Iron man’s red and gold armor suit is undoubtedly the most famous and recognizable costume of the Marvel cinematic universe. From Batman spy gadgets to Wolverine dangerous claws nothing can come closer to firework of Tony Shark’s highly modified red armor.  Over the past five decades, Tony Shark’s Iron Man suit costume has been gone through different appearances and radically changes in color, size, and shape as a result of the modification made by the genius Tony Shark himself for every possible situation.  We also got an opportunity to see the different variations of his Iron Man Halloween costumes in movies from his real iron man suit in the debuted film “Iron Man” to incredible armor in Civil War.

Robert Downey Jr. has portrayed the character of famous Marvel’s playboy in three solo Iron Man and two Avengers films until now. The Iron Man about to make his sixth appearance in the upcoming highly anticipated film “Captain America: Civil War” in the honor of this incredible superhero event we have rounded-up different ways in our costume guide to get his iconic looks effortlessly. Well this guide is only for authentic Iron Man costume DIY, but if you want to replicate the other most important character of the film then you can visit our Captain America DIY guide to get the same looks. Let star our guide to be an Iron Man!

Iron Man Armor For Sale


If you do not have billions of dollar or genius IQ level like Tony Shark to create a masterpiece, still you can get the similar looks by owning a Iron man halloween costume at affordable prices. If you are looking for the store where you can start your research of being Iron Man then we suggest you start with the recommendations we have made above. Yes, you can have it from online platforms like Amazon without spending thousands of bucks. You might have seen several cosplayers donning his infamous best iron man costume ever at Halloween parties or comic conventions because it is the one that caught the attention of fans over the several Tony Shark’s appearances. If you are running short of money then you can also leap into different DIY guide to know How to make an Iron Man costume on a budget.

Iron Man Hoodie Jacket


It is not necessary to putt an incredibly giant armor suit to bring our your Iron Man. You can still blast and pretend to be a genius like Tony Shark by putting on Replica iron man costume Hoodie features the texture and design of his infamous red and gold armor suit. These iron man jacket and iron man Hoodie are recommendable for all those cosplayers who are looking for the cheaper option to replicate Iron Man.

Iron Man T-Shirts


We keep saying in our previous guides including Superman costume, and Deadpool costume that a shirt with the design and logo of our favorite superhero can be a great addition to your iron man cosplay costume because iron man shirt offers you the opportunity to add the look of your icon without spending much. We have highlighted different options regarding iron man t suit costume either features the Iron Man logo, iron man civil war suit design, and texture, ultimate iron man skull, or Iron Man himself.

Iron Man Helmet Replica


To become the greatest Iron Man cosplayer you need to get the right accessories to compliment your overall appearance. The iron man face mask is the primary accessory of Tony Shark’s modified iron man civil war costume and the must have item if you are planning to get his screen accurate looks.  Just like the iron man diy costume, his gold and red helmet becomes so famous the fans. The iron man mask we have mentioned here comprising voice changer that can make you talk and look like a genius.

Iron Man Gloves Toy


These pair of electronic iron man gloves will allow you to make a signature Iron Man pose. Nothing can stop you being an Iron Man and unleashing your inside superhero by donning these classic iron man costume gloves having the similar repulse light and soundtrack. Besides the exceptional features these real iron man costume accessories you can offer you the great power to save the World from destruction.

Iron Man Chest Piece: Arc Reactor

iron man arc reactor replica

The arc reactor may be small, but it’s a base of Iron Man Halloween costume. Tony Shark’s armor has been gone through different changes, but iron man arc reactor has made its presence feel in his every suit. There are several of different extensive and detailed Iron man cosplay tutorial guides that showing you to make iron man arc reactor with steps, but if you want a screen accurate one then the easiest option is to go online and find the one.