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Doctor Who Costumes

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The Ultimate Guide To Doctor Who Costumes

dr who

Doctor Who is the most popular TV, serial production of the British BBC television. It was debuted in 1963 and is running still. It has entertained people for decades. This program firstly ran from (1963-1989). Then it was successfully re-launched by Russell T Davies in 2005. People were very much excited to watch the fictional, and entertaining series back starting from the ninth doctor and continuing its story. Not only about the show but many take a keen interest in the doctors dressing styles and try to follow them accurately. So, if you are one of them, then you need to read the guide given below as we are going to talk about that how you can dress like the ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth doctor with efficiency and perfection?

How to Cosplay Ninth Doctor


All the silliness had ended when the most popular TV serial ‘Doctor Who’ had completed its first Era till 1989. But, when the serial was announced to be re-launched many people were super excited and started discovering about it. After the release of the first episode, many questions came in their mind that who was that person full of idiosyncrasies and craziness calling himself “The Ninth Doctor”? What is a Tardis? And many other questions came in people’s mind about the new character ‘The Ninth Doctor’. In every episode many answers were given but, there was much more to learn. The role of Ninth Doctor was performed by a man having unique features Christopher Eccleston. His dressing sense, acting and silliness influenced everybody watching this popular series.The easy dr who costumes style is quite simple and elegant. He almost wears the same costume as a uniform in all the episodes as 9th doctor Costumes. You can also have the same dressing look by following the 9th doctor dress guide of Christopher Eccleston as your very own Ninth Doctor.

The Black Leather Jacket

9 doctor who jacket

The first thing which we observe by looking at the Dr who cosplay costume is the jacket. This 9th Doctor Coat jacket is mainly the German WWII U-boat three-buttoned jacket. Ninth Dr. wears two colors for his jacket that are brown and black. It is considered to a medium-length coat made up of leather, along with the existence of big lapels. It usually looks like the soldier’s garment and clearly seen at action time. If we compare this Doctor who 9 Doctor jacket with the previous jackets of the Doctors, then we observe a brutal and full effect of war through its expressions.

V- Neck Shirt 

9 doctor shirt

The ninth doctor costume shirt is having a deep V-shaped neck t-shirt. He almost worn dark colors like; black, Bradbury, navy blue, and forest green. Just remember that the ninth Doctor shirt is having a deep not such that your chest hair is seen but a slightly greater V than the other T-shirts. This makes the ninth Doctor cosplay jacket look more significant.


The ninth doctor avoids a tie and is a non-tie wearer. He is the man who thinks ties don’t even make me look cool.

Ninth Doctor Pants

When it’s time for pants then, it’s crucial to know that you are fighting with the evil and trying to save the humanity and for that, you can wear something which constricts your movement. So, the Ninth Doctor wears the black pants which we often identify as a uniform pant of the British Policemen. It provides comfort for their movement.

The Costume Boots


Boots are quite crucial when you are fighting with aliens and kicking the Cyberman. For that Doctor requires wearing strong boots as he did. The Ninth Doctor wore the Combat Boots or you can say strong leather boots which don’t get damaged in his adventurous journey of saving the humanity.

Other Accessories

sonic screwdriver

There are not much accessories found for The Ninth Doctor Who but only one key to knowing. That is the Sonic Screwdriver. He always kept that screwdriver in his jacket which just resembles a thin blue torch.Hope that the guys who want to make his costume similar to The Ninth Doctor, Who have gained much knowledge from this guide and can easily design his Ninth Dr Who costumes for any occasion like Halloween Party etc.

Tenth Doctor Halloween Costume Look-Book

10 doctor who cosplay

David Tennant, the Tenth Doctor of the very popular and entertaining BBC television series Dr. Who is a Scottish Actor. His services as the Tenth Doctor, when Christopher Eccleston took resignation as the Ninth Doctor are quite appreciable. He is considered the most entertaining character of Dr. Who. He had portrayed the role of the doctor in an efficient and humorous style due to which he was regarded the best actor of his time. According to the Who Magazine, Tennant was voted the best doctor and character of Dr. Who TV series. By a radio survey in the same year, Tennant was selected as the coolest and tremendous character by the UK television. David is also adored and loved by his fans due to his stylish and unique costumes and dressing styles. This is the most common reason due to which the GQ reader’s poll gave him the regard as the third best man on grounds of dr who suits styles and his stylish looks. Each and every person who are the biggest fans of Doctor Who are one of the biggest fans of David Tennant due to the Dr.who costumes So, if you want to look like David Tennant by his Tenth Doctor Who costumes, you just need to follow this guide.

