007 Things We Have Learned From New SPECTRE Trailer

The new trailer of upcoming James Bond film SPECTRE hit the internet today and it features everything from clip pack explosion, to thrilling chases, and romance you can expect from 007. The first teaser trailer was dominated with Bond’s dark past, but this second and latest two and a half minute clip bring Bond back in his tone and shows the glimpse of some exciting spy action.

SPECTRE could prove to be the critical entry because it following the highest installment in the history of 007 franchise “Skyfall” However the fresh trailer offered some really tantalizing clues regarding the upcoming Bond film which we are going to discuss here with 007 fans

007: SPECTRE To be Most Action-Packed Bond Flick Yet

spectre opening sequence

In just couple of minutes and few seconds trailer clip we have been entertained with sniper kills and death-defying action scenes including Mexico opening credit explosion, iconic car chases, terrifying plane crashes, gun battles, and astonishing hand-to-hand proving that SPECTRE has more action and thrill than all previous flicks.

006: Introducing Bond’s Ride – Aston Martin DB10

Bond and Q introducing Aston Martin DB10

We have already got the glimpse of Bond’s official ride for his latest mission, but here in second movie trailer we have seen Q properly introducing Aston Martin DB10 to Bond and Bill Tanner. He further explained that this muscular car can do 0 to 60 just in 3.2 second and other vital gadgets out of which flamethrower was used by 007 in the later part of the trailer to demolish Hinx’s jaguar C-X75

005: White Tuxedo Back in Action

james bond spectre white tuxedo

One thing men has learn from the highly anticipating and successful career of MI6 agent is that how any guy can actually look good in a tuxedo. Over his 50 years of long running endure and 23 outings Bond is renowned for attiring a diner suit at his best.  In the SPECTRE trailer Bond again looked suave and handsome but this time in an ivory tuxedo. Bond had worn white tuxedo just five times before, and this is the first time when Craig’s modern era Bond goes back to classic choice for his wardrobe.

004: It was me, James, the Author of all Your Pain

It was me, James, the author of all your pain

The first teaser trailer features the shadowy appearance of new Bond baddie Franz Oberhauser or he could be Bond’s old school cat loving villain Blofeld. He looked please with himself and admits that he’s the one behind all the pain and hurt of Britain’s’ most successful spy.  During two minute thrilling trailer he also claimed that Bond has crossed him numerous times but never saw him.

003: Madeleine Swann Links to Bond’s Past

new Bond girl Lea Seydoux

After breathtaking snowy plane crash scene in the beautiful location of Austria Alps, the new Bond girl Madeleine Swann introduced to us first when she was sitting on the back seat of the car riding by villainous henchman Dave Bautista, it seems that they forcing her to work with them against her will.  Later the new Bond girl admits that she is the daughter of Mr. White and key to solve the riddle of brutal terrorist organization SPECTRE and Bond’s past.

002: Andrew Scott and Ralph Fiennes Fits Perfectly in SPECTRE

ralph flennes Q and Andrew Scott

This is the first time we have seen a glimpse of Sherlock star Andrew Scott who is going to play the character of Denbigh; the new head of the “Centre for National Charity” but in the final seconds of the clip he spotted fighting with the new head of MI6, Gareth Mallory. It may be possible that Denbigh is playing the double agent role and probably working for the bad guys.

001: SPECTRE and Quantum Might Be Same

james bond spectre logo in the trailer

Mr. White played by Jesper Christensen in the previous Craig films Casino Royale, and Quantum of Solace, is making is return in SPECTRE. It was first revealed with teaser trailer but now in this second trailer he spotted sitting in a cabin may be talking to the main antagonist and claiming Bond that he is everywhere and then later Oberhauser also confess that he is the behind every pain of 007. Does this mean that Quantum and SPECTRE is the same organization? Or Oberhauser sponsored Le Chiffre in Casino Royale, or he might support Silva for all the destructions in Skyfall.

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