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Daniel Craig Suits

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For years and eras, people are crazy to watched Daniel Craig 007 movies and love to dress up like james bond Craig and become center of attraction of any gathering. As we know that many actors have played the role of this fictional character, the latest actor who is playing this role is Daniel Craig who is an English Actor and well known for his role as James Bond. Modern generation loves to copy Daniel craig style and look stunning in their parties or gatherings. 007 Daniel Craig first appeared in Casino Royale in 2006 and from here his fortunate took him to the next level and he earned lots of frames and didn’t many more films as James Bond. Daniel Craig’s recent film as James Bond is Specter which hits the Hollywood cinema and made his iconic image in front of his fans. People admired him very much and especially the youth inspired by Daniel craig clothing style and wish to have a Dress like Daniel Craig. So, here we are going to give you the detailed information on Daniel Craig James Bond Clothes in his different films. Let’s have a look!


Most of the man avoid to wear grey suit and this is one of the colors which is not very popular in linen suit, but after watching Daniel Craig wearing this Light grey linen suit in James Craig bond Movie and carried in an amazing way, almost every guy wish to have one in his wardrobe for some special events. The rare thing about this Daniel Craig 007 suits is the peaked lapels. Peaked lapels usually are not found on single-breasted suits, yes this bond Daniel Craig Grey Suit is single breasted three front button suit with four button on the cuffs, flapped pockets, one chest pocket, double vents with roped sleeve heads. Moreover, the linen pants have a zipped front and turn-ups. The legs are also full-cut, which has many advantages with linen. Because this fabric has the tendency to crease more than any other cloth, a wrinkles in linen only cause by tighter legs. With this light grey suit, bond wear mens white sport shirt having self-patterns with short sleeves, a placket front, shoulder straps and two-button spread collar. Daniel Craig wear brown derby with this classic suit which gives him an appealing look.


One of the best Daniel Craig bond movie attire from Casino Royale that becomes the inspiration for many guys for many years, as this movie was released. But to have a similar look like James Bond and carried this James bond black tuxedo is one of the tough tasks for every man. You have to know each and every detail about this 007 tuxedo with bow tie that what’s look perfect with it and how to handle this outfit in a classy way. The Daniel Craig james bond tuxedo suit has one front button, silk cut peak lapels, and jetted pockets with no vents. There are four buttons on the cuffs. The trousers have classic Italian-cut with single back pleats and a slightly shorter than traditional rise, but higher than what’s common today. No cummerbund or waistcoat worn here, the trousers are hold up with the braces in this attire which are more comfortable and easy to handle. Again with the stunning jacket, James wears a white shirt which has spread collar with double cuffs. The front of the shirt has placket with unseen button closure. The last thing which he worn with this apparel is black bow tie.


In Casino Royale, one of the James bond outfits is of navy blue color in linen fabric. This is one of the most common color in linen suits which is made up by an English tailor. Cream, tan and beige are also common colors in linen fabric. This suit has soft shoulders and a two button front closure, with the high button standpoint that was popular at the time. The high button stance doesn’t function well when fastened, but James Bond wears it open every time. The features of this Daniel Craig bonds suit casino royale jacket has enlarged ends, double vents, four-button cuffs and open patch pockets without lining. Furthermore, bond’s pants have plain hems, straight legs, flat front, and are worn with a Daniel craig belt. White is a color that can suit almost in every color, especially with the darker one just like this navy blue James Bond wear a white color shirt that have two button spread collar, short sleeves and flat placket. Although most of the suit can be worn with a tie, but linen is the one which can be worn without it. Bond’s wear a chukka footwear in a light brown color.


In the final scene of Casino Royale James Bond wear three piece suit just to make incredible impression on the audience and capture more and more viewers towards him and he succeeds in his mission by wearing this classic Pinstripe Suit in an outstanding way. Normally stripes on a suit usually consider a business outfit, but this navy blue suit with light grey stripes is one of the great choice of James Bond throughout the film. The jacket has notch lapel collar, double vent at the back, four button on the sleeves, and three button at front closure with single breasted. Most of the Bond’s pants have straight cut with plain front, cross pockets on both the sides and two rare pockets with button hole. The additional thing in this suit is the James bond vest that have six button traditional fastening, pointed bottom, one chest pocket on the left side and two waist pocket. You can style any color shirt with this suit, James worn light color long sleeves shirt which gives him an appealing appearance.