David Tennant 10th Doctor Suit

10 doctor who suit

For getting Tenth Dr. Who costumes look we need to know which type of suit he had worn. Tenant unlike others isn’t a fan of long coats etc. for casual looks but, used to wear a coat over his suit. We have seen the Costumes Doctor who wearing two types of suits in the Dr. Who series that are brown and blue pinstripe suits. The brown suit has blue stripes over it, and the blue is having brown pinstripes over it. The suit must not be fitted tightly, and the jacket’s buttons don’t need to be all buttoned up. So, if you desire to have his looks, so you need to have a suit resembling the Tenth Doctor in your wardrobe. We have got amazing Tenth Dr Who Costumes for sale.

Tenth Doctor Long Coat For Casual Looks

10 doctor coat

As we discussed above that Tennant, use to wear a long brown coat over his blue and brown both suits. Dr who cosplay coat didn’t comprise of any special features, but the vital part was that it was a double breasted having six front button closure. It had two notched lapels that were wide enough, with open hem cuffs and two flap pockets. If you need Doctor who trench coat like this, you just need a wool coat to adopt his styles. You can also fasten the buttons for the stunning looks of your suit. By all Dr who outfit proved his fans that the best element of styling is simplicity if done with elegance and perfection.

The White Shirt

11 doctor shirt

Tenant used classy and simple shirts for his suits, usually, some part of his shirt was seen from the jacket but, he was neither spotted while wearing a shirt. His shirt was like a common suit shirt there was nothing unique about his shirt. He had worn white and a Bradbury color shirt under his blue pinstripe suit and a blue shirt under his brown suit.

David’s Hairdo 

10 doctor hairstyle

It’s an amazing and surprising fact that David Tennant is the only Doctor in the long-lasting TV series who has sported a hairstyle in his whole period. So, for having complete looks of Tennant you cannot avoid his cool hairdo. For this, you first need to comb your hairs from left side to right side; then you must use your hands to pull off your hairs from the front part and bring them to your face. For bounding your hairs at a place, you can use a hair wax or might be a gel. As you have adopted Tennant’s hair, then your look is complete showing the appearance of the Tenth Doctor.

Tennant’s Sneakers

10 doctor shoes

If we noticed Tennant’s shoes, then we have come to know that he use to wear snickers, or you can say that converse shoes. His shoes were mostly of deep or cream red color. The sonic screwdriver is the common accessory which is obsessed by every Doctor of the time but, the difference between all the Doctors is the power and new features of the Sonic Screwdriver. The other thing which complemented the suit of the Tenth doctor a lot was his tie. It was a bit thinner, stylish and had a light pattern over it to overcome the effect of his overall suit looks.

The 11th Doctor cosplay Guide

Eleventh-Doctor who suit

Matt Smith is the person performing the magnificent role of the Eleventh Doctor of the long lasting TV serial of BBC which is named as Dr. Who. Matt joined the TV serial after the resignation of David Tennant. He serves as an actor for about four years. In the span of four years, he did three seasons as well as seven special episodes of Dr. Who. 11 doctor Outfit and looks played as his style icon for each and every Fan of Dr. Who. Smith is especially well-known due to his signature and stylish tweed jacket, along with his cheesy hairstyle and purple bow ties. 11th Doctor Halloween Costume is unique and stunning dressing trends which praised by many. So, now we will discuss the Dr who 11th doctor costume guide.

Formal Wear

11th doctor suit

Matt Smith used to wear a tweed jacket with elbow patches and narrow and slim fit style 11th doctor Pants with bow ties.

11th Doctor Tweed Jacket


Smith used to wear a 70s tweed jacket. He didn’t wear a complete suit like Tennant or a suit jacket. His signature tweed jacket was very popular and distinct from others. Many people admired his tweed jacket having elbow patches.

Smith’s White Shirt

The Dr who costumes 11th Doctor selected thick cotton shirts and used to prefer light shirts mostly. He had worn stylish shirts which can snugly fit him. We have noticed him several times wearing suspenders along with his shirts.

Bow Tie are Cool

11 doctor bowtie

Matt Smith in his first episode which was released on 3rd of April 2010 declared about the bow ties that bow ties are quite cool and stunning. From then in the month of April, many young men bought bow ties and increased the percentage of bow tie sale to 94%. That is the main reason and vital part in adopting the looks and appearance of Matt Smith.

