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halloween costume ideas for every one Introduction: Halloween is a celebration observed in number of countries celebrated on 31 Oct. It is the time in the liturgical year dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs and all the faithful departed. It is widely believed that many Halloween traditions originated from the ancient Celtic harvest festival samhain and that this Gaelic observance was Christianized by the early Church. However Samhain and other such festival had pagan roots. However Halloween began independently of Samhain and has solely Christian roots. Halloween activities include decorating carving pumpkins, lighting bonfires, apple bobbing and divination games, playing pranks, visiting haunted places, telling scary stories and watching horror films, and attending Halloween costume parties.  In many parts of the world, the Christian religious observances of All Hallows' Eve, including attending church services and lighting candles on the graves of the dead, remain popular. Although it is a very commercial and secular celebration. Halloween costume party itself is one of the important activity from all other Halloween activities. People from all over the world celebrates this event with full of excitement and enjoyment. With over a billion people in the world, thousands in cities, would just wonder all year, which costume would look good on me this year? Some of them would just pick what they wore last time while some would prefer spending a huge sum of money on a new suit. But don’t worry now we have gathered some innovative and creative Halloween costume ideas for you especially to make your looks more astonish and attractive in huge crowd.

Black Panther

black panther costume

Black Panther is the iconic character of marvel comics. We got a glimpse through TV spots and news that he will play a fundamental role in Captain America: Civil War. The interesting factor is that his costume looks amazing, and that gave a very positive picture to the fans. You can attire this Black Panther costume at Halloween party for more badass look. Here is how you can have the Black Panther costume.

Black Panther Mask

mask of black panther

The mask is one of the difficult thing to find especially if it is of Black Panther from civil war. The carvings and lining on it, is one of the most attractive part of this Black Panther mask. It will definitely provide you the accurate look.

Black Panther Jacket

black panther mens leather jacket

The second most important part of this costume is Black Panther jacket. This long sleeved, black jacket has silver, tooth-like design on the neckline underlining the panther inspired nature. If you are a big fan of Black Panther so you must attire this classy jacket at Halloween party to surprise your friends.

Black Panther Glove

black panther gloves

To look like Black Panther you need to wear right gloves for it. Since we have seen claws coming out from his hands in the comics, you can wear something less more dangerous. These gloves are identical to the ones in Captain America: Civil War.

Black Panther Pant


To complete your Black Panther costume you need to attire leather pants as well. It will offer you more comfortable and complete look. These pants will definitely give you screen accurate black panther look at your Halloween party.

Black Panther Boots

boots of Black panther

Last but not least these boots are perfect for you and your Black Panther costume. Black Panther wears the most flexible and light pair of shoes to move around and be more lethal by using his agility.

Elsa Dress

elsa dress for halloween

Elsa’s costume is one of the most attractive and beautiful costume for kids. This dress is one of the best out there with sparkling details. The silver lining detail along with the diamond crystal charm which is on the chest makes it stand out from the other dresses out there.

Elsa Crown

elsa crown  

If you really want to play the part of Elsa then you need to buy Elsa frozen tiara. The tiara features both Elsa and Anna in the middle as it would be a favorite among those kids who love both of them. It will be look very elegant and pleasing while cosplaying Elsa in Halloween party.

Elsa Shoes

elsa shoes

Her shoes are one that are very attractive and eye catching. The glittering frame in the middle enhances the beauty of this good looking shoes. The Ribbon detailing adds more elegance to Elsa’s shoes. They are especially for kids. They can wear this sparkling shoes at Halloween party for more captivating look.

Elsa Gloves

elsa gloves

It is also necessary for you to wear them if you want to feel and be exactly like Elsa. These gloves are glittered with snowflakes and with a ring attached to the fabric, this is very essential if one want exact looks of Elsa. These gloves will fit most kids.

Elsa Wand

elsa wands for magic

Wand is very much essential to cast any spells, without wand we cannot cast. This is specifically why you need a wand to add into the accessories of your Elsa costume. There is an Elsa medallion in the middle of the star which adds to beauty to the wands. You can carry this easily at Halloween party to capture the attention of all masses.

Katniss Everdeen Costume


Katniss has been appeared in the film “Hunger Games”. We first start with the costume from The Hunger Games.

Katniss Wig

Katniss hair style

This is the wig that will give you the hair style like Katniss Everdeen styles in the movie. If you have the hair shine like Jennifer Lawrence, then you can do it by yourself. This wig is perfect choice for you to get screen accurate look of katniss everdeen at your Halloween party.

V-neck T-shirt

Jennifer lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is seen wearing the Katniss Everdeen costume. She has also worn this V-neck t-shirt which is looking great and attractive in this whole costume. If you’re portraying here character then you should have this in your Halloween party for more striking and screen accurate look.