All well-dressed man and guys who know the fashion sense must have charcoal and navy blue suits in his wardrobe. But have you ever thought this combination in one outfit? Daniel Craig did this in his very first film as James Bond in Casino Royale. He wears dark charcoal suit which is one of the unique color combination and which also captured the attention of most of the audience. The fabric of the suit is a worsted wool in a refined checked made up of charcoal grey and navy. The three button jacket has straight shoulders with lots of padding, roped sleeves, clean fitted chest with flapped pockets, four button sleeves fastening, single vent with notch lapel. The trouser has darted front with straight cut. James wear a light grey striped full sleeves shirt with spread collar, double cuffs with rounded collar.


In the beginning scene of Casino Royal, we have seen James Bond wearing a peacoat. This peacoat is considering one of the casual Daniel Craig james bond outfits that can be worn over jumper or cardigans just like the one worn by James Bond in this film. This Daniel Craig peacoat length is similar to the suit coat, but in older days it is a bit longer than the suit coat, but in today’s fashion world it the shorter and similar to the normal jacket. It has either eight or six button closure on the front as well as buttons under the collar so it can be button up for extra warmth in the winter season. Under the coat, James Bond wear a charcoal ribbed-knit cardigans that can be buttoned up for extra style and classiness. This cardigan has five buttons, erect collar, front placket and patch pockets with a slanted top. Bond’s wear a dark colored t-shirt under the cardigans, and grey trousers with black boots give him a perfect modish look.


Daniel Craig wear a navy overcoat over his charcoal suit in Quantum of Solace. This Quantum of Solace Coat is single-breasted knee-length coat has an alike look to the suit coat in the Daniel craig bond films with some of the similar details. Like overcoat has a padded shoulder with roped sleeves and the shoulders are normally large. So they sit easily over the suit jacket. The blue overcoat has three buttons, the last button stance with the buttons spaced faster together than is typical. The lower button stance joint with the wide lapels looks very elegant. Some more details of the coat are that it has straight flap pocket with ticket pocket, it also has one chest pocket on the left side, five cuffs buttons and center vent at the back side. We have noticed that Daniel prefer a lighter color shirt and we always have seen him in a soft and decent color all the time and with this, he wears a white color shirt.


Best overcoat for the people who lives in a snowy weather countries. Bond’s wear Ten-button double breasted overcoat, flapped pockets, belted back, knee-length with woolen fabric coat in Quantum of Solace. With this James Bond overcoat quantum of solace, he wears a black and brown scarf and gloves as well. The shirt that James Bond wear under this men's overcoat can be seen very little, he wears a spread collar with double cuffs white shirt. The ties is in oval pattern either in dark brown and sliver or black and silver color. James wear both colors ties in two different scenes. Black oxford shoes compliment with this outfit and gives him an appealing look.


This dark charcoal suit wear by the Daniel Craig in London scene of Quantum of Solace. The tone of this suit is very charcoal suit almost at first watch it gives a black look. Just like all other film suits, this attire also has pagoda shoulders with attached sleeves. Three buttons with lapel rolled to the second buttons. The suit also has flapped pockets, five cuffs button with double vents. James wears the trousers that have straight cuts with hemmed without a break. With this mens charcoal suit Bond wear a white poplin shirt that has moderate spread collar, double cuffs with front placket. He chooses to wear black oxford shoes with this outfit that gives him a classy and outstanding look.


This James Bond Tuxedo that Daniel has worn is almost the copy of Tom Ford dinner suit. The dinner jacket has flapped pockets, double vents, five button cuffs, shawl collar and trouser stripe are black silk, slightly contrasting with the lavish midnight blue mohair-cashmere tonic. The shirt and tie which James wear in Quantum of Solace are also the copies of Connery’s clothes. Like the details of the shirt are it has a spread collar, double cuffs, and a folded front. The style of the bow-tie is a diamond end same as Connery’s, apart from it’s in a wider batwing style with the lapel thickness. Craig also includes a folded white linen pocket hankie. The shoes are black calf oxfords, not patent leather. The main difference between Tom Ford and Daniel Craig outfits is the trousers which have low rise and a flat front. Another difference is Daniel wear a cummerbund also.


