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Tips on How to Nail Your Black Suit

Mens Black Suit The black suit is an imposing piece of menswear. It is one and only which is easy to match with just about anything in your closet. Many men keep a black suit in prom parties for the striking look; it is also appropriate for any serious occasion. Black is essentially the other way around, making it perfect for evening wear when the majority of formal events tend to occur, such as wedding receptions, black & red tie suit events and nights on the town but. If you’re feeling self-conscious about your size, then a black suit is an easy way to look sharp while creating a slimming look. It’s one of the reasons why the black suit is such an attractive design, no matter what your size or shape, as long as it fits properly you’ll look good. An un-patterned black suit is the most formal piece of business wear available to a man while Patterning will reduce the formality of the suit somewhat, A black patterned suit will usually still serve as the formal business dress, but it is more appropriate for occasions and parties, etc.

Things To Look When Buying a Black Suit

black suit for men

Regarding style always go for chic one button jacket and peak lapel collar because it creates the powerful silhouette and brings elegance and sophistication into your persona. Secondly, always choose those suits which are cut fit to your body. You want the jacket to hug your shoulders and be cut slim through the waist, Make sure it’s long enough to cover your seat and that the sleeves allow around half an inch of shirt cuff to show you may want to show slightly more off if you’re going to be combining it with French cuff shirts and cufflinks in the evening. Thirdly, consider the suit material while purchasing it. Go for light weighted fabric because it will help to regulate heat/sweat and can handle the occasional spillage.

Construction Of The Black Suit

Black suit construction

Black suits are often made from the undyed wool of black sheep. It gives a very clean drape that helps with the imposing effect of the dominant color. Small amounts of synthetic fibers can add strength and durability to a wool suit, but more than a minor addition to the blend will give black a faintly reflective quality that looks bright in most lighting. Even wool suits may seem too slickly smooth if the wool is very fine, giving the wearer a slightly artificial appearance Plain black suits are almost always made from wool. The visual weight of unbroken black is too overpowering to pair with a light, billowing fabric or a high-sheen textile.

How A Suit Should Fit

A well-fit suit is extremely important for men. A great suit doesn't look so great if it doesn't fit. A badly-fitted black suit draws the viewer’s attention to its unattractiveness. To look smart and stylish you need to focus on some important points which will assist you how your black suit should fit your body.

Black Jacket

The fall of a black suit coat from the shoulder to the hip is particularly important: to flatter the wearer, a black jacket should always taper gently at the waist, the suit should never be tight enough to pinch or wrinkle when it moves, nor loose enough to fold or billow on its own.

Suit Sleeve

Your jacket sleeves should sit just above the wrist. When you’re standing with your arms by your side, the sleeves of the suit jacket should sit comfortably grazing the joint where your thumb meets your wrist and should allow ½ of shirt cuff to show. It should not be so tight that it pulls at your shirt or restricts motion. However, there should not be so much room that your arm moves around loosely in the sleeve.


To avoid a boxy silhouette, your suit should dart in at the waist. Even on a pre-darted suit, you should have your jacket tailored to fit your body.

Length Of The Jacket

The jacket should completely cover your butt and no more. The jacket should end somewhere between your thumb’s knuckle and your thumb’s base. The back panel of the jacket should end just below the bottom of the seat.

Front Of The Jacket

Your lapels should lay against your chest, but they should not be tight. Some poorly fitting jackets clearly show space between the wearer’s chest and the front of the jacket while buttoned.


The collar should lie close to your shirt collar. Any space between your shirt collar and the jacket collar is known as “collar gap” and indicates a poorly fitting shoulder-collar stance.


Go for a modern straighter cut that will create a sleek silhouette, instead of a frumpy, baggy one. The pant should have one break at the bottom, and the leg should stop halfway down your shoe this is known as the medium break. Try to avoid from too much break, because that too much break will look baggy.

How To Style Black Suit

Style Black Suit

All Black

An all-black outfit can look extremely sharp and sophisticated when executed correctly. With this in mind, try combining a crisp black cotton dress shirt, knitted silk tie, and patent leather shoes with your wool-blend suit to create a super slick ensemble that comes into its own at night. The full black suit works best in night parties, and formal get together with friends, night events, etc.

