How to Tie a Tie – Easy Way To Tie a Tie


If you are big and so much tall then you have a choice. Also if you are tying a knot tie which is so small then no problem because you should make it a four hand tie knot as it is the most simple and easy knot.

Suppose you are broad men, then you have also a choice to tie your tie which is long enough and also it won’t disturb you and also look awesome. If you tie a large Knot in it, also it makes you look good and also exactly of your size.

Now if you are shorter than the minimum size will look better on you, also it’s a simple knots.

How to Make a Tie for Casual or any Occasional Use

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Most decent knots were mostly considered as casual. If you really want yourself to look fantastic and also traditional then you must tie a windsor Knot tie. Also wearing this type of tie in occasions or any function will be astonishing and also seems great. Do you know Prince Charles which is famous for his tie including the four-in-hand tie knot. Here we will discuss how to tie a necktie knots in different styles.





Four In Hand Tie Knot




This is the most famous knot on the planet also the four in hand knot tie, it is simple and easy way to tie a tie. It is the best choice for the young people who never want themselves to look so oppressive. Also, four knot tie is not a slacker’s knot.


How To Tie Windsor Tie Knot




This full windsor tie knot is the big and the most perfect Knot for the formal use. Tying a windsor knot looks more awesome with an extend or a cutaway collar. This Full Windsor knot tie is also perfect for parties, black tie events or any other events.



The Half Windsor Tie Knots


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This half Windsor knot tie is the solo and also the thin knot as well as it also looks amazing. These knot suites more on you when it is worn with a narrow shirt collar.



The Pratt Tie Knots




This Pratt knot tie will be considered as the favorite knot for the members of the governments. The tie should be in backward position which is the first step. If you want a thin Knot then this is the best one.



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