This dark brown suit which James wear in Quantum of Solace is the best outfit for the country like Panama which is warmer than Bolivia. This daniel craig james bond suit is one of the best colors in all aspect, you can wear this James Bond dress color suit in the office, for any formal occasion or any big event as well. This tom brown suits is something different than black and gray. Perfect for all of them who wish to change their closet look. The suit has a three button jacket with the lapels rolled down to the middle button. It has a clean chest with pagoda shoulders. The quantum of solace jacket replica is detailed with five buttons on the cuff, double vents and flapped pockets. The trousers have a straight cut, but narrow. Instead of belt hocks the trousers have slide-buckle side-adjusters. James wears a white shirt with a tie in a Windsor style.


Now there are some big changes occurs which never held in Casino Royale. The most unexpected change has occurred in Quantum of Solace is a change from a three-piece suit to a two-piece suit. James bond in a suit gives stylish and dapper looks and this suit is also navy, but the stripes are in light blue rather than white. Daniel wears a suit that has notch lapel, one chest pocket on the left side, two flapped pockets with five buttons of the cuffs. Trousers have the same straight cut with two side pockets and one back pocket with button hole. The shirt has blue in color with double cuffs and normal collar. The ties are also different in pattern, and James wears black oxford shoes.


Bond wears a black suit only at the time when he have to mourn his brother’s death, and that is the choice for him. The tone of the midnight blue men's suit looks just about black even sometimes blacker than black color but it will look shiny blue under a bright light. While the black under a bright light will usually look brown or green. Jame bond Daniel Craig Midnight blue has a richer and deeper quality than black. Best men's suit ever wears by the James Bond. The suit has three buttons with notch lapel, five button on the cuffs and the two straight pockets with one ticket pocket. The tuxedo James bond wears straight cut pants with two side pockets. The trousers also have buckle side adjuster. Bond’s wear a plain white shirt with spread collar and no pockets. Blue tie and black oxford shoes give addition sparks to Daniel Craig.


The best part of Daniel Craig suits in Skyfall is suit style or matching the right colors with together. The outfits speaks itself that by whom it has been made and Tom Ford puts more efforts in the quality of the Daniel Craig clothes rather than in style. This Daniel Craig 007 suits from Skyfall looks like a standard charcoal grey suit with thin-spaced grey stripe, but it bit fancier that other grey rope stripe suit. The cut and the style of the Daniel craig Skyfall suit is same as the other stylish suit has in the Specter. The fit is tight and short, straight and thin shoulders. The James bond Suits jacket have flapped pockets, three cuffs button with single vent at the middle. The suit trouser have straight plain cut with thin legs, two side pockets and flat front. James Bond wears white poplin cotton shirt with this Daniel Craig grey suit which has soft tab collar, double cuffs with placket down front.


This was the second time that James Bond wears a bond peacoat in the series of Skyfall. James bond peacoat are the little bit different from the traditional one. Daniel Craig peacoat features are peak lapel, four pockets on the front, two slap horizontal pocket with two chest pockets. The skyfall peacoat is trimmed with the brown leather from behind the collar and under the pocket flaps. Underneath the coat, James wears a white shirt with semi-spread collar, single button cuffs with rounded corners and plain front. Bond wears a flat front pants with this skyfall peacoat which have black and light grey sharkskin weaves. The trousers have extended waistband with hook closure, a coin pocket on the front under the waistband and button tab waist adjuster.


The designer of Skyfall chose the classic and modern suit style throughout the film that suits James bond personality even if the outfits don’t have fashionable cuts, but it gives a stunning look. This is one of the best suit in glen plaid in mid grey and black tone from the Skyfall. The Daniel craig james bond style tuxedo and cuts of this suit is exactly same as the other Tom Ford suits in the movie. The best Daniel craig suits jacket feature skin fitted with straight and thin shoulders. The suit trousers have plain straight cut, flat front with side waist adjuster and hook closure. Bond wears a sky blue cotton shirt with tab collar, double cuffs and placket down the front. The 007 tux designer chose the perfect color combination for the tie that match the overall suit.


James wear this grey pick-and pick suit at the opening of Skyfall which has been designed by Tom Ford. This Daniel craig suit in Skyfall is also known as sharkskin outfit. The details of the jacket are tight fit, with a normal length, straight shoulder, but thin at the same time. Notch lapel, flapped front pocket, one chest pocket on the left side and single middle vent. The trousers have straight narrow legs, side buckle adjusters with two pockets on the waist and one pocket one the back with buttonhole. James wears a white tab collar shirt with this grey suit. The shirt have double cuffs with placket. Four hand knot tie has been chose with the outfit.

