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Are you the biggest fan of movie characters and want to rob the closet of your favorite movie character? Now it’s easy to make your outfit and show your love for them. There are many occasions on which you can wear the attire of your favorite movie characters such as cosplay is the best example of this, but other than theme party you can wear some of the celebrity apparel in casual gatherings or wedding event as well. In this below guide we have gathered our amazing ideas from latest years along with classy and everlasting suggestions to help you out on how to make your own favorite movie character attire. So, friends don’t wait for the last minute for finalizing the clothes for any occasion just follow this guide and have the best and stylish celebrity outfits which you like the most. We have made our very efforts and figured out some nice ideas according to your preference.

Captain America

It doesn’t matter that whether you’re a kid, girl or men if you have ever watched the Avengers or read the Marvel Comics then you all have a wish to become like Captain America even sometimes you feel like a cap or treat yourself as an America Solider. The role of Captain America has been played by an American actor Chris Evans who truly deserved a salute for the outstanding performance throughout the movie. Now it’s your turn to show off your love for Chris Evans by wear Captain America costume in any costume night, or you can use many of Chris Evans outfits in your daily wear like Captain America jacket, t-shirt, boots and much more. If you want to know in detail than follow this link as we have written a detailed costume guide on how to make Captain America costume which includes his clothes as well as his accessories also, but if you want Chris Evans to look right now than below are some suggestion which help you out to look similar like Captain America.

James Bond

Not much to say about this well-known and famous character of all time. How many of us want to be British stylish and best spy, Are one of them? While the James Bond is an imaginary character, but he lives in everyone’s heart, and many girls want that her life partner looks like James Bond. Many of your friends want to dress up like him to impress their loved ones. The actor who enjoyed this character the most is a British star Daniel Craig who received higher ranking among others. The journey of Craig has been gone through different stages, but the thing that remains the same is James Bond clothing which is the timeless attire of all time. From James Bond tuxedo to pants, from shoes to watches and the accessories all you will find in this detailed costume guide of James Bond Daniel Craig suit as we have combined some interesting information for all the fans of James Bond who wishes to look like him in their special occasion or day. Below we have mentioned timeless Daniel Craig Suit and accessories which he carried in his films while portraying the character of James Bond.

Tenth Doctor Who

Full of entertainment, stylish and will do anything to make people happy. I think you are truly related to one of the famous, most watched and long lasting TV serial Doctor Who Tenth Doctor. This character has been played by David Tennant. David stayed for around three seasons which includes special episode as well. Out of all other doctors, he had the most charming personality and was fun to watch. People admire his dressing style and wish to have 10th doctor costume just to have a similar look like him. If we say that the David Tennant is the one to has done hard and great job to take the TV serial to the next level. If you want to have perfect appearances like David Tennant that you should follow our detailed guide on Dr who cosplay costume, but if you are in a hurry then below are some easy steps to have a similar look like the Tenth Doctor who.

Harley Quinn

Hold down your breath ladies here is your favorite movie character. Joker’s girlfriend or it’s better to say his girl-toy, mad and the craziest character of DC universe none other than Harley Quinn is without any doubt the favorite women character of almost all the girls. If you are one of the biggest fans and have some craziness inside you, but it’s still hidden than it’s a great time to get it out and show your madness to your friends and loved ones by wearing Harley Quinn cosplay costume in your upcoming costume night, or you can use her accessories with your casual outfits also. This character was not only appeared in movies, but Harley Quinn character has gone through animated TV series, comic, and video games also, but the thing that remains the same is Harley Quinn attractive and classic style. You get the help by reading a detailed tutorial on Diy Harley Quinn costume guide, or you can get these useful items and make your look like the crazy girl in a town.


Deadshot or best known as the deadly villain of DC universe, whose simple aim is: “To Get the Job Done.”And there is no doubt that Deadshot is one of the best marksmen in the market who inspired people to dress up like him in cosplay or theme night and show off your love for him. Furthermore, with the releases of Suicide Squad people become crazier to be a Deadshot from kids to adults everyone wishes to look like a man who never missed his targets and who carried out his mission without failing. So, if you are going to any theme party than we highly suggest you portray the character of Deadshot and amaze the crowd at your first glance. Get the comprehensive details from the Deadshot Cosplay guide for a perfect look of this assassin. Below are the easy steps from which you can get his unique and classic style.


Here you have the complete idea regarding the dressing style and accessories of your favorite movie characters. So just take the help from this guide and dress up like the one who inspired you the most and whom you wish to look like in any occasion. Good Luck Friends!

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