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5 Tips For Wearing a Brown

Dress in a Brown Suit

Do you desire to have something new and unique in your wardrobe? Do you want to change your countless navy and charcoal gray suits from any other alternate as you have worn them at several occasions and want to modify the color of your upcoming suits for having something new at parties, weddings, and social events? What if a suit could offer you peerless looks in comparison to other suit colors? If you are searching for a suit color which can give you an amazing and stunning look then what you need is to introduce a Brown color suit in your wardrobe. It’s not compulsory that each and every suit present in your wardrobe must be navy blue, gray or black. Something new can increase the vividness in your wardrobe as well as add grace to your persona as well as your closet. About a couple of years, the brown suit is regarded as matchless and a strong trend which can’t be ignored at all. The suit family’s member that was discarded before decades is now the trendiest and prominent member. It brown suits provide you visually appealing look and have a high-value today in the fashion world. Brown also includes many dark as well as light shades in it such as Beige and Camel. By the color then, the darker shades of brown color suits are perfect and best for winter and fall seasons as at that time the earthy colors or tones are quite appreciated. The light tones of brown should be a part of your summer wardrobe as they are light in shades such as creams and pastels and complements the season well along with your dressing style. But, what makes the brown so distinctive and elegant? Brown is a versatile, and rich color that helps in enriching other shades and colors and bring them out. Due to its neutral and natural underpinning, it goes best with every color and offers every color an elegance and grace. But, Brown often tends to work and suit the shades of blue and green particularly. According to the idea and trend from the last year, Brown is regarded the best suit colors, especially for a little bit less formal occasions. So, if you want to look great and dress well in the brown suit. Here’s the guideline which will help you that how you can dress in a brown suit and adopt the new trends of fashion in the recent times?

1 - What should be the Fit?

fit suit in brown

The fit for your suit also matters as it provides you stunning looks. If we go for a well-fitted suit in navy blue, black or charcoal gray colors then they make you look stylish but, more than that when you try this fit for Brown then, it makes you feel elegant, stylish and cool. So, the fits which can be used for your brown suit is slim fit and modern fit. Due to their unique and elegant features, they will make you look sophisticated and distinguish.

The Slim Fit

brwon slim fit

Slim fit describes its features by its name. A person can automatically guess the features of a slim fit suit by listening to its name. It is a fit for suit due to which the suits are cut close to your body, and less excess of fabric is used in the construction of the slim fit suit. Slim fit resembles the Italian fit as Italian fits are also designed to be closer to the body. Slim fit suits are not tight just fit enough to display your body figure. Slim fit suits are constructed to be comfortable and allow movement. So, having a slim fit brown suit in your wardrobe will vivid your appearance and provide you a limelight in the evening.

The Modern Fit

brown Modern Fit

The modern fit is designed to be a normal fit providing space for air but not too much like the classic fit and fitness as well but less than the slim fit. It is the trend of the modern world providing room for ease and comfort as well as style. The men who want to look stunning and sharp can modify their looks by wearing this modern fit brown suit on occasions specially somehow informal one so that they could look dashing and stunning. The modern fit is designed for the needs of the modern era and perfects for men of all ages whether aged or young.

2 - Patterns for Your Brown Suit

The suits having brown color are versatile and are made in a wide range of shades of brown. They comprise of solid patterns like windowpane checks and pinstripes. These fabric patterns are found in abundance with the brown suits rather than found traditionally with charcoal gray or navy blue suits. These patterns and textures will add a sense of dapper to your charisma. A brown suit made up of worsted wool would look fantastic with the windowpane check and pinstripes will also make your brown suit sophisticated. These fabric patterns are designed to add vividness to the suits in your wardrobe.

The Windowpane Check

Windowpane Check Brown Suit

The fabric pattern that bear a resemblance with the window’s pane. The name describes its uniqueness that is its structure being the panes of the window. This fabric design and styles comprises of large and small boxes or squares that are woven together. This check is mainly used as a standard pattern for the party wears, office suits, as well as moonlight wears that shows that this check is most commonly used for formal as well as informal suits. So, when used in a brown a suit, it increases its vividness as well as sleekness and provides you a fantastic look. The fabric pattern is best for slim men so the person who is slim and use this pattern for their brown suit will look quite sophisticated and stunning.

The Pinstripe Suit

Pinstripe Pattern Brown Suit

The fabric pattern that shows similarity with the chalk stripe pattern. But the difference between chalk stripe and pinstripe fabric is the thickness of their stripes. The pinstripe itself defines that it comprises of narrow strips. In this textile pattern that consists of lines running parallel to the surface of the cloth. The pinstripe pattern is used to create the business attires and when used in your brown suit for business will provide you a quintessential appearance. The pinstripe pattern is the striking and fantastic pattern for your brown suits whether formal or informal.

3 - Picking Your Dress Suit

Shirt for Your Suit

Shirts play a vital role in the versatility of the suit. Shirts are the foundation of your suit, so they need to be of that shade which complements your suit as well as your appearance. As we know that the suit having a brown texture is quite versatile than the others so, we must keep in our minds to select the perfect and complementing shirt color for our brown suit. The shades of your brown suits having patterns of pinstripe and windowpane can be paired with a light pink, light blue or white shirt and if you want something aggressive then the green shirt having a light shade is also impressible and an excellent choice. Brown is supposed to be a neutral color, but full of richness and versatility so must be paired with colors admiring its looks.

4 - The Footwear

Perfect shoes

When it’s time for shoes then, cognac lace-ups are best for your brown suit. But, the shade for your lace ups also depends on your brown shoes with blue suit that what type of tone your suit comprises. If you have a light brown shade suit, then your lace-ups must be if dark brown color to make your suit look sophisticated and if your suit has a dark brown color shade then you need a cognac lace-up with a light brown color to manage the look of your suit and provide you stunning looks.

5 - Other Accessories

Suit Accessories

As we have discussed several times that brown suit has versatility as well as richness. It accepts new and elegant accessories which you can’t match with other shades of your suit. You can try a variation in your accessories that you have loved but unable to match with other suits. You can mix your pocket squares with a variety of colors and patterns. As well as you can opt a woolen gray or brown plaid tie for which you have waited a long time to match with your suit. He brown suit is a fabulous choice for your wardrobe and if worn perfectly with accessories will provide you dapper looks.

Last Words

Brown Suit

The brown suit offers us a variety of options for our wardrobe. We can go for different patterns and shades in brown for casual as well as formal looks. If worn with perfection brown suit offers us a stylish, classic and swagger appearance. We can use a variety of accessories waiting in our wardrobe with our brown suit. Brown suit is quite versatile and elegant to wear. Hope that you have gained pretty much about the brown suit and had it in your wardrobe as your new attire.