How to Make a Captain America Costume – DIY Guide


Captain America is one of the most famous characters in the superhero universe, from fighting Axis power of World War II with his superhuman abilities to destroying the brutal evils being an almighty Avengers, Steve Roger always remains a symbol of patriotism and freedom. Captain America is no doubt inspiring the US military since his origin back in 1941 when the America’s greatest ever soldier debut in Captain America Comics #1 and then long held a strong place in the hearts and imaginations of comics and fans. The American Actor Chris Evans portrayed Steve Rogers and bring the character to the big screens. He portrayed Captain America in five occasions including a Cameo in “Thor: The Dark World” and Civil War.

Beside his crime fighting and superhuman abilities, Captain America is very popular for his Captain America civil war costumes, as he wore different uniforms and suit in every movie. Most of the fans approach different Captain America costume tutorial and guide for getting the fascinating looks of American Icon when it comes to Halloween season, comic cons, and different costume parties. If you also looking to create your own version of Diy Captain America costume then you need a complete list of his costumes and accessories, here in the guide, we have highlighted all those things for you!

Captain America Civil War Jacket

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If you want to cosplay Captain America in style then this jacket is what you need. Inspired by Steve Roger’s latest Civil War costume, this Captain America leather jacket will add luxuriousness and elegance in your personality. This Captain America costume jacket has impeccable features besides the screen accurate looks, it includes a stylish collar, authentic YKK zipper with Velcro straps closure for an attractive look. This Captain America bomber jacket is similar to the one wear by Steve Roger, it has red and white straps to offer you the exact looks, padded elbow, ‘A’ logo on biceps with red straps giving this Captain America winter soldier leather jacket an overwhelmingly beautiful look.

Captain America Cosplay Costume

diy captain america costume
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Chris Evans has worn over half dozens of suits in five outings as an American soldier and crime fighter.  In his debuted appearance in Captain America in First Avengers, he wore three different uniforms including classic NSO uniform, brown motor biker jacket with War pants, and the lastly a Howard stark costume made with the combination of his traditional and modern comics look. Captain America Avengers Costume resembled his NSO uniform, whereas the mask was similar to Marvel’s Earth 616 costume. Captain America winter soldier costume was completely inspired from “Steve Rogers: Super Soldier comics” . Captain America uniform created by none other than Tony Shark with few technological modifications. In Captain America Civil War, Chris Evans wearing the similar looking costumes with the addition of more blue, white, and red straps.

Captain America Shield Replica

how to make a captain america costume
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The shield is undoubtedly a primary weapon of Captain America.  He uses the different shields in comics and movies, but the most famous one has a disc shape and features blue, white, red circles with five-pointed star. This Real captain america shield is virtually indestructible; he uses it for safety and attacking his enemies by throwing and performing different tricks with it. If you want to cosplay Captain America perfectly this is the must have accessory.

Captain America Mask For sale

captain america costume tutorial
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Captain America mask is another very key accessory to complete the look and dress like Captain America. Just like the captain america mask template changed with every film, but one thing that remains common in all his helmets is “A” logo, some of them also feature a strap to fix the position and open ear design. If you going to buy Captain America suit then it is very likely that Captain america mask cosplay also included in the costume, but in case if it doesn’t or you have only needed a mask then you also buy it separately.

Captain America Gloves

how to make captain america costume
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Captain America gloves vary from brown to red color. Chris Evans spotted wearing red Captain America gloves with his classic NSO Suit and his first Avengers costume, but recently in Captain America Winter Soldier suit and Avengers Age of Ultron he wore these combat brown gloves. You can find both styles of gloves online easily.

Captain America Belt and harness

captain america suits
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The Captain America also wears combat belts with functional pouches and guards for safety during hunting his enemies. You can add a finishing touch to your Captain America Halloween costume by donning this Velcro strap combat belt with the safety guards.

