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james bond in skyfall


Skyfall film is the 23rd and the latest installment of longest running skyfall movie series started with the Dr. No in  1962. The number twenty third movie released on the fifty year anniversary of the James Bond franchise which has broken the list of records since its release. The movie started breaking records just after the first week of its release when it overtaken Harry Potter Deadly Hallows part through earning  £32.7 Million in seven days, it also ranks first on the list of highest earning movie lists in the UK with its £102.8 Million, but the most remarkable record is that Skyfall is the only movie which has crossed $1 Billion grossing mark worldwide and become the highest movie of the spy series too. The latest installment also won 42 awards, including 2 Oscars and another 74 nominations. This iconic Bond movie released October 23, 2012 and it took 128 days to shoot. Here is in this article we are going to highlight key elements of James Bond character in Skyfall.

Skyfall Movie Cast

Daniel Craig who is already signed for Bond 24 & 25 played Mi6 agent James Bond for third time after his extraordinary performance in debuted film Casino Royale, and Quantum of Solace. Judi Dench continued her journey  of performing the head of mi6 agent M after six movies in Skyfall. The English made his debut in longest running 007 skyfall full movie scene with the most fascinating character of Q master. As like Q, the character of Miss Moneypenny missed by 007 fans in the starting two movies of Craig, but the director Sam Mendis brings the character of M’s secretary back in the face of Naomie Harris, who is the fifth women to perform that role. A brand ambassador of omega watches Bérénice Marlohe performed the role of Bond girl “Sévérine”. Javier Bardem played the main antagonist role in Skyfall “Raoul Silva” who was once an agent, but turned into cyber terrorists to take revenge from M.

What Does Bond Wear

James Bond Grey Suit


The movie started with the heart threatening chasing scene when Bond went to hunt a bad guy captured the precious secret hardware of the British agency, Daniel Craig spotted wearing his sensational grey suit outfits during 3 minutes of its stunning chasing scene, he ran, jump, and fought in his skyfall suits but never goes out if the style.

Skyfall Gray Suit
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Charcoal Suit Combinations

James Bond Charcoal Suit
James Bond (Daniel Craig) wore this grey pinstripe suit during meeting with M after bringing Silva back to Mi6 headquarters. This dark grey suit combinations has the same pattern than other suits, it has a narrow notch lapel collar, three button front closure, one welt pocket along with two flap pockets at waist, jacket also featuring a single rear vent .Trousers are featuring the flat front low rise, two side pockets, two rear pockets, and slim fit pattern.  Daniel Craig wore out this charcoal pinstripe suit for a couple of shots first during chase Silva when he hacked Q system and manages to escape from Mi6 headquarters. And second, when Bond returns to his home along with M.

James Bond Overcoat

Daniel Craig wore his top james bond coat fist over his charcoal grey pinstripe suit in one of the epic moments of the film when Bond meets with the young nerd Q master, who give him a gun and a radio, not exactly Christmas gift .. Lol. Daniel Craig second time spotted wearing this navy blue overcoat in the final moments of the movie over his navy herringbone suit.

James Bond Tuxedo

james bond tuxedo
James Bond in his recent movie Skyfall shows why he is a cool killer and the most formal spy on the planet when it comes to attiring in a midnight blue tuxedo jacket. He wore his blue tuxedo jacket when he meets with the representative of Silva “Sévérine”. Bond also spotted wearing his navy skyfall tuxedo in daylights when he was abducted in Hashima Island by Silva and his force.

Skyfall 007 Bond Peacoat


James Bond Pea Coat
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After coming back to work from Injury Bond again started his mission to chase the bad guy in China who has the stolen the hardware from the agency and using it illegally to destroy the British agency and his agents. During his casual attire for China Bond chosen to wear a unique james bond peacoat, featuring six buttons on its front out of which only a single button can fasten.

Daniel Craig Jacketskyfall-leather-jacket

James Bond after supposed to be death at the beginning of the movie make his return again wearing this James bond skyfall jacket. He spotted wearing this piece of leather first on the beach and later in M’s house. This jacket was flattered with numerous classy features including its pointed collar, single-button cuffs, patch pocket with flap, and more importantly its dark grey floral pattern which attract the attention of 007 fans. If you are desperate to get Bond casual looks then you can easily find this jacket at

Navy Herringbone Suit

Daniel Craig wore out this blue herringbone suit for the couple of finishing moments of the movie, firstly underneath his top coat when talking to Miss Moneypenny about M. And second time meeting with him and Mi6 agency new boss Gareth Mallory (Ralph Fiennes)

James Bond Bike

In the adventurous opening scene of Skyfall, Bond finds himself in Istanbul, chasing henchman who had stolen the hardware from British intelligence agency and taken off on a stolen police bike, while 007 got the bike from his near merchant. Interestingly, both riders were piloting Honda CRF250R specially modified for the movie. Twenty three bikes were used during this opening scene where stunt rider Robbie Maddison performed stunt double for James Bond actor Daniel Craig

