Get 10 Ultimate Galaxy 2 Star Lord Costume Cosplay Guide

star-lord-costumeSo, friends, you want to cosplay as Peter Quill from Guardians of Galaxy? So for that, you need to know in details about the guardians of the galaxy starlord costume and also about the character which has played this role. It is one of the best starlord movies of Marvel Comics, and I am sure most of you have heard about the Marvel’s superheroes like Gamora, Groot, Rocket Raccoon or Drax. Same like these superheroes Star Lord is also the superhero of Marvel Comics. This character has been portrayed by the famous Hollywood actor Chris Pratt.

Before knowing that how to make starlord costume by your own let’s know the little bit about the life history of this superhero. In Guardians of the Galaxy Peter Quill has been kidnapped by a group of space smugglers. As he grows up, he spends his life as a rascal and most of the time he spends in hooking up with hot alien’s girls, scoring jobs and wasting time with bad guys. Finally, he finds a quality life as Star Lord which results in that Peter Quill left behind all these bad habits.

Moreover, the Guardians of the Galaxy are a group of space explorer that led by Star Lord whose work is to protect this galaxy from threats all across space. Friends are you ready to save your universe from the threats or some worst enemy who always want to destroy the galaxy? I am sure you are! Then let’s gather your star lord stuff. As a leader of this group, Chris Pratt Guardians of the Galaxy costume was one of the biggest highlights of the movie. Let’s look at star lord chris pratt costume.

Star Lord Leather Jacket

star lord jacket
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What comes first in your mind after seeing this star lord jacket replica? Outstanding and classic right! And why not this red color starlord jacket replica looks attractive and will give you eye-catching looks whenever you wear it. Perfect for all the craziest fan of star lord who is excited for Chris Pratt upcoming movie “Guardians of Galaxy 2.” The main advantage of the outfit is that it’s not limited as star lord cosplay jacket; you can wear it on parties, outings, casual events or a romantic date as well. With unique and stylish pattern made this attire more classy and modish.

Friends, here we have good news for all of you, for all the fashion forward guys we are proudly presenting this another Guardians of the galaxy jacket which is made up of top quality fabric with unique style just to offer you stunning appearance. Star Lord Leather jacket replica looks epic, and I am sure you will look good in it.

Star Lord Trench Coat

star lord coat
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Fans who want to have a similar look like Peter Quill than they must have this star lord outfits to complete their appearance. This galaxy costume is best for those who want to have a perfect star lord look in one. Our professional workers have put their keen skills in it crafting just to give you screen perfect attire. This star lord coat will not let you down if you wear it in any costume of theme event.This guardians of the galaxy peter quill costume is also available for adults as star lord costume adults.

Galaxy Charm Bracelet

galaxy charm bracelet
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We all agree that accessories adds some extra sparks and gives us eye-catching looks and that’s the reason we are presenting this star lord charm bracelet for enchaining your overall star lord cosplay costume. Star Lord wears this stunning bracelet that gives him unusual appearance and which was truly beautiful and stylish. This bracelet consists of six charms that represent six different superheroes of Marvel named as” Chris Pratt, Drax, Groot, Gamora, Rocket, and Guardians of Galaxy logo. You can wear this bracelet with your daily clothes as well.

Chris Pratt Shirt For Men

Black shirt for men
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Doesn’t matter that how smooth and to comfort the material of the starlord costume jacket will be, for an ease and relax feel you always require to wear something under it like the shirt or a t-shirt. We highly recommend you to wear a plain black color t-shirt under your star lord jacket for a perfect look. The above t-shirt is made up of premium quality fabric with top quality black color that never goes fade for years with outstanding stitching.

Starlord Mask Cosplay

Star lord mask cosplay
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Have ever to think that why most of the superheroes wear the mask? To hide their original identity and to fight with their enemies without any hurdles they need to wear the mask. Without this Star Lord helmet costume, your peter quill guardian of the galaxy mask will look incomplete. This starlord helmet for sale is the best and essential part for all of you who are going to the Halloween or any other costume party and want to cosplay like star lord you can buy this star lord helmet replica or you can make star lord mask diy by yourself. This starlord mask replica is specially made for star lord Halloween costumes.

Star Lord Belt Buckle

galaxy peter quill brown belt
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Belt plays a significant role in holding up your pants tightly, but at the same time belt also enhances your looks if it is the stylish one. To compliment your star lord outfit, you should need to have this star lord belt which made up of high-quality material with shiny, stylish buckle. Star Lord Belt buckle fits well and a great accessory addition to your apparel.

Star Lord Pant For Sale

black pant for men
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Star Lord Pants cosplay are the one that most of us don’t have these in our closet, so it’s better to buy similar to the one that wears by peter quill in his upcoming guardians of the galaxy starlord movie than any other with your star lord costume DIY guide. These are the replica star lord cosplay pants that we have added in our star lord guardians of the galaxy cosplay guide. The main features of these starlord pants are it has removable armor for knee protection, adjustable waist straps on both sides and detachable lining for comfort and relax feel. You can wear these galaxy pants outfits on your casual gatherings or while riding a bike for extra stylish looks.

Star lord Blasters

star lord blasters
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Don’t think that this Star Lord Blasters is an ordinary item in star lord cosplay costume and you can skip this while having all the other Peter Quill things, if you will do this then believe me this will be your biggest mistake because every single item is very essential to have an exact look of Chris Pratt as Star Lord to amaze your friends by your looks of Marvel Superhero. In simple word, this star lord blaster replica will help people to recognize you as Star Lord.This starlord gun is most important part of star lord galaxy costume.

Chris Pratt Walkman

star lord walkman
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Another unique accessory that carries by Peter Quill as Star Lord is this walkman. This Walkman gave by star lord mother when he was the child, and since then he carried this accessory as his mother’s love all the time everywhere. This above Walkman is similar to the one that carried by peter quill and will enhance your star lord costumes.In this star lord walkman few more attachment like headphone and starlord cassette player & ORB Sphere Ball it’s surely enhance your star lord cosplay replica.

Peter Quill Brown Shoes

star lord shoes
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Give the final touch to your peter quill costume by having these stylish Star lord boots. These star lord shoes are comfy and will go almost with every outfit of your wardrobe either with your jacket and jeans or with our long coat these shoes will look perfect. The high boots look similar to the one wear by the Chris Pratt in his film, and these are the essential part of Peter Quill outfit, so we highly suggest you go for it and increase your overall star lord look.

With this we end up our star lord costumes guide, we hope that you enjoyed this guide and now you have the all the valuable information by which you can make your star lord outfit and amaze your friends by your new looks and make an incredible appearance.

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