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wedding suit guide for men Wedding seasons are at its peak. The time when many couples express their love in front of their friends and families, that how much they love one another and want to be life partners forever. After their declaration, everyone proceeds to the banquet halls for the wedding. It is a little bit stressful for the groom when it’s time to decide on his wedding outfit, as he has to look perfect, elegant, stylish and give a limelight to his bride. One of the difficult tasks is preparing your wedding outfit; there are not such rules for men’s outfit except for that your wedding has been planned to be a dress code wedding like beach weddings, or cocktail weddings, etc. Don’t panic about the selection of your wedding outfit. You just have to keep some points in your mind which will make your task very easy. We will discuss those points which can make your task easy and help you out while perfect men’s wedding attire.

Selection Of The Outfit, Whether Suit Or Tuxedo

Selection Of The Outfit, Whether Suit Or Tuxedo

It depends on you that whether you choose a tuxedo or a suit as your wedding outfit. Both of them sound nice for your wedding attire as both have different features to match your appearance. 

About Tuxedo

Mens wedding suit

Tuxedo is most commonly a formal attire for men worn on weddings. It is the top scorer for sophistication and class. In wedding dress codes, for formal attire, Black Tie is its backbone. Tuxedo has its standard and class, so it’s essential how you put it on. So, here’s the way to get it right:


The classic and standard tuxedo includes a black dinner jacket, made up of premium quality wool. The jacket must be comprising of shawl or peak lapel, without vents along with a grosgrain or satin finish, which adds a subtle sheen to the jacket. While choosing a color for your tuxedo you should take care about the colors to be bold and shinier. Midnight blue can be an excellent alternative, along with that on-beat prints will also give a nice texture to your attire. Also have material variations like you can use velvet for flourishing your tuxedo. Always have a black trouser to balance your bold jacket.


Traditionally, there’s a grosgrain stripe used down the leg outseam in trousers so that it could match the lapels. Opt for the flat front style and avoid the belt loops on the trousers.


The shirt with a plain front is preferable for giving a cleaner look. If you want something classic, then shirt made up of Marcella Fabric will give a nice texture and won’t overpower your look.


For black tie, there’s not much leeway for shoe color. Black is the best, but for purists, pumps with a silk bow on top and made up of satin are classical. Avoid leather shoe trends, and brogue punch holes, instead have black leather lace-ups, which would be simple.


For a tie, a bow tie is the perfect for the classic black tie, but as usual the purist prefer textures in the material like they use satin, velvet or silk material for the bow tie which must be similar to the tuxedo jacket. You can modify your appearance by wearing a cummerbund or waistcoat, but make sure that the pleats are facing up. Use quality cufflinks to give a finishing look to your attire.

About Suits

wedding suits for men Suits are the most popular semi-formal dress code. Many men feel more relaxed in suits. But styling also matters, don’t style your attire in a manner as if you are having an office wear or going for a court hearing. These are the most common mistakes made by men.


You can have any lapel whether notch, peak or shawl to your suit. The foundation for a semi-formal look is the dark suit. You can have black, charcoal or navy gray colored jackets for winters while a light suit must be worn in summer.


Make sure that your shirt is clean, pressed and crisp. You must be stuck to solid neutral colors like gray, white, blue, black, etc. You can also have a shirt with a mild pattern might be windowpane check or pinstripe.


Your shoes well-polished, clean and look excellent. For semi-formal attire Oxfords are the preferable choice and if you want something little bolder, than monk strap shoes can best.


You can have creative touching to your attire like socks, ties, and pocket squares. You can add variation in that by the type of material you are using for that.

Select A Dress Code

Along with all measures, its vital to choose a dress code for your wedding like it could be formal, semi-formal or cocktail. All these dress codes ensure your dress styles and will help you figure out the best type of your wedding dress. Do remember to tell about your wedding dress code to the guests earlier so that they can also prepare for their dress according to the dress code of your wedding.

Cocktail Dress Code

Cocktail wedding dress code

Suits similarly are preferred for the cocktail weddings but varies in style. The material selected for your dress also varies according to the season. Suits with tweed materials and heavier wools are suitable for winter. While for summer linen, cotton and even seersucker can be worn. Stick to dark colors for night-time weddings. Light colors such as smoke gray, beige and even white or cream are appropriate for daytime.


The Two-piece suit with peak or notch lapel is best. Keep slim and sharp cut. You can have a suit pattern such as windowpane, pinstripe or plaid as they are acceptable for cocktail prints. You can have navy or charcoal if you want solid colors, rest for an alternate, forest green, earthen hues like camel, brown and burgundy are acceptable.


Select bolder colors for your shirts. You can have demure or any other print on your shirt. The patterned shirt is also perfect for cocktail attire.


Smart loafers are considered classy if its day time. Rather than that, dark leather shoes are perfect footwear for winter. Tan is preferred for summer.


For modifying your looks add accessories like a watch, a pocket square, and cuff links. A tie is a must, you can have a tie comprising of different patterns. Select the pattern which matches your suit entirely.

Beach Mens Wedding Attire

beach men wedding suit

When it's time for the beach wedding, keep in mind about the elements before designing your dress for the wedding that is sun, sand, wind and water. It would be uncomfortable for men wearing the three-piece suit. You can go with a two piece or might be a tux that must be made from light weighted fabric, so can it can make you feel cool.


When it’s a beach wedding, most men think about a tan suit as it is stylish and classical. You can use different colors like the subtle blue hue jacket would sound perfect. You can also make your suit stylish by adding patterns such as seersucker is an excellent option for the beach wedding.

