Roger Moore as James Bond

bond_-_roger_moore_-_profileFew weeks ago, we talked about Sir Sean Connery, with little introduction we discussed his career as James Bond, and now we like to share the same things about Sir Roger Moore in the same way first with his intro and beginning, and then his Bond career . The great legend was born in Stockwell, South London in the year of 1927, the son of a policemen started his career as an Artist and then went to British Military for serving its services during the second world war. Handsome and charming Moore got a chance to show his talent in few movies after contracted with MGM, his early movies are Diane (1956) Interrupted Melody (1955) and Last Time I Saw Paris too, he was spotted in various TV series too including The Alaskans, Ivanhoe, Maverick, and The Persuaders, and of course who can forget the great drama series named The Saint, in which Moore performed the role of Simon Templar.

After great success of his movies and Drama series, he was brought for the great James Bond role in the Ian Fleming’s eighth James Bond movie “Live and Let Die” He was the third to perform Bond – the spy character (after Sir Sean Connery and George Lazenby) he was more relaxed and calm than Sean Connery, his first movie was made in a decent budget ($7.00) but Roger Moore‘s great performance made It the third highest grossing film as compared to previous Bond films. He was also criticized by many Connery fans that he is not perfect for James Bond role due to his lightweight attitude, but he focused on his performance and hold the record of starring in most James Bond official movies (which is still unbeatable) he played Bond role in seven films naming “Live and Let Die”, “The Man with the Golden Gun”, “The Spy Who Loved Me”, “Moonwalker”, “For Your Eyes Only”, “Octopussy”, and ended his career with “A View to a Kill”, there are several reasons behind its success which definitely deserve to be share.


Roger Moore

His own Bond:

Yes he is his own Bond; he does not sound like James Bond or Sean Connery, and never follow Connery for performing secret agent role, he just played it in his own way. He is popular for giving James Bond movie series a new dimension from his distinction acting.


Roger Moore as James Bond performed many memorable stunts in which the best ones includes Live and Let die scene where he faced and fought with crocodile, and in his 6th film he has jump from a plane and grab parachute to go the down way, but the union jack parachute scene from the movie The Spy Who Loved Me was the most dangerous and

Arch Enemies:

While performing the secret agent role he faced the most dangerous and arch enemies in Bond history, including the man with the golden gun Francisco Scaramanga, his assistant Nick Nack and giant jaws in the film The Spy Who Love me.

Just too cool:Set featured image

Moore was not have the hot dazzling look or muscles and abs like Daniel Craig but still he did not shy while showing his body. There is no physical tension in his movies unlike many others Pierce Brosnan & George Lazenby, and he also did not try hard to follow James Bond role according to Fleming’s spy novel.

Sir Roger Moore

We all love Moore not for performing James Bond role but to give a fresh look to the Bond series, he not only proved himself a best secret agent but best entertaining Bond too who solve the missions joyfully and play with his enemies. In one of his earlier interview his answer against the question of his fancy acting in James Bond movies was quite interesting, he replied, “I love acting. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t do it. I love my profession. I like story-telling. I like entertaining people, amusing people, endeavoring to give people pleasure. That shows his dedication towards his fans. The living legend is now working as Goodwill Ambassador of the charity organization “UNICEF”

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