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It would be hard to find alive anyone who does not know about the great James Bond or that has not seen James Bond movies. The functional character of James Bond stated from Ian Fleming’ spy novel now is source inspiration for all of us, after the success of James Bond character in Fleming‘s 12 novels and two short stories his role was adopt first in radio and than in the movies, and who knows that the movies series started from Dr. No in the year in 1962 will become the highest franchise in terms of movies (which is 23) and second highest in terms of grossing. It is the most difficult task to trace the top 10 movies out of 23 tremendous movies because all actor from Connery to Craig work fantastically for their movies, but finally we made it after  witnessing their global search and revenue they generated, and like to share the list with detail regarding their position. Here we go!

 10 The Spy Who Loved Me:


Top 007 movies can‘t be completed without The Spy who Loved Me, it is one of fines t Bond movies because of the dangerous arch enemy “Jaws” introduced in the movie the giant was well admired by JB fans and how can you forget the second car in the series  the classy“ Lotus”. The film was not only well scripted but the man “Roger Moore” who portrayed the secret agent role in the movie performed it perfectly from his lightweight and funny attitude it is probably the best and successful Moore’s film.

9. License to Kill:


It is the 15th addition in James Bond series directed by John Glen. The first film to which not use the title of Fleming’s novel based on two novels and one short story, it was Timothy Dalton second and the last movie to perform JB role they story was not enough attracting but still the film achieved great financial assistance and generate more than $156.2 million world due to the superb performance of Dalton and his memorable stuns but many people citizen the movie and Dalton for performing more darker and violent  role than then novel, due to the reason the next James Bond movie came after six years gap and Timothy took his name back for performing in more 007 movies.

8. Thunderball:


The film was both Sean Connery and James Bond fourth movie which made in a low budget $9.00 Million and grossed over $141.2 million worldwide breaking the record of previous three movies. It was portrayed in beautiful places of Bermuda and particularly Jamaica. The film was full of fun, thrilling and action in which James Bond was assigned in a mission to get back the NATO atoms stolen under the mastermind planning of SPECTRE to blackmail British and destroy England.

 7. Live and Let Die:


If I had to choose best 007 movies in terms of fun and entertainment I will not go with other than “Live and Let Die” 8th James Bond movie in which star Roger Moore was introduced for the first time for performing the secret agent role and he did with brilliance. He gave a new direction to Bond series he was calm when it comes to entertaining you he was best in the business, but don’t go wrong with him he had light weight attitude but bold too. We can’t deny his memorable stunts in his all seven James Bond movies and particularly this one.

6. Die Another Day:


The film was released on a 40 years complete of James Bond career started from Dr. No on 1962. It was the fourth and last film for the star Pierce Brosnan for performing the MI6 agent role. The film got many positive reviews because of great Brosnan performance, Bond girl (Halley Berry), and unique story where James Bond went to north Korea for completing his mission and captured for many years but then he came back again beat their enemies. All good with the movie but it could be much better by adding some more action in it and utilizing realistic gadgets because accessories like invisible car not ensemble the charm and standard of James Bond.

5.  Golden Eye:


The spot is also set by Pierce Brosanan’s film; it was his first and overall seventeenth entry in 007 movie series released after the big gap of six years due to legal dispute in License to kill & resign of Timothy Dalton. Well, the film was nicely scripted and directed. It grossed $350.7 Million, more than both of Dalton movies and also collects nomination award for “best achievement in special effects” and “best sound”, it was big honor for Bond franchise and this film lead to give Brosan four more chances to perform in James Bond movies.

4.  Dr. No:


It was the first time when the functional character of James Bond transfer in the movie and Sean Connery was the man to perform the role for the first time; it also introduced first Bond girl and Bond villain, written by Richard Maibaum, Johanna Harwood, and Berkely Mather based on the same name sixth novel of Ian Fleming. The film achieved positive critics at box office and adaption of the phenomenal character was well-admired by his fans, the movie paved the way for more 007 movies.

3. Goldfinger:


It was released in 1964 but still consider one of the great releases in James Bond history. Goldfinger was the third Bond and superstar Sean Connery movie where he was in a mission to detain Auric Goldfinger who wants demolish the world’s economy using goldfinger for the reason he went to Fort Knox caught him after becoming his friend. It was the first to receive Academic Award because of several behind reasons including the best Bond girl (Pussy Galore & Gert Fröbe) and villain Auric Goldfinger who claimed 49th position in best villain list in past hundred years, he also consider the best James Bond villain in IMDb on poll by beating Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Dr. No and many others

2. Casino Royale:casino_royale_ver5

After the disaster of Die another day, Pierce Brosan replaced by the star Daniel Craig. The film really needed a fresh and dimension and Craig did he, he flawlessly reboot the direction of the series in a new way although it was a risky move because it was the 007 movie without Brosan after ten years. We didn’t know about Daniel Craig that would he be the perfect for the secret role defined in novel but he came as iconic 21 century Bond, more stylish with sizzling hot looks assigned his first ever mission as 00, and faced the Le Chiffre at pocker game. The film generates over $599 Million and become the highest earning film in the franchise until the release of Skyfall.

1. Skyfall


It was 3rd to the hot Daniel Craig and overall 23rd 007 movie released on 50th anniversary of Bond series produced by EON production. Yes. This is the best film in personally mine and most of others views, Not agree? Let me show you some of its achievement and their reasons. Skyfall become highest grossing movie in the whole series through beating the record of Bond 21st movie (Casino Royale) and also the highest grossing movie in UK and for Sony and MGM worldwide. The movie collects many awards naming “Bafta Awards”, “Guild Award” and most importantly it was nominated for five academic awards. You can’t go wrong with it in any class. Bond accessories, gadgets were also on its best and how we can forget his suiting in the movies either it was the rare Midnight Blue evening tuxedo, classy gray charcoal suit or the charming linen suit gray suit. There are also several reasons behind includes Bond mysterious girls, magnificent M, sparkle Aston Martin and the perfect villain. Skyfall in all fields proved it the best 007 movie and make us more exciting for Bond 24th but we all had to wait till 2015 to see James Bond back in action.

Honestly it was the toughest job to list the top 10 film our motive is not take the credit from other movies, each James Bond movie has its own respect portrayed by all time favorite superstars with the great producers and directors.  It is listed according to people reviews film grossing and success

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