Men’s Wedding Attire According To The Season

Trying to pull off your seasonal wedding dress flawlessly? The wedding dress for men has got variations. The dress code changes accordingly by the season like you can’t wear a wedding dress made up of thick wool material in summer same as for winter; you have to wear wedding attire made up of warm material. So, wedding outfits for men according to different seasons must be appropriate.

Winter Wedding Outfits For Men

men wedding suit for winter

Men should follow some of the important guidelines for wedding clothes in winter. Try to wear dark colored suits made up of thick quality wool material for warmth as well as style.


The ideal choice for the dress for the wedding in winter is the classic trim fit suit. It will give a fantabulous and smart look on your wedding. You can dress up with a slim tie that is just a perfect match according to your wedding clothes and dress up with one button down. For an alternate, you can also have a slim-fit gray suit without which your closet is incomplete.


The dark colors for your jacket will give you more spectacular and classy appearance. The stylish trim-fit navy colored jacket along with black lapels would be a perfect choice for the men’s wedding attire. As its winter you can also try or go with a jacket made up of velvet.


You can also go with the blazer. The dark gray colored blazer sounds best for the men’s winter dress for a wedding. It will keep you warm by its ultra-soft wool material.

Fall Wedding Dresses For Men

mens fall wedding suit

As the weather cannot be predicted entirely in autumn so, the dress for the wedding in fall is also a bit difficult to choose. Try to have textures, patterns or might be a mixture of them to your wedding clothes so that it could give you a cozy look rather than a grungy or shabby look. You can also try a wool coat along with a silk tie. Don’t be scared for choosing bold or dark colors as it’s your dress for the wedding, create it as you want.


The charcoal black is a fabulous choice for the fall’s formal attire for men. A sophisticated suit of premium wool is the best option for the stylish man. You can also add textures or try a dress for wedding in fall with nice patterns like you can try for windowpane check. All these will make you look classy and handsome on your big day.

Dress For Wedding In Summer

Keep it cool while dressing for the summer wedding. The summer wedding suit for men must be made up of breathable material. Try to have your dress for wedding stitched with light wool material so it can keep you cool and give space for air.


When we think about wedding suits for men in summer, most don’t prefer wool but, the light-weighted wool material is best for the slim fit suit of your wedding attire. It will keep you cool and don’t let you faint as it provides a space for air.


If your wedding dress code in summer is the black tie then you have to wear a tux. You can make it easy for you by using light weighted material like wool for your wedding clothes. Don’t forget to wear a bow tie.

Wedding Suits For Men In Spring


Spring is the most beautiful and colorful season. The trees and flowers have their glow in spring. So, preparing for a spring wedding is just wonderful. The formal attire for men in spring can have variation in colors, patterns, and textures. Spring is the perfect time for men to use variant colors and patterns for their dress for wedding. Feel free to design your spring wedding attire.

Suit And Other Accessories

As its spring and we love colors, so try to use bright colors for your dress for wedding. You can also try a charcoal suit matched with a charcoal tie for a cool and casual style. You can also match a purple tie and a checkered shirt with the classic navy suit for the elegant mixture of patterns and colors.

Buy Your Wedding Outfit As Early As Possible

Another essential point you need to remember is your wedding dress approximately 90 days before your big day, if not possible so as soon as possible. There are two main reasons for that

Money Would Be Saved

When you are there for tailoring your outfit so, if you have ordered your dress earlier than it will cost you less and you will be relieved about any fault your wedding dress and the problems you have to face when you order for your dress late so on urgent basis the tailor costs extra money for tailoring as it is your priority, and the biggest disadvantage is if on urgent basis the tailor by mistake don’t stitch your suit according to your perfect measurements then that fault has to be correctly urgently and if not done than you would have to wear that uncomfortable dress on your wedding.

Your Stress Would Be Reduced

When you have got your dress tailored early, and it’s free from any faults, then your stress would have been reduced. As choosing your dress few days or few weeks before your wedding might be a lot stressful for you, and if you have purchased your dress early than some amount of your stress would be released.

Try Your Outfit Once Before The Big Day

Try your suit once

Now, when your dress is tailored, and you have picked up your dress, so it’s time to put it one once just to figure out that it is tailored perfectly and according to your fit. Just be careful while wearing it that you don’t damage it anyway. Select a pair of shoes matching to it and put it on as well to ensure that you are comfortable in that rather than having sore, uncomfortable feet on your day.

Try To Look The Best

Best look at your wedding

Your wedding day is the most special and important event in your life, so try to be real and to look the best in yourself. We all are unique creatures; everyone has got unique characteristics, but it’s vital to portray our appearance in an excellent manner especially on our wedding day. The wedding day pictures last forever in our wedding albums as a beautiful memory of our life. So, it’s important to look cool, stylish and sophisticated, for that you have to dress sharp on your wedding as it’s a symbol of respect not only for your bride but also for the guests with whom you are sharing the special occasion of your life. Ensure to look sharp and the best on your special day as the pictures will also last forever, and you don’t feel shame whenever you open your wedding album.


best wedding suit

The wedding day is a special, memorable and beautiful day of your life. Try to look your best, let your dress be stitched accordingly with the bride’s dress for wedding. Don’t compete with her dress, rather than have a perfect match with her as she is now your girl. Dress as simple, decent and elegant as you can. Your wedding memories would last forever so make them the most precious, and beautiful moments of your life. Hope you have gained a lot from this guide. What do you think which dress code is best? What type of dress would you like? Suit or Tuxedo? And which dress code wedding would you prefer?