Top 11 James Bond Suits And Tuxedo From 007 Movie


Undeniably there is a whole soccer team of actors playing the legendary role of Mi6 agent James Bond had appeared in 23 movies from the last five decades. In this distinctive time period of the franchise many memorable and incredible 007 outfits had been introduced out which we are going to list top 10 James bond outfits below.

Daniel Craig Blue Tuxedo


Daniel Craig has worn three sensational tuxedos during his era of spy agent 007, out of which this Daniel Craig midnight blue suit is the most recent and probably the best Spy outfits. We all know how good James Bond is when it comes to his formal dressing , he is the star icon every wants to look alike and dress like Daniel craig. Bond has the great efficiency of turning any bonds suits into a masterpiece by wearing it with the balance of both style and formality. And in Skyfall he further establishes his reputation by wearing this Daniel craig tuxedo in the Casino of Macau.

Craig Trunks


Daniel Craig presented us as the modern era of Bond by wearing these light blue james bond style swim trunks. Most guys prefer to wear large and broad shots these days, but the new Bond decided to turn himself in a sex symbol by wearing this tightly fit low rise short. James bond Costume designer Hemming said, “I wanted to put Daniel in something modern but baggy Surfy shots just wouldn’t be right for Bond,” This James bond swim trunks casino royale  chosen to reference Connery’s Thunderball swimming shorts intentionally.

Ben Whishaw Cardigan as Q

Q Cardigan

Ben Whishaw introduced to all of us as the latest Q master is in recent 007 entry Skyfall. He introduced to all of us as the real young nerd you will see in the every technology organization. Deliberately his looks were entirely different than Bond, his camel front cardigan and navy tie ensemble looked so refined and yet completely contrasted with burgundy trimmings. It is one of the best fashion moments in the history of the franchise.

Bond First Dinner Suit

Thunderball, Sean Connery, 1965

Here it is, the first ever james bond tuxedo wore by Sean Connery while portraying James Bond role in Dr. No. Till now Bond had worn more than two dozens of two tuxedos in his 23 spy movies but this james bond sean connery tuxedo he putts on was simply magnificent. Ian Fleming’s creation introduced to the world with this midnight blue tuxedo, and this Bond evening kit will always be remembered for its legendary appearance no doubt!

Bond Cashmere Sweater


Ski wear definitely is a Bond staple, the Mi6 agent spotted with many splendid sky outfits whether it was Moore’s Spy Who Loved Me yellow suit, Lezenby’s plaid James bond jacket, or Brosnan’s Ballantyne Cashmere Sweater. The Irish actor Pierce Brosnan starred in number of wearers by Scottish firm Ballantyne Cashmere, but this james bond cosplay sweater given by his rival after kidnapping him showing the chic and style of 007.-

Connery Goldfinger Suits

Goldfinger suit

Meet with the first ever 007 suit in the history of James Bond 007. The Original Bond Sean Connery wore out this classy and refined Dr no costume in the iconic movie “Goldfinger”.  Connery portrayed many shots with this best james bond suits and beside it’s amazing pattern of Prince of Wales this James bond goldfinger suits was faltering numerous incredible features. Interestingly, this sean connery bond suit has been introduced to us in 1964, and still after 50 years, it is one of the most demanding james bond sean connery suit in the history of the franchise.

Sean Connery Goldfinger Sweater

Goldfinger, Sean Connery

Simplicity is best if adapt with perfection, and Mr. Bond is best in that business. We all have seen James Bond is a gentleman sportsman too, worn out by Sean Connery while playing one of the most iconic scene in which Bond plays Gold with Auric Goldfinger. Connery wore out navy blue trouser with this V shaped wine colored magnificent sweaters. He had also worn polo shirt underneath it along with dark gray hat bearing couple of bands of red and white stripes.

Blofeld Mao Coat


Although this Mao coat didn’t wear by any Bond star, but still it is quite famous for its uniqueness and its historical background. We had discussed briefly about this Blofeld outfit couple of weeks before too. As we all know that this blofeld mao suit coat has been worn out by an English actor Donald Pleasence while playing a Bond villain; Ernst Stavro Blofeld in You Live Only Twice. This unique Blofeld costumes coat comes from great Chinese leader Mao Zedong, who used to wear them in public. The original designer coat for Donald has been sold in the Bahamas in £25,200.

Lezenby’s Ruffled Shirt


This George Lezenby shirt has to in this list, although his spy movie was darker than other movies of the series, but still he was well appreciated for his film’s groovy wardrobe. Lezenby appeared in only one spy movie, but he made sure to wear a number of amazing outfits, he had worn this two ruffled shirt in the movie. It is featuring pointed collar, double cuffs, and mother of buttons down the placket. Interestingly Lezenby was the only Bond star wearing a ruffled shirt in 007 movies.

Connery James Bond Duck Hat



Legendary Sean Connery had worn a variety of hats in his early spy movies, but after more than a half century of the spy franchise it is still demanding and inspiration for many Bond fans. These Sean Connery hats have been designed by one of the oldest and renowned England hatters “Lock and Co”. he wore a James bond hat in his first 007 Dr No movie and in his latest two movies From Russia with Love, and Goldfinger he preferred the similar style, and size trilby with dark grey color.

James Bond Bomber Jacket

James Bond Spectre Bomber Jacket

Daniel Craig returns for playing the character of British spy fourth time in the Spectre. The actor spotted donning yet after another stylish and sleek attire throughout a film, but this appealing James Bond Spectre Jacket was certainly the best 007 spectre outfits from the latest installment. Designed by Tom Ford, this James bond leather jacket featuring elegant quilted stitch front. YKK zip closure, rib knitted collar and cuffs.

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