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The latest adventure of the Star Wars franchise debuted on the cinematic screen about a month ago, the movie has shattered many Worldwide box office records and received many positive critics. For the years, the Star Wars character has been a great source of inspiration for all fans to get star wars cosplay ideas in the different theme and Halloween parties. After watching “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” one question that burning on every fan is what character to cosplay as the latest instalment has introduced new characters along with the classic ones. If you are one of them who landed on this guide to cosplay one of latest and new star wars costume then you will be quite happy knowing that John Boyega’s Finn character is one of the best and easy to cosplay.

Here in this star wars Finn costume guide, you will find a brief list of every costume you will need to get his screen accurate looks & Finn cosplay.

Finn Star Wars Introduction

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The character of Finn as we all know is new to the Star Wars franchise. Finn was previously one of the best first Group stormtroopers who served under the Captain Phasma and Kylo Ren, but then flees first order and joined Resistance, a military force working against the activities of First Group and headed by Leia Organa. The character wasn’t given an actual name throughout the film, although the X-Wing pilot Poe Dameron (from whom he borrowed the jacket) dubbed him as “Finn” based on his designation “FN-2187”. The character has to gain so much popularity after the release of the film which made us write this detailed Finn Costume Star Wars guide!

Finn Star Wars Jacket

Inspirational Version 01:  Finn’s Jacket Star Wars 7 ($189)

Inspirational Version 02: Finn Star Wars Jacket ($119)

Inspirational Version 03: Finn Jacket Star Wars Costume

Inspirational Version 04: Poe Dameron Jacket For Sale

star wars finn costume
ON SALE – Finn Jacket Star Wars ($189)

The base of Finn costume is a classic star wars Finn jacket which he borrowed from Poe Dameron (portrayed by Oscar Isaac) and then spotted donning it to the rest of the film.  According to the concept art designed by the Finn star wars costumes designer Michael Kaplan, Finn’s jacket Star Wars featuring the accents of brown and tan for making finn cosplay star wars option alive for fans, it has buckle closing closure, stitching detail throughout the sleeves, belted cuffs and back. If you want to make a cosplay then a dark brown finns jacket with strap closing can work, you can also modify it by using red electric tape on the front to get some resemblance. But If you are running from a decent budget and want to get exact John Boyega Finn costume, then you can search and peruse it on clothing stores like Amazon where you can find its screen accurate Finn pilot jacket like this one.

Finn Star Wars Cosplay Ideas Shirt

Inspirational Version 01: Men’s Long-Sleeve Cotton T-Shirt ($7)
Inspirational Version 02: Black Long Sleeve T-Shirt ($6)

finn star wars shirt
ON SALE – Black Long Sleeves Shirt ($13)

John Boyega layered simple and classic long sleeves black t-shirt under his finn pilot jacket If you already have a decent looking t-shirt in your wardrobe with even short sleeves, then it will also go fine to get the similar looks.

Black trousers

Inspirational Version 01:   Men’s Flat-Front Pant ($18)
Inspirational Version 02:  Stain Resistant Relaxed Fit Pant ($21) 

Finn Cosplay Black Trouser
ON SALE – Black Trousers ($18)

Finn costume seems so easy until you are not cosplaying his stormtrooper look. Other than his unique jacket and decent turtleneck it Finn outfits includes black straight cut with narrow bottoms.

finn star wars shoes

Inspirational Version 01:  Men’s finn shoes sale ($29)
Inspirational Version 02: Men’s Finn Shoes Star Wars($75)

finn shoe
Finn Shoes On Sale ($68)

Different movie pictures revealed that finns shoes featuring the accent of the same color as his jacket, it looks, comprising 80’s vintage style, detailed front and black soles. If you have brown shoes, then you can spray the black color on the soles, or alternatively, if you have a black slip on shoes, then spray the front with light brown and leave bottom with black!


Inspirational Version 01:   Finn Blaster Costume Accessory
Inspirational Version 02:   Finn’s Blaster with Belt

ON SALE – Star Wars Finn Blaster ($17)

John spotted carrying this blaster in different movie pictures and posters, If you want to to make screen accurate Star Wars Finn costume cosplay then this his blasted can’t be ignored. You can find the white and orange blaster along similarly looking brown strap on Amazon

Lightsaber Strapon

Inspirational Version 01: Skywalker Extendable Lightsaber ($13)
Inspirational Version 02: Star Wars Luke Skywalker Lightsaber (73)

ON SALE – Star Wars Blue Lightsaber ($13)

In the movie, Finn’s used Skywalker’s lightsaber which was recovered by Maz Kanata. The lightsaber called the Rey, but she rejected and gifted it to star wars finn cosplay, who used it against fighting Kylo Ren but was badly wounded. Rey then finally picked that Skywalker’s lightsaber and defeated Kylo Ren. You can some really good inspirational one on Amazon, a couple of them mentioned are mentioned below.

Other Costume and Accessories


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