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Shop Best Affordable Slim Fit and Cheap Mens Suits Online

Someone said that at least once every man should buy a Stylish suit because suit turns a man into a gentleman. But, I think you are a little bit confused that why a suit? Or what type of suit is perfect for you? Or how or where you can wear well-fitted suits? Don’t worry all your questions will end after reading this informative guide

About Suit

A well fitting suit gives identity to a man and give an elegant look and flourishes the personality of a person. People usually choose to wear sports coat as a casual attire, but when we go to any wedding, occasions than a sports coat is not the best choice, it makes your appearance dull in front of other individuals. But are you muddled? Regarding what You should try on occasions? Well! A Casual Black suit looks is a perfect choice. It makes your personality attractive and charming. We have divided suits into many categories so you will not get bored while wearing a same suite patterns every time, you can wear different types of suits on various unique occasion. There are many types of suits like three button, two buttons suits, one button suit, four button suit, single breasted, double breasted, three piece suit, two piece suit and much more. I know now you are having a rush of ideas and having trouble differentiating what is what? Not to worry, that's why I am here, to guide you all about these kinds of suits


One, Two And Three Button Suit

men suit buttons

Suits which contain one button on the front, we call them one button suit jacket, which includes two buttons we call them two button suit and so on.

Single vs Double-Breasted Suit

men sinlge breasted vs double breasted suit

Those suits which carry one, two or three button on the front, we call them single breasted and on the other side those types of suits which contain six buttons, in which we unfastened two buttoned suit on the front we call them double breasted suit.

Sack vs. Structured vs. Fitted Silhouettes

The term silhouette here refers to the shape or cut of a suit jacket.The silhouette of a garment sets the tone of your appearance. There are three basic shapes on a suit jacket: Sack or Brooks Brothers Suit Jacket:  As the name recommend, it is a loose-fitting jacket with narrow shoulders. The jacket hangs on the body – presenting a standard shape for anyone wanting to blend into the crowd as it hides the shape of the person who wears this.Structured Silhouette Suit Jacket: Influenced by the military uniform – this is the most formal shape for a suit jacket. The shoulders are padded and the waist is trim giving the wearer an almost hour glass look. Fitted Silhouette Suit Jacket: This silhouette suits men who are in shape. It offers a tailored fit. With least padding, the stance is enhanced by the use of high armholes

Two and Three Piece Suit

Two piece suit features jacket and trouser and those which features jacket, trouser and plus vest coat we call them three piece suit. Now I hope that you're all slip up about types of well fit suit is split ends here and we will move on and will talk about that from where you can buy a Classic suit or what color or size is perfect for you and many more new things you had never heard about suits.

Tips On How You Can Buy Your First Suit

Firstly Catch A Store And A Helpful Salesperson

men suit

Everyone is so inspired pf 007 style attire, but the don't know the secret behind it, James Bond suit are tailor made which is created as per the exact body size. It’s very hard to purchase a suit first time in life; you will face many difficulties like some salesperson are very irritating, or sometimes you will be confused about the suit or tuxedo material and which type of store you should visit? I advise you to go with a friend, or you're any relative; you think that they will give you the best advice or find a salesperson. How can you find a helpful salesperson? Fine!! Ask your friend or strangers standing over there; you can surely ask them. While the purchase of a suit you will surely confuse about the type, size or color, I recommend you to ask freely all questions that are coming in your mind because you are not buying without a cost, you are paying them. When you feel assure about the suit that this Custom made suit is best for you then buy a tailored fit suit.

Things You Should Keep In Mind While The Purchasing A Suit

While selecting a suit, you should keep in your mind that the suit should fit you well and choose an attractive colored suit, I suggest you first try a tailored suit then make up your mind. Because we had listened to many reviews of other individuals that many times when you purchase a Well fit suit, you think it fits perfectly but when you take it to your home and try it on, sometimes it doesn't fit you properly, even the color doesn't match your looks and makes your appearance dull. I prefer you that while buying a suit just think first that what type of suit you want to buy and what accessories you want with this suit and secondly tell your budget to the salesperson, so they will recommend you attire according to your range. For a well fitted suit, you can buy many accessories like a watch, cufflinks, shoes, tie and many other things that help you to make your style fascinating and elegant. Here are some things you should keep in mind while buying a Stylish suit.


material of suit

If you are wearing suit first time in your life, then I recommend you to choose those good suit fit which are made of 100% wool. Ensure that Wool should be natural fiber that makes you feel more comfortable. I advise you to avoid polyester suits because it will not make you feel secure and flexible, but if you want low costs suits, then polyester may be an affordable choice for you. If you are seeking for the best quality of material for suits, then my advice is you should buy worsted wool suits because they are made up of elastic yarn and hard-wearing. Worsted wool has many advantages as you can attire it in every season. If you used you live in very cold or very warmth climate and say to your salesperson that give me a fabric weight suit.

The Style

You should choose a single breasted suit than a double breasted, as we learn above that single breasted a variety of types like one, button and three buttons while on the other side double breasted tuxedo in style only contain six buttons on the front. While wearing a single breasted three button or 2 button suit make sure that last button should be UN fastened, and when you are sitting somewhere unfastened all the buttons because if you will sit with a fastened button you will feel uncomfortable and will look so weird and it will spoil all your impression among individuals. The waist is not required.


mens suit cut

The mens suit cuts says that how it will look in your body. There are three types of cuts as mentioned bellow:

American Cut

Was firstly introduced in 1895 by Brooks Brothers. Features shoulders without padding, boxy silhouette, straight lining, flap pockets, center vents. For the first suit cuts, it’s a fine choice we can also call them a classic cut.