Captain America T-Shirt

captain america civil war shirt
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Get classic comfort and dependable durability with this Captain America T-Shirt which gives you relax feel with style in your persona. Captain America is the brave American soldier and one of the most famous characters in superheroes universe. The character has been introduce by Marvel Comics, if you want to have a cool Captain America look that have this Captain America diy outfit and wear it with your regular pair of jeans, trousers or khakis. Perfect for all of them who don’t want to wear Captain America Suits, but to have something that can show their love for this well-known Marvel character? Grab this T-shirt and let’s set a new style trend.

Captain America Shoes


adult captain america costume
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Kick up your look and give the final touch to your Captain America Costume by having these stylish and classic boots. These Captain America Boots is similar to the one that wear by Steve Roger in his Captain America film. These shoes will enhance your overall appearance and give you comfort and relax feel and prevent you from cold weather. Made up of top quality material, finest crafting with simple design makes you to stand with full confident by wearing these boots with your diy Captain America Costume.

Captain America Civil War Cup

captain america civil war cup
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Fabulous, not only your child adults will also love to drinks anything in this cup. This colorful Captain America coffee cup contains logo which allows you to enjoy your drinks with having some more fun and entertainment. If any of your friends love to follow Chris Evans the first avenger than this Captain America tea cup will be the perfect present for his/her. This Captain America cup Made up of best quality material, finest crafting and its light enough that you can carry it with you anywhere you like.

Captain America Dress Socks

captain america Socks
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Give your feet personality, let your feet tell a story, don’t afraid to stand out, people who stand out can able to make their style trend. You have got this chance to make your style statement by wearing this Captain America sock Walmart which boosts up your overall outfit. Wear Captain America socks that have ears; we guarantee when you walk into the room, your feet will start the conversation before you do. Made up of high-quality, comfortable socks with highly stretch cotton blend.

Captain America Civil War Toy

Captain america toy
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There is no doubt that adults also love to gathered collectibles of different superheroes. All the collectibles are outstanding, but most of the adults and children like Captain America collectibles. Cool toy figure that is a bubble head, the shield is removable. Captain America toy shield is made up of premium quality material with unique design best for home decor item. The unique design brings Funkos house style into the world of plastic figures, and we just know that this Captain America Shield toy is going to look great on your desk.

Captain america phone case

captain america iphone 5 case
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The best way to get your friend jealous by your new phone cover which looks great and capture the attention towards you when carrying this regularly with you.  A Captain america iPhone case not only protects your phone from accidental scratch and dent but also shows your particular taste and personality to the people around. So just choose this Captain America cover case to dress up your phone! The captain america cell phone case protects the devices ports and jacks while still allowing access for headphones, charging and accessories. It also can be an excellent gift for your friend or families who are the fan of Captain America.

Captain America Cape and Mask

Captain america cape and mask
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Four Sets of Comics Cartoon Hero Capes and Masks: The package includes Batman, Captain America, and Superman. All of these are favorite of every child, and they all want to be like them in any costume or theme party by dressing up one of their favorite superheroes who inspired them the most. I have bought Captain America mask and cape for my son to complete his Captain America costume civil warEco-Friendly Design and Safe Materials – Masks are soft felt and easily adjustable to strap onto any size head. Kids can play comfortably with our double sided satin capes.

Captain America Mask Cosplay

DIY Captain america mask
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A Captain America Face mask bag for the children which you can use for your child’s birthday party. I have ordered this Captain America mask and shield for my son birthday party, and I am glad that he and all his friends enjoy the party while wearing this mask and imagine their self as one of the superheroes. The bag contains many different superheroes mask like Captain America Chris Evans, Batman, Superman and much more. So your child has a wide choice to pick his/her favorite superhero mask.

Captain America Costume For Kid

Captain america costume girl
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Precious girl Captain America costume! Buy this costume for your daughter and dress up her like a superheroine in any theme event or prom night. Because Chris Evans not inspired only boys by this acting and outfits, girls are also the craziest fan of him and love to gather his accessories for showing off their love to everyone. This Captain America Halloween costume is made up of top quality fabric with nicely stitching done by the experts. This Homemade Captain America costume comes with arm bands and masks which give your daughter an eye-catching look.