Hunger Game Katniss Jacket

hunger games jacket

This is one of the most important thing in the costume of katniss everdeen. She wore this jacket over her costume that look stunning on her. This jacket comes in real leather that makes it a long lasting wear for you. This Katniss Everdeen jacket is good to wear casually and for costume as well.

Twill Pants

katniss twill pants

This unique pant is also the part of katniss everdeen. She wore this black pant in the film “hunger games”, you can also attire it with same style while cosplaying katniss in Halloween party.

Leather Belt


This is leather belt and is perfect for both casual and costume wearing. You can buy the same belt from online store easily.

Knee High Lace Up Boots

Katniss Everdeen boots

Katniss Everdeen also wore this Knee high lace up boots that gives her the unique attitude. If you want to be the center of all attraction than this stunning boots are best choice for you. This pair of boots are of tactical style and good wear for a hunter. You can buy this same from amazon for your next Halloween party.

April O’Neil Costume

megan foxx costume

April O’Neil plays a critical part in the show. She is a news reporter of a TV channel and it is said that she is the one who, apparently, saved the turtles and the rat from imminent death when they were in their non-mutant form. So In a way, she is responsible for the cause of their existence. She has so far appeared in many comics, and movies. In the movies, she is portrayed by the lovely Megan Fox and is oft seen wearing lovely outfits. The costume which we will be talking about is the one she is seen wearing in the latest movie named Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows.

April O’Neil Jacket

april o'neil leather jacket

This jacket is truly a master piece and it looks very well. The belt comes along with the jacket, and it is a beautiful tan in color think that this is the best piece for the one who is cosplaying April O’Neil. So do not forget to grab it when doing the April O’Neil impersonation.

April O’Neil Top

megan foxx Top

This top is the item with which you’ll begin your April O’Neil costume. The color is gray which the most appealing part of this top is. The edges which are at the bottom of the top are rounded so that they look better with any bottom clothing you wear.

Stylish Boots

Meegan Foxx-boots  

If you are cosplaying April O’Neil than it is required to wear good boots and these are that. These are really cute boots made from Leather. And they also have the female touch to it by adding in heels to them. You must attire this boots in coming Halloween party for remarkable look.

April O’Neil Pant

Megan Foxx pants

Your Halloween costume is incomplete without these pants. Firstly it is exact similar as shown in the movie, secondly it is the same in design and thirdly it is marvelous in quality. You must wear this with April O’Neil classic jacket and top for more captivating look. They are also really stretchy so they can fit different sized people.

Cat Woman Camren Bicondova

camren bicondova Catwoman

If you have been watching Gotham, then you must have come across Camren Bicondova. She plays a younger version of Selina Kyle in the series. Camren is still in her teenage years and has already displayed her acting potential. She also plays a positive role. Her outfit, however, is quite different and represents a sort of undercover look.

Gotham Cat Woman Jacket

Woman Jacket

She attired this elegant leather jacket with her costume in movie Gotham. You can also wear this same jacket in Halloween party while portraying the role of cat woman. It will definitely offer you same style and similar looks like Camren Bicondova.

Cat Woman Googles

cat woman googles

Camren has attired a fully different style of Cat woman and this glasses can explain everything. She has attired this glasses except of the Cat woman Mask. This makes her different from all the others. It will surely look virtuous and good on you in Halloween party.

Gotham Cat Woman Gloves

Cat Woman Gloves

This stunning gloves cat woman of Gotham wore in the series. The metal studs on the gloves gives it extra shine and attraction in look and style. As it is made of leather so they are very comfortable and flexible. You should try this once for more attractive and dashing look.

Cat Woman Jeans

Cat Woman Jeans

This is the exact same jeans that Camren Bicondova wore in the series as Cat woman. Amazing pattern and skinny design of this jeans makes it a durable wear for casual and for costume. If you are cosplaying cat woman than theses jeans are best and perfect choice for you. You can easily have this from online stores at reasonable prices.

Cat Woman Boots

Cat Woman Boots

Last but not least with these elegant boots your cat woman costume gets completed. Wearing cat woman Gotham boots can surprise many people. You can be the first one to wear this updated costume with stylish boots and set a trend for others next year.

Cat Woman Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer Cat Woman

She acted in the second Batman movie titled, Batman Returns. In this movie, fans got to see the bad side of Cat woman as she became a continuous obstacle in Batman’s way to defeat the Penguin. When it comes to her costume, she has quite a unique look.

Cat woman Michelle Pfeiffer Costume

Michelle Pfeiffer Cat woman Costume

This is the most attractive and different costume of Cat woman which is portrayed by Michelle Pfeiffer. This Cat woman costume has white detailed lining all over the suit. This is easily available at amazon with all the exact patches and style. You should wear this costume in upcoming Halloween party for more dashing look.

Cat Woman Nails

catwoman nail

Next comes to the nails of Cat woman. These are the ring claws that makes it easier to take off and on. This is a perfect wear with the Cat woman costume. Without these claws your costume will be look in complete so you should wear along with your dress.

