The Ultimate Guide To Luke Skywalker All 4 Outfits

Star Wars have many characters, but none of them is contemptible like old Skywalker, Luke. You must be thinking that what do Jedi wears? The traditional look and the tremendous fan following of Luke Skywalker have made the fans crazy to have a look like him. So here we have set down the best DIY Luke Skywalker costume ideas for you at a reasonable price. Here we present for you a guide containing four Luke Skywalker costumes. Let’s start from the oldest to the latest, Star Wars: The Force Awakens costume.

Luke Skywalker: A New Hope Costume

luke skywalker dagobah cosplay
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In his first movie of Star Wars, Luke Starwalker cosplay reflects his distinctive appearance among all Jedi Masters. In this film, we saw his young tyro and was still learning to master his abilities along with force. Designing the Starwalkers outfit took a lot of drudgeries but our experts have created a one for you and below are the necessary items which would be required for you so that you look exactly like Skywalker Jedi.

Luke Skywalker Shirt Pattern

jedi shirt costume
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The first thing you will be needing is the top. Luke wears a traditional Jedi tunic karate shirt, and I suggest for you that you should wear this featured shirt which is the replica of Luke Skywalker shirt.

Jedi Pants

karate pants
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You should wear a karate Jedi uniform trouser with the top, which would be different than that of the top. And we suggest for you to buy Luke Skywalker pants because it is fashionable as well as comfortable chinos of sandish color. The best thing about this Jedi pant is that you can wear it as a daily wear and at Halloween as well.

Skywalker Shoes

Jedi shoes
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As the experts of costume, it’s our responsibility to guide you what to wear and how to get a look like Skywalker Luke. For this reason, we suggest you wear these Luke boots which are the same which Luke was wearing in this movie. There is a greater of casual wear as well which means you can not only wear Luke Skywalker boots on events but you can also wear them casually. The comfortable sole of Skywalker boots makes for you the ease to achieve your aims without any irritation.

Jedi Costume Belt and Belt Pocket

cheap jedi belt
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For having a complete Luke costume, it is necessary for you to wear a Luck belt and a belt pocket. According to Luke Skywalker costume pattern, should wear this Luke Skywalker belt which consists of an average of two to three pockets for your ease to keep your valuable things safely along with the belt, which adds charm to your costume.

A New Hope Lightsaber

blue lightsaber
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Finally, the last thing which you must be needing is the Jedi Lightsaber. Your Luke Jedi costume would be incomplete without this ideal item.

Luke Skywalker Suit

jedi suit
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Now if you are drained and annoyed of reading and reading and do not want to make DIY Luke Skywalker costume so here we offer you the Jedi suits. This is the easiest way to grab this suit on most comfortable lines is this that we provide you the package of karate tunic, strike back cargo pants, along with the boots and belt which means now there is no more need to worry if you buy this ready to wear Jedi Master outfit.

Return of Jedi Costume

diy luke skywalker return of the jedi costume
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Luke in the return of Jedi has emerged as the Jedi Master and due to which his dress also varied. In exchange of old Jedi Luke costume, the new thing which we have noticed is the black suit which he wears along with the green lightsaber. We have also prepared a guide for this Luke Skywalker outfit for you with a hope that you would surely like it.

Luke Skywalker Return of Jedi Jacket

Jedi jacket
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This outfit is inseparable, and for that, I would present it in front of you as a whole package. If you wanted to have black Jedi outfit and want to save your time then acquire this package. This Luke Skywalker black outfit offers a package which includes a Skywalker shirt, vest, a tabard, pants and black Jedi belt together with the Luke Skywalker black tunic.

Black Jedi Boots

Skywalker boots
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The above-displayed knee long length shoes are mandatory for you to buy because these Skywalker boots DIY gives you a complete look and adds charm to your costume. These Jedi black boots are the most suitable and an appropriate version of the original Jedi boots.

Green Jedi Lightsaber

Green lightsaber
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As we have seen earlier that blue lightsaber was the part of Jedi Luke costume. But this time in return of Jedi costume he has used the most powerful green conventional laser sword of all times. Luke black costumes dominance is increased if you hold this lightsaber along with you.

Empire Strikes Back Costume

empire strikes back costumes
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In the third episode of Skywalker Luke, we have seen him the glamorous Luke empire strikes back costume. This empire strikes back costume is not only famous but also perfect for Halloween and other cosplay events. Now let us have a look on the items related to it.

Empire Strikes Back Luke Skywalker Costume Jacket

star wars skywalker jacket
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The most decisive part of this Star Wars Luke costume is the jacket produced by jbsuits. According to the colors, designs, and textures, this is the replica of the original Skywalker costume jacket, and for completing your outfit, you will need this.

Luke Cosplay Boots

jedi master costume boots-min
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One of the impressive thing for your Jedi cosplay costume are the boots. These boots would probably add stars to your cosplay and will give the exact look of the Skywalker Jedi.

Luke Skywalker tunic pants

luke skywalker rotj costume pants
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Another thing which you need to complete your costume are the cargo trousers of the same color as the jacket. These trousers are of high quality and most importantly you can wear it wherever you want.

The Force Awakens Costume

luke skywalker costume force awakens costume
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This is the latest outfit which Jedi Master has worn in his latest movie. Luke Skywalker force awakens costume is the replica of the original one which you’ve seen in the film. The package includes a cloak, long vest, top, Luke Skywalker robes and belt all made up of linen mixed with synthetic leather.

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