Top 6 Captain America costume

Captain America Costume First Avenger

best captain america costume

With design input from S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Phil Coulson, a keen collector of WWII era Captain America memorabilia, avengers’ captain America uniform reminds the strength of this classic stars, brings the brightly colored look into the 21st century with modern materials and functionality. The ww2 captain America uniform design in a unique way as it has exposed zippers (up the stomach and on his legs). And while the lightly armored uniform is also the sleekest of all his outfits, it’s the only one that doesn’t allow him to strap his shield to his back. The uniform is last-time worn during the Battle of New York. The last version of the helmet intimately resembles Cap’s mask from Marvel’s Earth 616 universe. Moreover, in simple word the outfits look less like a soldier uniform and more like a superhero costume.

First Avenger Captain America Costume

captain america costume avengers age of ultron

This Captain America the first avenger costume is basically known as rescue uniform. Rogers was on rescue mission when he found the most of the men from his friend Bucky Barnes unit were captured or killed by the forces of Johann Schmidt. To make his solider costume less prominent, Rogers stay on a leather combat jacket, trousers, boots, and arms himself with his stage shield and helmet having “A” logo that he take from one of the “U-S-A” chorus girls. With the help of Agent Peggy Carter, Rogers is flown 30 miles at the back enemy lines by arms trader and Strategic Scientific Reserve engineer Howard Stark.

Captain America The Avengers Costume

captain america costume men

Knowing the value in the images of captain America USO costume and its capability to allow him to lead, Rogers presents the ideas for the design of captain America new costume as field uniform to Howard Stark. Stark makes Rogers’ uniform with carbon polymer, a knife and bullet anti fabric. Stark also designs captain America original shields for Rogers, which made out of the rarest metal on earth: Vibranium, a completely shaking absorbent metal that is stronger than steel and its weight. This is the captain America attire that Rogers wore the longest, as when he was frozen for 70 years after crash landing the Red Skull’s jet into the Antarctic, this was the costume that he worn during that period.

Captain America Avengers 2 Costume

captain america new costume

In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Steve Rogers may be the boss, but Tony Stark pays for everything and plans everything, including Rogers’ first post-S.H.I.E.L.D uniform. And in particular Stark style, Rogers is given some hi-tech upgrade to his uniform and shield. Roger worn an advance captain America age of Ultron costume designed by Tony Stark. The uniform combined the features of super solider/winter solider stealth suit with the loyal coloring of his variant WW2 field uniform. His new gauntlet also allows him to recall his Vibranium shield as the shield is now electromagnetically attach to his gauntlet.

Captain America Winter Soldier Costume Cosplay

captain america costume winter soldier

For the next installment in the marvel cinematic universe, captain America: The winter soldier 2014 began by wearing all new stealth uniform designed for convert operations. This captain America winter soldier uniform is in dark blue color with silver stripes across the chest and little red stripes that run down the side of his ribs to his knee just same to captain America comic superhero costume. The bullet-proof uniform symbolizes the latest military war apparel while, this captain America winter solider uniform also features a communicator in his right glove, straps that allow him to magnetically handle his shield to his back, and is the first to feature an open ear style for his mask/helmet.

Captain America Costume Civil War

new captain america costume

Captain America uniform remains the same from the Age of Ultron to the recent movie Captain America: Civil War. Captain America civil war uniform is slightly different than his WW2 uniform like Silver Star has been simplified, the trousers are also redesigned with some modifications and there some minor color variations as well. This uniform becomes so much popular that everyone wants to dress up like Steve Roger in their costume party or any cosplay to show off their love to this brave and motivated American Soldier.

Here our Captain America costume guide comes to an end. Now it’s your turn to add some sparks in your style by wearing Captain America suits and we hope that this guide will help you out that how to make your own Diy Captain America costume. Grab this outstanding outfit and amaze your friends by you new look.

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