Aston Martin DB5 James Bond Skyfall Cars

James Bond Aston Martin DB5 Skyfall is the only car driven by James Bond in the movie to take M into the safest place. This car isn’t enough quick, the 282 horse power takes almost 8 seconds to hit 60 mph. But muscular looks, dashing silver grill, and numerous spy gadgets making it the best vehicle of 007.
Obviously it is not the first time when Aston Martin introduced in 007 franchise. Aston Martin is holding the record of most appearing car with 11 times in overall 23 movies. The first Aston car made its presence with similar model DB5 in the third movies of the series Goldfinger, where a legend Sir Sean Connery played Mi6 agent role and drove this car probably 5 decades before. Due to its silky looks & emissary gadgets it was very much popular among Bond fans and finally on 27 October, 2010 it was sold at auction for  $4.6m with its gadgets. Goldfinger DB5 also bears the record of most expensive 007 car or gadget sold at auction. Next DB5 brought over 30 years after, when Irish actor Pierce Brosnan started his Bond career and drove this car in the opening scene in his debited spy movie “GoldenEye”.  Pierce Brosnan spotted in the very next movie “Tomorrow Never Dies” in a scene when Bond arrives at the ministry of defense. Daniel Craig in his first spy movie Casino Royale again brought DB5 after two Brosnan movies, no gadgets or modification is shown in the car. This Aston DB5 firstly owned by main antagonist Le Chiffre which was later acquired by Bond in a poker game. And finally DB5 made its fifth appearance in the latest installment from Bond spy franchise Skyfall, where the car was featured only two gadgets including seat ejector and two front firing machine gun which was introduced since Goldfinger. Skyfall DB5 was owned by Eon production, which was molded after its use. We all thought that DB5 is destroyed in the climactic battle scene in the final moments of the latest spy movie, but later discovered that a Bavarian 3-D printing company named voxeljet made exactly 1:3 scale model of the classical vehicle which is used to destroy the battle between Bond and Silva.

What Did He Drink

James Bond Heineken

Some Things Shouldn’t Be Shaken Or Stirred, Martins is usually considered as his most favorite drink of 007, but in his latest appearance as James Bond didn’t go with his motions. After 23 movies and 50 Heineken finally chased down Bond, Heineken is partner of James Bond spy franchise since Tomorrow Never Dies but 007 never drinks it before.Bond drinks Heineken while enjoying death and playing a drinking game. Drinking beer seems like a radical departure of the secret agent, but it is not the first time Bond ordered beer for himself, Dalton in License to kill and Craig in Quantum of Solace had beer.
Heineken James Bond beer bottles spotted before in a couple of movies before too, but Bond didn’t drink itself, in Die Another Day hoodlums sitting near Hotel de los Organos bar drinking Heineken. Heine beer bottles also spotted in Casino Royale during shopping in the area of Miami airport, Bond women Eva Green and Olga Kurylenko featured in their interview but again Bond didn’t drink it until Skyfall. And according to the agreement made by Heineken USA with Sony Television that Bond played by Daniel Craig and his women Bérénice Marlowe starred in Heineken commercial directed by Sam Mendes.

Skyfall James Bond Accessories

James Bond Weapon

Anderson Wheeler
Bond received customized Walther PPK/S from his new Q master featured with a bio-metric set of grip which only allows Bond to fire; this feature also saved his life at Casino in Macau. Second firearm Bond carried is an Anderson Wheeler 500 Nitro Express Double Rifle in the climax of the movie. This rifle is usually held by professional hunters in the dangerous African hunting game, and Bond used it in a similar manner for hunting his enemies in Scotland.

James Bond Watch

james bond omega
Omega James Bond watch are appeared seven times in 007 movies out of which its last appearance was in Skyfall for which they created The Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M featuring water resistant 200 feet,  42 mm brushed with polished stainless steel case, it is featuring 007 logo at 7 o clock, and date window at 3 o clock.

James Bond Skyfall Shoes

James Bond Shoes
James Bond wore four different shoe models of Crockett & Jones in four other occasions. Firstly the secret agent wore Tetbury in the opening scene of the movie, than an Alex model with his midnight blue tuxedo featuring a plain whole-cut shoe design and single leather sole. During his London scenes Bond wears Highbury model with his charcoal suit and pea coat, his highbury shoes were featuring calf leather with Dainite rubber soles. Islay is the fourth model 007 has worn during hunting his enemies in Scotland, those brown shoes also featured calf leather and rubber soles but with the addition of storm welts for water resistance.

James Bond Cufflinks

Daniel Craig wore  Tom Ford silver T shape cufflinks with his gray suit in Turkey, the second cufflinks Bond wore out with his gray, charcoal suit in London featuring “Orbis non sufficit’ motto on its front. Bond wears another round shape cufflinks with a bond tuxedos at Macau featuring a white mother of pearl surrounded by gold borders which was matching the design of Bond tuxedo shirt.

How To Get His Looks

Almost all of us grown up seeing James Bond movies and wants to look like him since the early days. Wearing a suit in his way is probably the easiest way to get his looks, because  suit is the most essential part of 007 wardrobe,  From Antony Dr. No suits to the Tom Ford latest style of suits for James Bond in Skyfall his suits always execute simply cool. Bond and particularly Daniel Craig era is famed for his sensational casual outfits, which heavily includes his unique pea coat which looks somewhat as fashion-forward. Don’t’ forget to add necessary accessories includes cufflinks, watch, and shoes. And Finally compliment your looks with the  car like DB5 and 007 favorite firearm Walther PPK.

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