Harley Quinn Costume: Suicide Squad And Arkham Knights

Harley Quinn Costume Guide

Harley Quinn is no doubt one of the most prominent character in the recently released movie “Suicide Squad”. The character of Joker’s love interest caught the attention of fans from here insane and sizzling looks with funny one liners since the first trailer. Harley Quinn character debuted in 90’s animated TV series for just cameo, but after being so popular it later appeared in comics, games and now in big screen as well. The Australian beauty who also appeared in few blockbusters including Wolf of Wall Street and the Legends of Tarzan. Harley Quinn no doubt become the most lovable character from the movie since the first trailer release, but especially the teenagers who made this character their first choice to dress up for any comic con or Harley Quinn cosplay Costume. She worn an attractive apparel and without any doubt, she successfully captured the attention of a great number of audience. If you want to give Harley Quinn outfits to your girlfriend, friends, sister or girls who want to dress like her, so take a help from this comprehensive Margot Robbie Harley Quinn costume which we have discussed all the costumes and items of your favorite character

For Movie Lovers


The adventurous film Suicide Squad remained at the top of the box office for three consecutive week after its release. The total earning up to now is approximately $744.3 Million Worldwide. The movie is considered one of the good movie of this year. Fans of DC Comics became crazy before the released and a great number of fans dressed up like its central character “Harley Quinn” in this 2016 Halloween and some are planning to portrays her in their any other costume party. Before this Christmas Gift guide we’ve already done Suicide Squad guide in which we have covered everything from Harley Quinn shorts to her jackets and accessories. So now we are going to start our Christmas gift guide

Harley Quinn Property of Joker Jacket

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Girls let’s set your own fashion standard by wearing this DIY Harley Quinn Jacket which has been worn by Margot Robbie in the movie Suicide Squad. This Property of joker jacket made by using premium fabric with amazing element of inner lining. This Harley Quinn Jacket DIY help you to make a shine image in the current fashion trend.

Puddin Choker Necklace

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This amazing and stylish has created for the fans of Margot Robbie. This harley quinn choker necklace is a replica from the 2016 film Suicide Squad. Harley Quinn puddin Necklace will not only give you a beautiful look, but it will also make you unique from others. So whom you are waiting for? Let’s have this suicide squad puddin Necklace and add some style in your jewellery collection.

Harley Quinn Yes Sir Bracelet Cuffs

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Want to have something unique and stylish in your hand which capture the attention of all the girls and boys? So try this yes sir bracelet which are the copy of the one worn by Harley Quinn. As you know that people are mad about suicide squad and just imagine you are wearing this fascinating yes sir bracelet in party, how attractive and appealing you will look? Are you ready to beat all the other individual in the fashion world by this item?

Daddy’s Little Monster T-Shirt

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One of the most demanding and stunning margot robbie harley quinn shirt. Amazing color, outstanding designing and finest stitching make this simple t-shirt more classic and cool outfit which is a perfect new-year gift for your loved one. The main characteristic of this t-shirt is the quote written on the front “Daddy’s Little Monster” which appreciated most by the teenagers and I am sure most of us already have this in their wardrobe. One of the best gift for all the girls in this new-year, so guys let’s garb this cool t-shirt for your loved ones.

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Standup Cardboard

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Is this not a perfect gift for the fan of Harley Quinn? What you think is in it? I think no other gift makes Harley Quinn fan happier than this Cardboard Standup of Margot Robbie. You can put this in anywhere you like. Flawless item for decoration of children’s birthday party, friend’s gatherings, Festivals or Galas. A best and memorable gift for your loved ones which he/she remember for years.

Harley Quinn Wig Pink and Blue

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Want to give yourself a unique and new hair look? Then this Harley quinn suicide squad Wig will definitely work. Amazing Harley Quinn Halloween costumes wig and by having this to can look like Harley Quinn. It fit well and look quite good. this Suicide Squad harley wig can be used by teenager, adult or even children can also wear this wig. You can also gift this to your friends who want to look like Margot Robbie, but want to color dye their hairs.