English Cut

British style suit cut is more durable and more shaped than an American cut. It features thin waist, duple vents, higher slits, expanded shoulders, and lapped pockets

European Cut or Italian Cut

European Cut and Italian Cut has many unique features like pockets without flaps, V-shaped tapered waist, modern, glossy and lustrous.

Suit Jacket Pocket Types

A standard characteristic of a suit jacket is a pocket on the left side of the chest.  This is also known as the jacket breast pocket. The flaps on the pockets should be steady with the size of the lapels – nor too large nor too small.

  • A patch pocket is suitable for a sports jackets but not for a formal suit.
  • Angled pockets are sportier and should always have a flap.
  • The jetted pocket is dressier, which explains why it is traditionally found on the Italian tuxedo suits.
  • The flap pocket will add a touch of thickness on the hip, while the slit pocket gives a slimmer look.
  • A ticket pocket was originally used to hold train tickets.


men suit colors

I advise you to stick dark, bright colors like charcoal gray, navy blue, black and tan colored suit. If you are buying a solid colored suit or some patterns suit like a big and tall pinstripe Suits, checked or window pane suit patterns then try herringbone colors, this is the only colors which look very appealing with patterned suits.

Fit The Suit Correctly

suits fit

While shopping for a custom fitted suit, you should ask your salesperson to take your measurements first of shoulders, neck, sleeves, chest, inseam. Don’t worry if you like a slim fit suit, and that does not fit you properly, just buy that good fit suit and ask the salesperson to alter that dress, their skilled tailors will inevitably alter your clothes and will make your outfit durable. Some shops offer this service for free but in some stores, you have to pay if you want to alter your clothes.

Wear Perfect Fit Suit


Ensure that slim fit two button suit jacket should lie effortlessly on your back and your shoulders. Validate that mens suit Jacket length should be appropriate and should entirely cover your back side.

Sleeves of Your Jacket

Should always meet at your wrists. Higher armholes are never tight or binding, and it will make your suit swathe well on your physique, and endorse that you feel comfortable moving your arms.

The Collar of the Neck

Should not be pulling or be buckling while the collar is cuddling your back.

Padded Shoulders

Proper suit Coat length will hang your body. Pads may help you look masculine if you have narrow shoulders


Should never buckle or bunch and make sure that lie to your chest flatly. When we talk about lapels, they are also categorized into three suit types one is a notch, another one is the peak, and the third one is a shawl. If we rate them, then shawl lapel will rank first then peak can be second, and the notch is third, because notch is not more formal and unique, in everyday life people used to wear notch that’s why I advise you to try peak or shawl it will give you unique and killing looks.


Are always featured on the back. Vents can be one, two or three it depends on the type of body. Buy two vents jacket if you have an ample backside, if you have the flat backside, then I advise you to don’t carry vents.


Must be very durable and comfortable and validate that you can stick two of your fingers while wearing waist. While suit pants are worn upper than trouser jeans, and mainly waist pants just under the navel.


Pockets are a very useful and demand-able item and specially featured in every trouser and pants for you’re comfortable.


Are customary and outright out of panache; they are usually seen on senior citizens outfits. This is designed for old- age individuals, and it is precisely worn at the hip bone.


are designed by our old designers for those gentlemen’s who work outside and because of mud or rain, their pants become dirty that’s why they used to wear cuff pants so they can roll their pants and it seems very stylish.


The Shirt

Is the best choice to wear with a suit; t-shirt looks good with a sports coat, not suit. Just imagine yourself dressed in a formal jacket with a t-shirt. Don’t you think it’s looking so informal and unmatched but just believe you are going for a grand occasion while donning a stylish suit with appealing shirt ah! How it is looking man, too good, just loving it sir. Shirt for suit contain a variety of collars, but you should choose a collar that gives you a luxury and formal looks. Like if you are a man of the narrow face then try spread collar shirt, if you are round face man than straight collar is perfect for you. I advise you that don’t try button-down collar shirt with big and tall double breasted suit; it will look so mismatched. Shirt carries much more types of the collar like tab, cutaway, forward point, club and much more. Your collar should be fitted and ask your salesperson to offer you stylish shirt that fits collar and shirt accurately.

Socks, Shoes, And Belt

Preferably your shoes and belt should be of the same color, and I recommend to wear black colored shoes and belt because black color is very decent and attractive. And always wear leather shoes and belt, because leather seems very comfortable. Make sure that your socks match with your pants, and if you are wearing a watch, then your buckle of the belt should match the metal of the watch. Take care of all the things I just told you, because if you will not, then you have to pay for this; your call.


Gives a formal look to a suit, without tie suit looks incomplete. Wear pattern tie and make sure that background color of tie surely matches with your suit. Ensure that the collar of the shirt is not too much if you feel chocked while donning a tie because it mainly through you of from the comfort zone.


At last, I want to say that you are paying someone not buying anything free of cost so make sure that suit size, color, the material should be perfect and give you a fascinating look. While buying fitted suit keep in mind all the things as we had discussed above. Always discuss your budget with the salesperson so he will provide you clothes according to your range. I hope that now you have complete knowledge about wearing suits, and now you can make your closet fascinating and appealing through bundles of suits.