Full Formal

Formal Black Suit

You don’t need to purchase the new suit for your any official party. This is where your black suit can step in. Pair it with a closed placket white dress shirt, black grenadine bow tie and some black shoes and you’ve got a ready-made substitute that no-one will even realize isn’t a tux. Your style will amaze all people at very first glance and surely give the compliment to your personality.

Party Season

Black Suit for Party Attire

You can use your black suit with the blank canvas to work your party looks around. Patterned and printed shirts in neutral tones such as white, gray and navy are the perfect partner here and can be used to make the suit look different each time. Combine them with a colorful pocket square and black penny loafers and you can’t surely look tremendous. Other pieces that can be used to give your suit a more dapper and classy feel include statement shirts roll necks, patterned knitwear and casual staples such as t-shirts and polo.

Smart Casual Look

Smart Casual Look with Black Suit

If you are planning for any hangout with your friends at few bars or clubs, then go for some casual cool dressing for example pair your usual dark indigo jeans and gray t-shirt combination with the suit jacket for an accurate look. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something slightly smarter, for a high-end cocktail bar or restaurant, try teaming your blazer with white jeans/chinos for a striking, look. Finish your suit by wearing smart leather boots with it and you will be ready for your day out or whatever you have a plan. Don’t neglect your suit trousers either, match them with a simple polo shirt and leather jacket/heavyweight bomber for a practical and effortlessly cool look for a Christmas night out or gathering.

What Colors Looks Good With Black Suit

Good Looks with Black Suit

Patterns with a white base keep the formality high, it is more suitable for business wear while un-patterned shirts in brighter colors contrast with the black to make a vibrant look suitable for evening entertainment and social events. Black suit with the contrast of light shirt may look good on a fair-skinned man with dark hair but the other hand it can look awkward on the same skinned man with blonde hairs. Low-contrast men will look best if they pair black with dark solids, or simply for an incredibly deep charcoal instead. Black looks equally well with gold or silver metallic, but will look gaudy with both at the same time. Be sure that the watch, belt buckle, tie clip, and any other metal adornments match when wearing black. Black in large quantities can be overwhelming on men with pale complexions, particularly low contrast men who have lighter skin and lighter hair and eye colors.

The Colored Shirts With Black Suit

Colored Shirt With Black Suit

Wearing a colored shirt is probably the coolest and most subtle way of enriching a black suit. Shirts in a pale shade like blue or pink looks more striking and create more of a contrast with the black suit rather than white color shade. Black is a great color for creating contrast and making the rest of your outfit pop, so take advantage of this and play around with the colors you wear underneath. Wearing a black suit with a colored shirt is the great option for day office wear or if you have a job interview anywhere. You can also attire colored shirts with the black suit at any formal place like gatherings, events, or at any occasion. Similarly, a wedding is the perfect opportunity to whip out a colored shirt, for the more stunning look.

The Printed Shirt

Black suit with printed shirt

Print is one of the innovative ways of lifting your outfit. Select muted colors for small, polka dots and stripes prints. Flannel or plaid print also work best with the black suit and they help to reflect your personality and style. A patterned shirt shows off your personality and introduces an element of individuality into your formal wear. Wear a patterned shirt underneath your black suit for a date or a graduation ceremony. You can also attire at any formal party or gatherings for or striking look.

Others Shirts To Wear With Black Suit

White is always a good option and gives a traditional, even look. A black shirt with a black suit gives an intense, stand out look. Try printed shirts for an interesting look, but keep the design small if you’re going for a more formal look. Checks and stripes are a good option for a classic outfit, and something like a floral print is ideal for casual occasions.




Men's suit is just incomplete without a necktie. No matter where you're wearing a suit. A silk tie with a conservative pattern, like stripes or a micro-grid, is appropriate for a business suit while bright colors and patterns show off your personality outside the office. So go for silk tie with a black suit when you are going to an office and prefer pattern ties when you are attending any casual/formal parties, gatherings or occasional events.

Pocket Squares

Black suit pocket squares

Pocket squares add color and personality to your suit. Your pocket square and tie don't always have to match, but they shouldn't clash either. Choose a pocket square to match a highlight color from your tie or a neutral square to balance a brightly patterned tie.