Blue & Red Hair Ties

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To wear this hair wig you need something to tie up, so here we come up with matching color hair ties or hair bands which perfectly matched with your wig color. It Look super pretty and despite having the metal on the band, it doesn’t pull out hair. Very easy to wear and comfortable item. Perfect gift with your costume wig to anyone you love to give.

Suicide Squad Charm Bracelet

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Jewellery items always complements and raise up your overall attire look. This 12 charms bracelet indicates very character of Suicide Squad which give you stunning look with your Harley Quinn apparel.  It’s really well made and the charms are durable, too. Absolutely perfect for Harley fans old and jewellery lover.

Red and Blue Shorts

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Want to look sexy and hot like Margot Robbie? Have these harley quinn suicide squad shorts  and capture the attention of all the boys around you. High quality fabric has been used with excellent stitching make these suicide squad harley quinn shorts cool and durable. These shorts having the same color as Harley Quinn worn in the Suicide Squad. It has become girl’s first choice.

Temporary Halloween Tattoos

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Are you crazy about making Tattoos on your body parts? If you are one of them then let’s fulfill your wish by having these temporary harley quinn’s tattoos. This are Super Realistic HQ Temporary Face & Leg Tattoos perfect for comic con or cosplay nights.

Good Night Basketball Bat

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Best gift for your children on their birthday or Harley Quinn lover on this Christmas. An illegal and not harmful weapon that you can carry around the streets at night. This bat will enhance your entire Harley Quinn outfit. Light in weight, but easy to carry and handle.

Black Printed T-Shirt

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Why boys left behind in showing their love for Harley Quinn? This t-shirt is specially design for all the boys who are dam crazy about the Suicide Squad’ central character Margot Robbie. Attractive black color with Harley Quinn picture printed on the front side make this t-shirt more classy and dashing.

Leather Gun Holster

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The Gun holster was one of the most stylish accessories Robbie carried in her recent outing. If you want to replicate every bit of Harley Quinn style then this leather gun holster is the must have item for you. You can wear suicide squad Harley Quinn cosplay costume to keep your gun prop in it and cosplay with perfection.

Margot Robbie Cosplay Belt

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Accessories are one of the important part of your attire. This Pyramid Embossed Harley Quinn Belt is an amazing thing in the costume of Margot Robbie. This harley quinn suicide squad belt is very well designed with the eye-catching golden color. You can wear this harley quinn’s belt not only with Harley Quinn Suicide squad costume, but it can be wear by other outfits also just like with your casual jeans. This accessories will add style in your regular outfit.

Red & Black Harley Quinn Glove

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Besides the remarkable costume there are also many accessories carried by Harley Quinn in the recent movie “Suicide Squad” which includes these stylish looking gloves too. High quality fabric with finest crafting make this Harley Quinn gloves elegant and fashionable item.

Property Of  Joker Knee High Socks

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Have you ever seen these unique and stylish socks before? I am sure many of you want to have this item in your wardrobe and why not? It fits perfectly and the golden print is actually made these socks more attractive and cozy.

Gold Spikes Cuffs

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Here comes another accessory worn by Harley Quinn in her recent film. This harley quinn suicide squad cosplay gold spike cuffs bracelet looks amazing and it will perfect jewellery item for any comic con or best gift for anyone who love to wear these kind of bracelets. These are very good replicas, almost perfect.Fgloves

Suicide Squad HQ Cosplay Boots

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Let’s set your own style trends by wearing these high heels Harley boots with rest of the costume or any other attire you like. The Harley Quinn shoes are very good-looking and the design are perfect just like the one worn by Margot Robbie in the movie.

Harley Quinn Gun Prop

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The madness and menace of joker’s girlfriend doesn’t end up here. Harley Quinn weapons stuffs increasing day and night. This cute Harley Quinn gun is an excellent example of her insane. At first look the harley quinn’s gun seem like it is a kind of children toy, but you can add this stylish piece to your cosplay for a superior look.

Harley Quinn Prison Costume

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Are looking for a complete set of Harley Quinn apparel then here your search comes to an end. These harley quinn prison Costume is really comfy to wear. Looks exactly like harley quinn prison outfit in Suicide Squad. Superb quality of fabric has been used with finest stitching by our skilled craftsman.