You have seen Daniel Craig in a suit many times throughout the films. At first its suit will looks like bright navy, but actually it was mid blue in tone. In the casino’s yellow light it will looks black, but don’t get confused from its shades as it is perfect for parties or casual gatherings. The fabric is bit shiny than other dinner suits. It is one of the iconic outfit for 2012 Daniel Craig fashion trend. The midnight blue tuxedo is much fitted and just too short in length. It has traditional one button, shawl collar with single vent. James wears a white dress shirt with this mid night blue suit that have wide collar, double cuffs with no pockets. The trousers have the traditional fit, pointed legs, plain hems, two side pockets with one back side pocket having buttonhole. Bond wears plain Wholecuts shoes in black tone. Here our detailed Daniel Craig in James Bond suiting style some to an end. We are looking forward to see more James Bond suit style and have some in our wardrobe as well. We hope that you have found some important tips and use these in your daily life to look like him and make your incredible impression on people around you. Highly appreciate your suggestion and comments.


In the final scene of Skyfall Daniel Craig wears a dark navy in a mini bone or small herringbone weave. The main characteristic of small herringbone is it gives cloth a thin self-stripes looks with one solid color. The jacket details in three button cuffs, straight and thin shoulders, sloped pockets with single rare vent. The length of the jacket is short, close fitted from the chest. He wears the trousers that have plain straight cut with two side and one back pockets. Craig wears light blue shirt with this navy small herringbone suit. The features of the shirt is front placket, double cuffs with tab collar. His folded handkerchief match truly with the shirt. Daniel wears four-knot tie in black color.


Daniel Craig wears an elegant and stylish navy topcoat in Skyfall movie over his glen check and navy herringbone suits. The topcoat has three-quarter length and made up of heavier fabric. Daniel Craig fastens only the middle button like a suit jacket in the topcoat’s first appearance while it has three buttons to show on front. The coat have narrow and straight shoulders, three buttons cuffs, flapped pockets and welted breast pocket all these details made this coat more classic and modish. When Daniel Craig wears this topcoat second time in London, he wears black gloves with this coat and medium grey cashmere scarf which has been designed by Tom Ford in a Parisian style. This Parisian knot has been tied by folding the scarf in half and wrapping it over the neck. The Parisian knot works well with longer, lighter shawls.


In the latest film specter movie, James Bond wears blue sharkskin suit which is another classic addition in Daniel Craig Spectre wardrobe. We see carefully then we will notice that the suit is made up of different colors and that’s the reason it gives shiny shades of old 1960s period. This sharkskin Daniel Craig Spectre suit best for social occasions, either during the day under the sunlight and in the evening under artificial light. The Daniel Craig jacket is detailed with two flapped pockets, once chest pocket, notch lapel, one front button, single breasted, single vent and four cuffs button. The suit pants have buckle side adjuster with straight cut, two side pocket, one back pocket with button hole. The shirt that James wear has a pointed collar, front placket with double cuffs. This shirt is close fit. The dark blue tie with perfectly match with overall attire and gives you an appealing looks same as Daniel Craig suits in specter.


James Bond wear this navy windowpane suit in his Specter Movie pre-title sequence which has been shot in the Mexico City. The base of this Daniel Craig Spectre clothes is medium blue and black, but the Daniel Craig navy suit color is still lighter than the normal blue suit, but it works perfect and gives cool feeling in warm season. The detailing of the jacket has straight padded shoulders, close fitted from the chest, roped sleeves heads, too-tight waist and short in length. Furthermore, single vent at the back side, two flapped pockets with one chest pocket. The Craig 007 suit trouser have wide extended waistband, side adjusters with buckle, narrow straight legs, two side pockets. With this Bond suit James wear a white pointed collar shirt with double cuffs. The light blue shirt that he wear make this attire more pleasing on the James complexion. Black derby shoes works perfect with the overall attire.

