gives elegant looks. But don’t stick with white then you can also try other creamy colors like strawberry milk pink, powder blue, light green and much more

► Wear accessories that make your looks attractive and alluring like you can pattern pocket square or tie. I opine you to choose to wear trappings that match with your shirt or always try darker. Gloomier accouterments will look more delightful than lighter accessories. For example, blue shirt with navy tie and pocket square

► you know that things which are situated at the unappropriated place, or color, individuals always firstly notice those features .that’s why I guide you to take care of every tiny feature of your suit. I recommend you to wear silver colored accessories because silver and gray looks very striking with each other. If we talk about little things than it includes tie clips, cufflinks, lapels pins.

► if you are thinking about footwear then I prefer you to wear black colored derbies or oxfords shoes. You can also go with sneakers without socks.

Formal Fashioning

men formal fashion

No doubt! We had learned all about gray suits but what about styling? Here is some combinations bellow:

► In weddings try to wear patterned charcoal suit tie color, dress black shoes, white shirt with matching accessories

► in the funeral, you can go with knitted black tie, black shirt with black shoes.

► informal functions, attire, cuffed French white placket shirt with black colored bow tie Things you should always keep in mind while buying a gray suit:

When a Buying a Gray Suit

men grey suit

Firstly look for a charcoal or cement colored gray suit. While buying a suit always make sure that either it’s looking good to your body type or not. These two colors you can wear casually as well as formally. Always look for plain gray suit don’t try patterned or fancy gray it will look so informal. Secondly, validate that the suit is either properly fitted or not. Always make sure that your shoulders should touch your body, sleeves should be perfect not so long, not so small. If you are looking for a classic style suit, then go with notch lapel, two button suit.If you are looking for a classic style suit, then go with notch lapel, two button suit. Ensure about the tie and shirt collar proportions. Every man doesn't look good in skinny ties and slim collars shirt.

About Tie

About men tie

Indeed you can go with many colored ties with a grey suit. Firstly pick different colors of ties with a grey suit and then see which one is giving you elegant looks. Are you in a hurry and want a perfect colored tie with a gray suit? Then you can try orange ties with a gray suit but ensure that both the colors should carry same shade. If you attire dark orange with light gray than you know, it will look so unmatched.

Gray Patterned Suit

Pattern Suit

If you are seeking for something charming and stunning, then try patterned pinstripe suit. If you are finding a suit for a business wearer, then go with light gray pinstripe with dark gray. But try plain shirt rather than patterned shirts. Always choose dark pattern with light texture and light pattern with dark texture

Dress According To The Season

Grey suit is the only suit you can wear in every season, either its summer, winter, autumn or spring. Always check that the fabric used in the gray suit is durable or not if it will not then drop it, because if you will wear, it will make you feel very uncomfortable and will spoil your all confidence.

Final Note

Like we have discussed above, all the shades of gray. But confusion starts when we have to think that what shade will suit our body type. So always first try the suit then buy it. Now I think your all questions about the shades, accessories, right shirt, and tie to wear with gray suits or in which are occasions you can wear a gray suit? Is ended after reading this interesting guide. You know that Because of gray suits you had received jumbles of choices like you can try new shades of gray on every occasion. So what are you thinking? Grab gray suit from your wardrobe and amaze individuals with your killing looks by donning it in a gathering.