For Comic Lovers harley-quinn-animated-tv-series-wallpaper

The character Harley Quinn is a supervillain appeared in the American Comic Book which has been published by DC Comics in 1993. Viewers appreciated this comics very much and they love to portray like her in any costume, Halloween or comic con nights. This character became so much famous that after comic books the same character has been appeared in animated movies or in video games and in recent Harley Quinn appeared in film Suicide Squad.

Harley Quinn 3D Silicone Case for iphone5

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If you are mad about Harley Quinn and collect every single item of her then this item is for you. This is extremely adorable, but it also well fits on your IPhone. You can also gift this phone cover to any of your friends who is also follow Harley Quinn style and love to read her comic books.

Red and Black Shorts

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Here comes another variety of Margot Robbie shorts with different color combination. Perfect present for your girlfriend or anyone who you love. High quality fabric with outstanding stitching and cuts make this simple Harley Comic T-shirt

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This is the DIY Harley Quinn shirt from DC Comics. A perfect outfit for daily wear with great fitting and best for costume or cosplay events. Harley Quinn costume shirt basically for children, so if your child want to look like Harley Quinn then buy this attire and make surprise on this Christmas.

Red & Black Leggings

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Is this an amazing outfit which gives you the similar look of DC Comics Harley Quinn? I am sure there is not much need to convenience you more to buy these outstanding leggings. You can notice it beauty by just seeing the picture. Very well designed and stitching with high quality fabric has been used to give you comfort looks.

Harley Quinn Women’s Skirt

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Girls who want to look hot and little bit sexy in any costume or casual gatherings then this skirt is perfect for all of you. Give appealing and striking look with short t-shirt. Outstanding style and design with long lasting material used in its stitching.

Harley Quinn Complete Comic Dress

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This is for all them who like to wear dresses in parties or gatherings. Wearing this Harley Quinn dress will give you classic and modish appearance. Well-made, very cute and perfect gift as well as best choice if you wear this in any gatherings or hangouts.

For Game Lover


Are you a game lover or inspired by the video game named as Arkham City? Then below are the costume which worn by Harley Quinn. This is basically an action-adventure video game which captured the attention of huge number of people and you will be surprise by knowing that people of all ages love to play this action game which is full of thriller. It was the highest rated game according to the audience rated. This video game has been released in 2011 and its consider one of the best game ever made. Many more versions has been released after this one, but people love to cosplay Harley Quinn attire which she worn in this particular version. Let’s have look individually all of them.

Harley Quinn Arkham City Costume

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Here come the sexiest attire of Harley Quinn which she worn ever before. If you want to steal the hearts of every boys then wear this harley quinn arkham knight costumes in your gatherings or you can also gift this to your friend you who love to wear these kind of dresses.

Black and Red Scarf

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It’s amazing stuff that you can wear with any of your outfits. This scarf perfect to wrap your neck around with excellent stitching and it’s nice and smooth with perfect color.

Harley Arkham Knight Action Figure

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Love to collect different types of toys and you are crazy about Harley Quinn items? Then without wasting any single minute just but this pop and add this in your toy collection. Toys are just the cutest things and children love to gathered lots of toys to show their friends and cousins. Prefect gift for the children or fan of Harley Quinn.

Harley Quinn Cosplay Wig

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If you want to look exactly like Harley Quinn of Arkham City and you have all the necessary item with you then also add this Harley Quinn wigs in your list because without this item your look will be incomplete. Girls you can also use this Harley Quinn arkham knight wig with any other attire which complement with this.

Harley Quinn Logo Charm Necklace

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Last, but not the least item in our list is this cute looking Harley Quinn necklace which capture the attention of everyone and force them to buy  Harley Quinn Bat necklace for themselves or for anyone who they love. High quality stainless metal has been used just to give you the perfect look of Harley Quinn.

By this this guide come to an end. We have tried to give you maximum information about Harley Quinn costumes and harley quinn merchandise which she worn and carried in her recent movie and Arkham city. We hope that this guide will help you out and make your Christmas memorable and remarkable.

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