Elventh Doctor Hairstyle

11 doctor hairdo

Along with the 11th dr who costume for getting Smith’s complete looks, you need to have the same hairstyle he did. For this you require a comb, grooming clay or gel and a blow dryer. Firstly use the blow dryer to dry your clothes. Then comb them towards the right and apply gel, after this use your hands to pull up your hairs towards the right so that they fall loosely on your face’s right side.

Twelfth Doctor Who Cosplay

12 doctor who suit

All the doctors have their distinctive appearance and look. If we talk about the ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston, he had worn his knits dr.who cosplay jacket made up of leather while the next doctor, tenth doctor who David Tennant use to wear classic long coats and pinstripe suits, and the previous and eleventh Doctor Matt Smith wore tweed blazer along with bowties as he thought to bow ties make him look cool. But, unlike all the last three doctors, the costume of the Twelfth Doctor is unique, stunning as well as fashion forward. The Scottish director and actor Peter Capaldi have played the role of the Twelfth Doctor in the famous TV serial of BBC on 4th of August 2013 when Matt Smith stepped down.Peter Capaldi had appeared for the first time on the 50th anniversary of the Drama series of BBC, which was the special episode named as ‘The Day of the Doctor’ and succeeded Matt Smith, The Eleventh Doctor on the 800Th episode ‘The Time of the Doctor’. Capaldi is the senior most to perform the role of the Doctor. The viewers have given a positive response to the tardis costume for sale, but many still believe that the Twelfth Doctor who Cosplay ideas resembles the Third Doctor costume ideas. But, the costume designer Howard described that he had tested about more than hundred styles for the twelfth doctor, but all failed. He told that the character if the Twelfth Doctor is dark and of course, at the age of 55 there won’t be any romance element, so it was crucial to design and create a type of costume that must reflect his personality.If you desperately want to look like the Twelfth Doctor and design the kind of costume he wears and make your appearance stunning, then you are at the perfect place. We are now going to discuss the Twelfth Doctor Who costume.

Navy Crombie Coat

12th doctor who coat

The significant thing which will provide you the look of the Twelfth Doctor costume is the long black or navy Crombie coat. It must be about three quarters and cover the portion of your knees. It can be like your old school blazer but must be big enough and cover your knees. The main reason due to which the Third and Twelfth Doctor Who costume look the same is due to this Crombie coat.

Cardigan of Twelfth Doctor

12 doctor cardigan

The most important factor due to which Capaldi ‘The Twelfth Doctor’ looks unique from others is the Cardigan, which he wears. During traveling through the Tardis, he needs something which would provide him more warmth for the time lord. So, instead of going for the waistcoat, he preferred a cardigan which can provide him perfect Time Lord Appearance.

The White Shirt

12 doctor shirt

The new change about the dr who 12th Doctor costume is that he is not in the favor of a bow tie and not even on the count of bow tie fans. He prefers a simple long sleeve and rigid collar shirt. Although we all have a plain white shirt as we wear it at any formal gatherings. The 12 doctor Cosplay liked white shirt that is buttoned up and was the signature piece for him.

Peter Capaldi's Trousers

12 doctor

The twelfth doctor is different from all the previous doctors in a manner of his style of trouser as well. Matt Smith, the Eleventh Doctor, preferred to wear his tweed jacket along with narrow and slim cut style trousers whenever he went out. But the twelfth doctor wanted formal looks so for this purpose he liked to wear tapered and classic black trousers. He used to wear navy or black dress pants along with his Crombie coat.

Shoes of the Twelfth Doctor

12 doctor boots

As we have discussed above the character of Twelfth Doctor, which is straightforward and quite dark. So, he doesn't like as well as don’t want any troubles in his journey while traveling through time. He used to wear Dr. Martens’ Shoes, if you can’t buy twelfth Doctor boots, then you can have any long trainers or 12th Doctor boots. It must be neat, durable and simple.

About the Hairstyle

12 doctor hairstyle

As we all know our hairs are very crucial to complete our looks. Unlike the Eleventh and The Tenth Doctor, Peter the twelfth doctor don’t even give a dam to his hairs, he didn’t even care about his messy hairs. So, if you want hairs like the twelfth doctor you just need to dye your hairs and give them a gray and black shade.


Hope so you have gained knowledge about the last four Dr Who cosplay ideas. Hope that all the Who avian have got pretty much knowledge about the Dr who costume ideas of Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctor and are ready to prepare their Halloween and costume party dresses with stunning Dr. Who costumes.