James bond Daniel Craig wore double breasted coat with black herringbone peaked lapel three-piece suit that gave him a dominant look at Sciarra’s funeral in Specter movie. The Daniel fitting coat has four button with four show button pattern, slash pockets, belt in the back side, center vent at the back and three cuffs buttons. This double breasted overcoat has straight shoulder cut with set in sleeves. The Daniel Craig bond coat is like a peacoat with some great stylish look. You will always find this kind of long black coat in full length. There are a few prominent differences. The Daniel Craig 007 bridge coats have the buttons on the front in a four-sided formation, and those buttons are separate from the buttons under the collar. In this scene James wear a dark brown sunglasses with black gloves which enhance his overall looks.


In the ending scene of Spectre, James Bond wears a sporty checked three-piece suit. This James Bond Daniel Craig suit is anthracite means a very dark charcoal with a pin-point Damier check. The fabric of the suit is 70% wool, 18% silk, and 12% mohair. The silk and mohair give the cloth a delicate shine and increase its stiffness. The Daniel Craig Spectre Suits jacket has padded straight shoulders, front three buttons with a narrow lapel, single vent, two flapped pockets and four button cuffs. Hence, due to the waistcoat, this jacket is too short and too tight as compare o rest of the James Bond suit. The waistcoat has six with five buttons with four curved –welt pockets. The Bond suits trousers have wide extended waistband, side buckle adjusters, on-seam pockets and thin straight legs. Under this suit Bond wears a sky blue shirt which has pointed collar, front placket, double cuffs with matching pocket square.

Craig bond wears a grey herringbone suit in Specter. The important characteristic of this grey suit is it exchange the direction of the standard pinstripe and chalk stripe for a Daniel Craig James Bond clothing with more interest in the stripe and the weave. The cloth is woven with a bond 007 suits spectre in the weft for an overall vibrant dark grey and medium grey in the warp. The fabric of the Daniel Craig Suits spectre is made of a blend of worsted wool, silk, and mohair. The jacket is detailed in straight padded shoulders, close fitted from the chest, two waist pocket, one chest pocket on the left side and fashionably too tight and too short. The trousers have straight cut with on seam pockets and one pocket with buttonhole on the back. With this herringbone suit James wears two different shirts and tie and both of them perfectly suits on Bond’s personality. Last, DanielCraig wears a navy coat over this suit which enhances his overall looks

At a funeral scene in Specter James wears this James Bond black suit. The look of bond spectre jacket is much more British suit than it is Italian suit. We have noticed that Daniel Craig as bond mostly avoid wearing the solid color suit because it gives a traditional look than classic, but at this scene, it suits him and gives him an appealing look as well. The jacket is detailed with padded shoulders, spread flap pocket with ticket pocket as well. Five buttons cuff and single vent at the back side. The waistcoat has six buttons with five to button. There are four rounded welt pockets on the front that match the style of the jacket’s breast pocket. The pants have narrow and a medium low rise, flat front with straight leg plain cuts. Pointed collar poplin white shirt with metal bars, cocktail cuffs and slim fit.



At the time of visiting Morocco in Specter, 007 wears the James Bond brown suit with slightly light khakis chinos. This daniel Craig suits Spectre is made up of three fabrics wool, linen, and skill. This mixture gives the Daniel Craig wardrobe Spectre jacket durability and breathability with a thick texture. The Spectre clothing Jacket features narrow cuts, soft shoulders, double vents and four cuffs buttons looks perfect with chinos and khakis. Bond wears a Khakis Chinos which is slightly lighter than the jacket but have smooth and soft texture than a jacket. The Spectre costume trousers have straight narrow cuts, flat front. The solid color belt suits perfect with this pants. He wears a white color cotton shirt that features pointed collar, cocktail cuffs. Rust brown knitted tie enhance the overall outfit because knitted tie is an effective choice for this casual custom-made outfit, you can also wear this attire without a tie as well.

Finally, after the gap of 30 years, James wears white tuxedo outfit in his last film Specter. This ivory tux is made up of skill and viscose lining. The details of this Daniel Craig tuxedo jacket are close from the chest, roped sleeves head, padded shoulders and the length of Daniel Craig Black and white dinner jacket is slightly short as compare to other suits. Daniel Craig white tux jacket also based on Tom Ford Windsor model and features two-button front closure, 5-button cuffs, peaked lapel with grosgrain silk, dual jetted pockets and all trimmed with the silk. Poplin cotton shirt in white color gives James classic looks. The front of the shirt has pleated and fastened with pearls buttons. Also has double cuffs, front placket, and gauntlet buttons. In specter, this is the third time that Bond wears the classic diamond bow tie.