5 Things You Should Know About New Bond Girl


The Italian Beauty Monica Belluci will star in the new James Bond movie named Spectre. Her confirmation was made by the director Sam Mendes at Spectre Press conference held on 4th December, 2014 while hosting the conference live from Pinewood studios, London. The Bond girls as we all know are one of the essential part of 007 movie, and in the honor of upcoming film Spectre we have highlighted some interesting yet important facts about new Bond girl every 007 fan should know.

76th Actress To Play Bond Girl Role


In the journey of over 5 decades movie series, numerous actresses has been casted to feature in the Bond movie. According to the average there is probably three or more than three ladies has been selected for one of the most fascinating role of the movie franchise. The last two actresses who had casted for the role in” Skyfall” was Bérénice Marlohe and Tonia Sotiropoulou. Whereas the Monica is seventh to be feature along with Daniel Craig in his fourth outing as Ian Fleming’s Bond.

Oldest Ever Bond Girl

Monica Oldest Ever Bond Girl

There is only few couple of times when we have seen the actress is older than the actor playing the character of James Bond. Monica definitely going to break the record of oldest Bond girl as she passed Honor Blackman who was 39 years old while playing the character of Pussy Galore in yet another blockbuster 007 movie Goldfinger.

Third Actress to be Older Than Bond


According to the stats in 19/23 movies the actress playing featured in the spy movie was at least a decade younger than Bond. This is happens only two times when Bond girl actually older than Bond, the first time seen in Goldfinger where Honor Blackman was older than Sean Connery, and Diana Rigg who played Bond’s Wife “Tracy Bond” role was also younger than George Lezenby. Now Daniel Craig will be third actor younger than the Bond girl.

She Was Almost Cast for Tomorrow Never Dies

Tomorrow never dies

It might be a surprising fact for some Bond fans, but yes it’s absolutely true. Monica was also considered to play Bond girl role in the movie Tomorrow Never Dies for the role of Paris Carver opposite Bond star Piece Brosnan.

But due to lost out in her audition the role of went to Teri Hatcher, now again after almost 20 years her moments of Bond girl has finally arrived.

Monica Belluci will Play Lucia Sciarra


It was also revealed in the Spectre conference that new Bond girl Monica will perform the character of Lucia Sciarra, there are certain rumors going around that she might be the love interest of Bond baddie, but still nothing is confirmed except the name of the character.

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