Cat Woman Whip

catwoman whip

Cat woman do use whip as her weapon and Michelle Pfeiffer used this whip as her weapon in Batman returns. This is very light weight prop to have with your costume.

Han Solo Star Wars: The Force Awaken Costume

han solo star wars

The Force Awakens eventually shows the end of Han Solo in Star Wars franchise but as far as he goes, Harrison Ford has introduced his best costume in the movie. You can have the same by following this costume guide.

The Force Awaken Jacket

han solo star wars Jacket

Han solo in his movies usually don’t wear leather jacket he do wear parka and vest but jacket was a new experience for the fans of star wars. The jacket has magnet closure style that Has Solo also uses to have. This jacket is a good thing to have for the insane cosplayers of Star Wars.

Han Solo Shirt


The shirt that Harrison Ford use to wear while playing the role of Han Solo is different from the regular shirt that we see. The shirt of Han Solo is always the most stunning thing to have for a Star Wars fan. The shirt has half button closure with standup style collar and shirt style cuffs. You should have this while cosplaying Han solo in Halloween party.

Han Solo Pant

han solo star wars pant

This pant is the same copy which Han solo wear in the force awaken movie. Han Solo uses to wear sober and simple jeans with his costume that makes him more stylish and comfortable to act like the character. This Han Solo Pant is perfect for Han Solo fans to have. Without these pants your costume will be look incomplete.

The Force Awaken Belt

han solo star wars belt

Han Solo also use to wear belt with his costume. This belt is a normal dress belt that many people uses to wear with their semi-formal outfit style. You can easily buy this from any online store at very reasonable price for your next Halloween party.

The Force Awaken Blaster

Star Wars The Force Awaken Blaster

Han Solo always keeps his blaster in his holster. You won’t get the original blaster but this plastic version is approximately similar to the one in the movie. You should carry this for capturing screen accurate look of Han solo in your next Halloween party.

The Force Awaken Holster

The Holster

Han Solo also wears the Holster to keep his blaster with himself all the time. The holster belt is made of high quality leather material and has many functions. This belt also has holder for droid caller that he always keep himself. This holster plays a very significant role in Han solo costume. So to capture the attention of all masses it is required to carry Han solo holster with you in your next Halloween party.

Han Solo Boots

Han Solo Boots

Han Solo wore these pair of boots with his costume that are knee high with zipper on the side of the shoes. However, this is not a heavy duty shoes but it’s just an exceptional piece to wear as cosplay. They are very eye catching and you will definitely look classy when you wear these boots with your Han solo costume.

Finn Costume

han solo finn star wars costume

John Boyega was cast to play the character of Finn Finn is a newcomer in the movie series and happens to be the son of Lando Calrissian. He played a paramount role in rescuing Chewbacca and Han Solo with the help of another newcomer, Rey .The costume which he dons is not that difficult to execute as you can impersonate him easily by just following this guide which we have set up for you.

Finn Jacket

Star wars Finn Jacket

This is the jacket which he wears in the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Finn wears this item every time he enters the battlefield, this particular jacket has all of those qualities as we early saw in the movie. This is a clean version of the jacket and looks exactly same. This jacket will definitely help you to gear up your looks while cosplaying Finn character in any Halloween party. So don’t wait just go for it.

Finn Shirt

han solo finn shirt

This is the crew shirt which Finn wears under his jacket. To get that perfect Finn look, you should buy this stylish screen accurate shirt. This immaculate black crew shirt matches Finn’s in a nice way.

Finn Pant

finn pant

Now we come on to the jeans which he wears. These items are very important if one wants to complete the impeccable Finn costume. Talking about the fitness of these items. They will fit around your legs fairly well as they are slim fit. Do not avoid this jeans if you want exact copy look of Finn.

Finn Boots

han solo finn boots

These are the perfect Finn boots which Finn wore in his film. These boots are very comfortable, sturdy and should offer you protection against the elements. They are good in looking and hence provide you alluring look while cosplaying Finn in any Halloween party. They can also work best in your daily casual and formal wear.

Finn Star Wars Blaster

han solo finn star wars blaster

Lastly it is very essential to carry Finn blaster along with your costume. Without it your Finn costume will be look incomplete. This blaster have its own importance and it will surely offer you screen accurate Finn look in your Halloween party. So don’t wait for the moment just buy this right now from amazon at very reasonable prices.


happy Halloween

Here are all the best costume ideas which you can use this year Halloween. These outfits will surely assist you to gear up your appearances in coming Halloween party and give you the perfect look of your favorite character. Now you have various costumes to choose from, it doesn’t matter what you choose for costume parties you will not only get a screen accurate look but will also look attractive. You are guaranteed to make people admire you with your accurate matching costume. This info-graph will give you an idea about all the necessary items you need to look like your favorite character. If you want to make this your costume this year then follow this above guide.