Skyfall: The Best Bond Movie Ever Made

Skyfall is the best Bond movie ever, there are the facts that it is the 14th and the first Bond movie to generate more than $1 billion worldwide, eight grossing films of all time as well as the highest grossing film in the UK and, highest earning movie in the Bond series and also the second highest film in 2012.

Daniel Craig performed the third time role of bond in  Skyfall after doing a fantastic job in his previous two Bond movies (Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace) he is the 6th Bond in 50 years of Bond career and may be more successful too.

The main reasons of Skyfall triumph are discussed below.

1. Daniel Craig:

Craig who worked superbly in his all Bond movies made his debut as Bond in 2006 with Casino Royale and made it the highest grossing movie in Bond history. After his incredible job in his starting two Bond movies he is given a chance again Skyfall and guess what he stunned everyone again from his superb performance. He impressed lots of people from his killing style and performance.  In my opinion, Daniel Craig is the main reason of Skyfall success his great acting made his impact on all Bond 007 fans and he is considered the most flourishing Bond of all time.

 2. Story:

This fantastic movie started in Istanbul in which Bond was assigned to save a computer drive posses the list of British agents.  He chased the man with the help of MI6 operative Eve, first by car and motorbike then both of them have a clash over a moving train at the same time his assistant took the rifle due to the order of M to kill the enemy bearing drive, firstly she hesitate because both Patrice and Bond still grappling with each other and then hit the shot but unfortunately she hit to Bond’s shoulder and fall in the river and considered being dead. It was quite dramatic move in the movie and forced the viewers to see it with complete focus although in real Bond was not dead and repairs to catch their enemies having that computer drive.

bond-620_1608140a3. Direction:

Different directors were introduced in last six Bond movies, but the 47 years old Sam Mendes director of Skyfall call out again for 24th Bond film. This is all done by his great direction skills although it was a brave and surprising decision to bring him and giving a chance because his profile was not exciting enough, but all in all he proved himself one of the best directors in the Bond series. Mendes made this movie more interesting by showing his abilities in creating the suspense and drama with trumping up the tension and some of its lovely and beautiful scenes. Especially the scene of china where Bond takes another agent over a tall complex at night it was an interesting vision to see because both of the agents were fighting and in front of  colored bluish hues.

skyfall-james-bond-china-14. Clothing

Daniel Craig Grey Suit in Skyfall

Suiting is something for which James Bond 007 is best known. In his entire journey he wore some of unique and stylish suits and tuxedo which is liked by his beloved fans. In this movie at the time of portraying the role of Bond 007 Daniel Craig really sustain the class of James Bond clothing. Like all other movies Bond was looking elegant in his phenomenal suits and tuxedo. The most familiar dress up of Bond which generating the bunch success is his midnight blue tuxedo. This is the one of the best apparel in Bond history which made his impact on Bond fans in its first glance. The other Skyfall suit includes charcoal pinstripe suit and gray suit which he used to wear in the initial part of the film.

5. Summary:

In the end due to all these features Skyfall achieved greater success and admiration by its fans. Because of the great story and beautiful scenes with suspenses and surprises and most importantly Daniel Craig who looks great as James Bond. Many of his fans want to see him again upcoming Bond movies, that’s why he has been signed for the next movie of the series – Bond 24. We all are excited about it, this time the same Director producer and the same Bond. Will it again break the bunch of records? To witness this we all have to wait till October 23, 2015

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