The most awaited MCU film “Captain America: Civil War” hit the big screen recently and leaping into the headlines as the greatest Marvel’s film of all time. The movie has been packed with the many great superheroes including the protector and the King of Wakanda the Black Panther.  As the fans are getting excited to see the first glimpse of black panther, we have decided to share Black panther civil wars costume guide for all those cosplayers who want to get the similar look as cosplays becomes the big part of today’s World especially in the lives of die heart fans who wanted to dress like their favorite superheroes at Comic conventions and Halloween Parties. We have already done a comprehensive guide on DIY Captain America costume like the Black Panther has comprising on different steps to replicate his looks.

Marvel Black Panther Costume For Sale

black panther costume civil war
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Just like the other superheroes, the Black Panther doesn’t only wear his costume for the protection or combat, but also to represent his African nation and the spirit of Panther God who made him the God of Wakanda.  The character of T’Challa made his debuted appearance in 1966’s comics Fantastic Four #52 wearing a black panther marvel costume, full black mask, and cape. Black panther Marvel movie costume looks pretty much same as the comics, it has shiny lines throughout as his body armor is made up of vibranium, the same fictional metal used to construct Captain America’s shield.  Black Panther Halloween costume armor has the retractable claws and has the ability to deflect the bullet fire like his fellow superheroes. You can also have your own Black Panther movie costume armor obviously not made up of Vibranium metal,

Black Panther Cosplay costume Jacket

black panther costume adults
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The Civil war black panther costume Cosplay jackets are becoming the popular alternative of full armor costumes among the fans, who wants to get Black panther superhero Costume looks in the different style that’s why we present this cosplay jacket having the same looks and texture. The black panther replica costume jacket we have mentioned above made up of synthetic leather, DIY Black panther costume Replica features branded YKK front zipper closure, two inside pockets appealing stripes just like his Black Panther Vibranium armor.

Black Panther Shirt

black panther costume halloween
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If you are looking for the cheaper options to replicate the looks of Black Panther, then this Marvel Black panther hall0ween Costume shirt might work perfect both in terms of looks and your budget. Here we have mentioned different shirts featuring the similar texture like Black panther original costume or the character himself. You can also layer the shirt inside the jacket to compliment your looks.

Marvel Black Panther Mask For sale

black panther adult costume mask
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Accessories play an important role in giving the finishing touch to your the black panther suits doesn’t matter whichever character you are cosplaying.  Just like the few superheroes Black Panther also wears a complete mask to hide his identity, if you want to replicate the warrior of Wakanda then must sport this mask. The mask usually comes with the costume available online, but if you know how to make black panther mask than you have your own mask.

Black Panther Gloves

black panther costume for adults
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The Black Panther wears a complete black costume that’s why black gloves are the top choice for your costume a final touch. If you already have the black gloves then you can wear with your costume or jacket, either you can buy a Black Panther new costume gloves on Amazon.

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